Attitude and behaviour

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  • A Carpentier annuloplasty ring was sutured. With the ring in position, the chordae were retrieved from the ventricle, and both needles were woven into the prolapsing segment, straddling the point of maximal prolapse. Two or three bites were taken through the coaptation surface to the line of coaptation. The two arms of the suture were tied on the atrial surface with a slip-knot to bring the leaflet to the annular plane, and a clip was placed across the knot. Pericardial pledgets could be used if the leaflet tissue seems fragile.

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst indicators of women’s health—particularly of reproductive health—of any world region. These indicators include the highest number of HIV-positive women and the highest infant, maternal, and HIV-related death rates worldwide. The ability of a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body and her reproductive life are key to improving these indicators.

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  • One likely reason for the lack of attention to the older population is that fertility in Cambodia has remained high and thus the share of the population who are age 60 and over is relatively small, especially compared to a number of other southeast Asian countries where population aging is far more rapid. According to the most recent UN assessment, only 5.6 percent of the Cambodian population is aged 60 and over although it is projected to slowly increase in the coming decades (United Nations 2005).

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  • We have recently completed a thorough review of the published literature of RCT evidence for BMJ Clinical Evidence (Barry et al 2012). In preparing this review for Clinical Evidence of the clinical trial literature for interventions for schizophrenia, a comprehensive search strategy identified all relevant publications, and those studies meeting reasonable quality standards were then included as described. Despite such a careful triage process, that aimed to include only good quality RCTs, it is clear that many studies we included have serious failings.

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  • Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in the industrialized world (World Health Organization [WHO], 2004) and the second leading cause of death in Germany (Federal Statistical Office of Germany [DeStatis], 2007). It has been demonstrated that migrant cancer incidence and mortality differs in general from cancer patterns in the respective host population. Cancer is known to have a long latency period between exposure and disease onset. Important exposure factors can be traced back to childhood and young adulthood.

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  • Strategic Approach: 1) Utilize high throughput genomic/genetic platforms to characterize genetic susceptibility biomarkers of childhood cancer/cancer stem cells and to identify targets for novel tumour stem cell-directed molecular therapeutics, 2) develop advanced mechanisms and ethical/regulatory guidelines to conduct population-based genetic/genomic studies in children, 3) link biobanks to high-throughput functional analysis of individual tumours to assess responses to drugs and growth factors, adverse reactions to treatment, long-term side effects of treatment, and genome-wide ex...

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  • The questionnaire focuses on those aspects of knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that are associated with the overall concept of financial literacy. The questions cover a range of contexts, including accessing financial services, meeting immediate financial requirements and planning for the future. Almost all the questions relate directly to the individual answering the question, although some information is collected about the household, including the household income and the number of people living with the respondent.

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  • The first issue that we investigate is the effect of aging on the prices of assets, in particular stocks. The motivation for this line of research is the large discussion, both within the academic community and in popular media, about the role of the baby boom generation in driving the remarkable growth of stock prices over the last decade. To give an example of this sort of analysis, The New York Times wrote (Jan 5, 1998) that “In the 1990’s, the performance of the American stock market has been nothing short of amazing......

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  • For example, despite a lack of prenatal care that parallels that of African-Americans, Latina mothers are far less likely to deliver low birth-weight babies with medical complications. Researchers hypothesize that this is because of healthy behaviors (avoidance of alcohol, non-smoking, high consumption of fruits and vegetables) that are more common in immigrant Latino cultures. Researchers can pinpoint health disparities among communities, but they are also beginning to recognize the wealth of healthy traditions that other cultures have to offer.

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  • The term reparative medicine is often used to denote the replacement, repair, or functional enhancement of tissues and organs. Reparative medicine has traditionally used materials at hand and the technology of the day to restore or improve function of organs and tissues afflicted with birth defects or the ravages of injury, disease, and age.

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  • Financial Literacy; Financial Knowledge; Financial Attitude; Financial Behaviour; OECD; Financial Inclusion. Financial market today is flooded with sophisticated and complex financial products thereby individuals require a greater degree of financial literacy to select appropriate financial products and avail financial services. The purpose of the study was to assess the financial literacy and awareness of financial products of employed and business people in AMBO, Ethiopia. Descriptive research was adopted for the study.

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  • Against this backdrop, and by way of providing valuable context for some of the more clinically oriented chapters in this book, our chapter considers some of the recent changes and emerging trends within the broader veterinary sector and the actual and potential impact of these on the veterinary business landscape.

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  • If a design feature makes it 1% more likely that someone's eye will be drawn to a nonuseful visual element, the only way it can go is that more people will be lost. Either they'll get fed up & give up at that point, run out of time, get confused, or guess and take a wrong turn and then get confused. It's a percentage game, and it's the designer's job to optimise the percentages to get more people through to satisfactory outcomes. “Packaging” elements that are repeated on every page are pretty dead. They communicate once and then get ignored and can't communicate much more, so pixels...

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  • In this valuable book, The State of the People, the authors ask a pertinent question - did the transition to democracy improve the state of the South African people? It is the sheer scale of the transition in South Africa that provides a unique opportunity to investigate processes of transition and it was decided that a longitudinal and multi-disciplinary study be launched to register the changes in political opinion, attitude and behaviour of South Africans during the period 1994 to 2000.

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  • In a first stage no distinction is made between cars owned by private business, government and  utilities on the one hand and personal cars on the other hand. This distinction could be useful  because the policy instruments can be different  in both cases and because changes  in the com‐ position of the fleet stock eventually filter down to the personal car stock. Including a separate  category of  fleet  cars would  require modelling  the  transition of  these  cars  to  the personal  car  stock. Account  should  also  be  taken  of  exports  and  imports.

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  • The most commonly used technique for planting is stump budding using improved varieties or clones (Status of… 2000). The quality of the planting material is the most important factor affecting the profitability and economics of the plantation and has to be judiciously selected depending on the local situation. Different situations warrant planting of particular types that have the capability to resist the adverse factors and produce good results. Accordingly different varieties like RRII 105, PB 217, GT 1 are commonly cultivated.

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  • Chapter 11 - Attitude and attitude change. In this lecture we will discuss exactly what an attitude is, discuss the components that make up an attitude, look at ways we can change attitudes, and discuss the use of marketing communications in changing attitudes.

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  • Social capital refers to relationships of trust and mutuality that can be mobilized to achieve instrumental ends. Social capital is the relationship glue through which individuals, families and social networks navigate economic opportunity, social conflict and various institutions. While social capital is not just built through place-based networks, locality plays a role, particularly in many economically disadvantaged areas.

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  • The content of skills-based health education is a clear delineation of specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills, including life skills, that young people will be helped to acquire so they might adopt behaviours or create the conditions described in the objectives. Once the content is delineated, methods are chosen that are most suitable to the content. For example, lectures are suitable methods for helping students acquire accurate knowledge; discussions are suitable for influencing attitudes; and role plays are suitable for developing skills.

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  • This approach offers a vision of school education within which health education seems to fit very well. The vision goes far beyond preparing young people to be economically productive or simply seeing education as some form of specialized training to meet government priorities. In many countries people recognize that the wider ethos and social climate of the school is important as a context for learn- ing in the classroom. This is compatible with a broad view of health and provides opportunities to explore its social and mental health dimensions.

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