Augmented ε-constraint

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  • We propose a new method for query-oriented extractive multi-document summarization. To enrich the information need representation of a given query, we build a co-occurrence graph to obtain words that augment the original query terms. We then formulate the summarization problem as a Maximum Coverage Problem with Knapsack Constraints based on word pairs rather than single words.

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  • The standard set of rules defined in Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) fails to provide satisfactory analyses for a number of syntactic structures found in natural languages. These structures can be analyzed elegantly by augmenting CCG with a class of rules based on the combinator D (Curry and Feys, 1958). We show two ways to derive the D rules: one based on unary composition and the other based on a logical characterization of CCG’s rule base (Baldridge, 2002). We also show how Eisner’s (1996) normal form constraints follow from this logic, ensuring that the D rules do not lead to...

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  • Topics to be considered include the components of a natural language processing system; syntax analysis (including context-free grammars, augmented context-free grammars, grammatical constraints, and sources of syntactic ambiguity); semantic analysis (including meaning representation, semantic constraints, quantifier analysis); and discourse analysis (identifying implicit information, establishing text coherence, frames, and scripts). Examples will be drawn from various application areas, including database interface and text analysis.

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  • Unique innovations stem from multiple collaborations: augmented reality is used to treat disease via simulated internal radiation therapy (Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory/LVSN); geospace technologies are used in the production of interactive games (GeoEduc3D); dynamic intelligence is used to create training applications for golfers (Pro Mental Coach, Frima, Brain Centre); artificial intelligence (twinned with man/machine interfaces) is found in the development of serious game training simulations (DRDC Valcartier).

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  • This paper provides a model theoretic semantics to feature terms augmented with set descriptions. We provide constraints to specify HPSG style set descriptions, fixed cardinality set descriptions, set-membership constraints, restricted universal role quantifications, set union, intersection, subset and disjointness. A sound, complete and terminating consistency checking procedure is provided to determine the consistency of any given term in the logic. It is shown that determining consistency of terms is a NP-complete problem. ...

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  • In this paper, we show that one benefit of FUG, the ability to state global conslralnts on choice separately from syntactic rules, is difficultin generation systems based on augmented context free grammars (e.g., Def'mite Clause Cn'anmm~). They require that such constraints be expressed locally as part of syntactic rules and therefore,duplicated in the grammar. Finally, we discuss a reimplementation of l U g that achieves the similar levels of efficiency as Rubinoff's adaptation of M U M B L E , a detcrministc language generator. ...

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  • In this paper we present TroFi (Trope Finder), a system for automatically classifying literal and nonliteral usages of verbs through nearly unsupervised word-sense disambiguation and clustering techniques. TroFi uses sentential context instead of selectional constraint violations or paths in semantic hierarchies. It also uses literal and nonliteral seed sets acquired and cleaned without human supervision in order to bootstrap learning.

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