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  • Glyphosate is the best-selling herbicide worldwide. The toxicity on ecosystems and the possible effects on human health have long been at the centre of a complex controversy concerning the authorisation for its use. The peculiar chemical-physical properties of glyphosate, AMPA and glufosinate make their determination at trace levels in the water a real analytical challenge.

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  • According to Regulation (EU) No 619/2011, trace amounts of non-authorised genetically modified organisms (GMO) in feed are tolerated within the EU if certain prerequisites are met. Tolerable traces must not exceed the so-called ‘minimum required performance limit’ (MRPL), which was defined according to the mentioned regulation to correspond to 0.1% mass fraction per ingredient.

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  • The net result is that a resource’s authorisation system is able to use user credentials built from preexisting attributes issued by any participating organisation, in order to determine a user’s access rights to the various resources, without requiring credentials to be issued that are based on federation specific attributes. The model significantly simplifies the authorisation management process for the resource holding organisation.

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  • Australian Stock Report, its directors, officers, authorised representatives and agents believe that the information contained in this report is correct and that any estimates, opinions or suggestions in this report are reasonably held at the time of compilation, but may change without notice. Australian Stock Report is under no obligation to update or keep the information current. No guarantee or warranty is given, or representation made, as to accuracy or completeness.

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  • The Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund and its investment portfolio in compliance with the Fund’s constating documents. The Manager monitors and evaluates the performance of the Fund, pays for the investment management services of the investment advisors and provides all related administrative services required by the Fund. As compensation for its services the Manager is entitled to receive a fee payable monthly, calculated at the maximum annual rates included in Note 8(d)....

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  • Notwithstanding that the AIFM must be able to provide both functions in order to be authorised, it may choose to delegate the portfolio management and/or the risk management function. In such cas- es, and as set out above, the delegation of these functions should comply with the rules set out under Article 20 of the AIFMD and the relevant Level 2 measures. Therefore, the liability of the AIFM will not be affected by the fact that the AIFM has delegated the portfolio management and/or risk man- agement functions to a third party, or by any further sub-delegation.

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  • When parts for your car are delayed or no longer available Where replacement parts are required for the repair of your car and they are delayed (for example, if they need to be imported from overseas) or if they are no longer available, we may pay you what it would have cost us to repair your car with those parts had they been available in Australia. Sub-contracting repairs We or the repairer we authorise to repair your car may sub-contract some of the repairs. Secure compliance labels If your car is fitted with a secure compliance (or car security) label which...

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  • Inspecting and repairing your car You must make your car available to us if we decide to inspect or repair it. If requested by us, you must take your car or allow it to be towed to a place nominated by us. You must not authorise the repair of your car without our written authority. Your contribution to repair work If the repair of your car leaves it in a better condition than before it was damaged, we may ask you to contribute to the repair cost. If we ask you to contribute we will always explain why, tell you how much it...

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  • We pay the reasonable cost of towing your car to the nearest repairer or place of safety if it is damaged and cannot be safely driven. The amount we will pay under this benefit will depend on where the accident takes place and what transport options are available. The Just Car Lifetime Repair Guarantee The quality of the workmanship and the materials we authorise in the repair of your car will be guaranteed for the life of the car. See pages 14 for details. We cover your replacement car If you replace your car with another car, we will insure the replacement car from...

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  • How does the law of the European Union affect health law and policy? At first sight, the impact of EU law in this area seems limited. However, despite its restricted formal competence, over recent years, the EU has become increasingly involved in the health field. Litigation based on EU law has resulted in a ‘right to receive health care services’ across national boundaries within the EU, whichmay have huge prac- tical implications for national health systems.

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  • The shareholder accepts that the Management Company, being responsible for the processing of personal data, has authorised the HSBC Group as promoter and any distributor that is also a member of the HSBC Group to have access to data concerning him/her for the purpose of shareholder service and the promotion of products relating to the Company or any other products of the HSBC Group and thus process them in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 2 August 2002.

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  • Since sensitive data of the organisation may need to be disclosed during a call for tenders procedure for an IS audit, a restricted request procedure or limited competition should be performed, depending on the types of activities of the organisation, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information. Depending on the protection requirements of the information, the service providers and IS auditors may need to verify their trustworthiness in accordance with the German ”Law on Security Clearance Checks” (SÜG - see [SÜG]).

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  • As indicated above, in some instances, the Commissioner may decide to utilise powers conferred under section 24 of the Data Protection Acts and order an inspection team comprised of authorised officers to arrive unannounced at the premises of a particular data controller or data processor. In such cases, authorised officers will carry official photo identification and a signed letter from the Commissioner on logo-headed paper.

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  • Modern audit systems that make extensive use of computers to render audits largely paperless, including the related working papers and documentation, should contain in-built controls and safeguards. In such systems all or most stages of the audit could be processed and stored in electronic format.

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  • The recognised supervisory bodies for local public audit would investigate complaints or disciplinary cases, as well as issues identified during their monitoring process. They would also be able to stop a firm being eligible for appointment as a statutory local public auditor and remove them from the register of eligible local public auditors. We are considering whether the overall regulator (i.e.

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  • We propose that, as under the Companies Act 2006 (“the Companies Act”), an overall regulator would have responsibility for authorising professional accountancy bodies to act as recognised supervisory bodies for local public audit. Any such body would need to comply with the statutory requirements set out in the proposed primary legislation. It would have the roles of registration, monitoring, and discipline in relation to local public audit.

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  • The audit of operating systems is a complex and time consuming area. In some instances, software is available to assist in this process, such as CA-Examine for MVS. The basic objective of the computer auditor is to ensure that the security and integrity of the operating system has not been compromised. The auditor should consider whether responsibility for the maintenance of the operating system has been established and that suitable procedures have been documented.

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  • Change is a common feature of the IT world. It is important that effective control procedures are in place to ensure that only authorised changes are made to IT systems. Not only is there scope for the accidental or deliberate inclusion of unauthorised code (the so called Trojan horse or time bomb) but change involves a degree of risk and it is necessary to ensure, for example, that the right version of software is actually implemented.

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  • There are a number of private loan programs available to credit-worthy borrowers. Additionally, some lenders make available postgraduate loans for bar-review study. Eligibility for these bar loans is based on the borrower’s credit history and the lending institution’s willingness to lend. The terms and conditions of these programs vary greatly. Pay careful attention to the explanations found in loan application brochures and consumer information. You can also contact the individual programs or visit their websites for further details.

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  • abandonar abandon, waive. abaratar lower a price, cheapen. abastecer supply. abonar 1. i.v. subscribe 2. t.v. make a credit entry, credit 3. t.v. pay. abrir open. abrir crédito open credit. abrir libros open books. abrir una cuenta open an account. absorber absorb, take over. acaparar hoard, monopolize (AmE), monopolise (BrE), corner. aceptar accept. aconsejar advise. acopiar hoard, stockpile. acrecentar increase. acreditar 1. credit, make a credit entry 2. authorize (AmE), authorise (BrE), grant credentials...

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