Based grammar induction

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  • This paper discusses the use of statistical word alignment over multiple parallel texts for the identification of string spans that cannot be constituents in one of the languages. This information is exploited in monolingual PCFG grammar induction for that language, within an augmented version of the inside-outside algorithm. Besides the aligned corpus, no other resources are required. We discuss an implemented system and present experimental results with an evaluation against the Penn Treebank. ...

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  • Corpus-based grammar induction generally relies on hand-parsed training data to learn the structure of the language. Unfortunately, the cost of building large annotated corpora is prohibitively expensive. This work aims to improve the induction strategy when there are few labels in the training data. We show that the most informative linguistic constituents are the higher nodes in the parse trees, typically denoting complex noun phrases and sentential clauses. They account for only 20% of all constituents. ...

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  • In this paper we describe a new technique for parsing free text: a transformational grammar I is automatically learned that is capable of accurately parsing text into binary-branching syntactic trees with nonterminals unlabelled. The algorithm works by beginning in a very naive state of knowledge about phrase structure. By repeatedly comparing the results of bracketing in the current state to proper bracketing provided in the training corpus, the system learns a set of simple structural transformations that can be applied to reduce error.

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  • The paper reports on progress in building computational models of a constructivist approach to language development. It introduces a formalism for construction grammars and learning strategies based on invention, abduction, and induction. Examples are drawn from experiments exercising the model in situated language games played by embodied artificial agents. b

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  • We discuss the advantages of lexicalized tree-adjoining grammar as an alternative to lexicalized PCFG for statistical parsing, describing the induction of a probabilistic LTAG model from the Penn Treebank and evaluating its parsing performance. We nd that this induction method is an improvement over the EM-based method of Hwa, 1998, and that the induced model yields results comparable to lexicalized PCFG.

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