Bioethics in obstetrics

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  • as mentioned, sexual and reproductive health is a unique sub-sector, due to its close association with important and sensitive socio-cultural factors and gender roles which define and prescribe appropriate opportunities and avenues of action. the field is uniquely sensitive and therefore must involve explicit exploration across all areas of activity of some critical cross cutting issues – among them gender, adolescent health, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDs.

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  • as expressed in our mission statement, RREEF Real Estate seeks to provide our clients with superior long-term returns while appropriately managing risks to our clients. this goal directly aligns with our commitment to continuously seek improvement in the environmental performance of our assets under management across a variety of value drivers. being sustainable enhances operating efficiency, increasingly satisfies investor considerations and mandates, promotes compliance with growing regulations and mitigates risks.

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  • Senator Long undoubtedly understood that once a provision is in the tax code, it is likely to remain. Indeed, the EITC remained in the tax code each subsequent year until it was made permanent in 1978. Legislation in 1978 also added a flat range to the EITC’s phase-in and phaseout ranges, as shown in figure 3.1. 5 An “advance payment” option was also added to the credit in 1978, so that workers would be able, if they desired, to receive the credit incrementally throughout the year. Spending on the safety net slowed in the late 1970s and shrank in the 1980s.

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  • Consider my parents. My mother did not know any geomorphology or landscape ecology. Yet she enjoyed her familiar, Southern US rural land- scapes. My father enjoyed the fertility of the soils in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia; he admired a good field. On visits around, he would take a spade and turn the soil to see whether it might make a good garden. He always knew what watershed he was in, what crops were growing where. He loved a good rain. Both enjoyed the changing seasons, the dogwood and redbud in the hills in the spring, the brilliant and subtle colours...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'another puzzle: the growth in actively managed mutual funds', tài chính - ngân hàng, quỹ đầu tư phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Legislators/regulators should keep in mind that market making is a substantial part of the provision of financial products, like bonds (including governmental bonds), exchange traded funds, or investment certificates. Therefore, it seems reasonable from an economic perspective that these activities remain linked to the deposit taking activities. Due to their branch networks and other distribution channels, deposit taking banks are the main distributors of such financial instruments throughout the European Union.

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  • This upcoming two year masters program aims to promote health systems and public health research and implementing solutions in institutional and fi eld settings. It will prepare health professionals to work in socially, culturally and economically diverse populations by being attentive to needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. It will work towards imparting qualities of leadership among public health professionals and eff ectively use communication skills for health advocacy.

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  • In the course of the project a number of colleagues at WHO provided advice and guidance. Signifi cant among them are: Pratap Sharan, Pallab Maulik, Tarun Dua, and Jodi Morris. Thomas Barrett provided a review of the document. Sandrine Lo Iacono assisted in the completion of the project along with Yen-Ying Liu. Collaborators from the WPA Presidential Global Programme included Ahmed Okasha (President, WPA), Peter Jensen, Kimberly Hoagwood, Laura Murray, and Kelly Kelleher. Norman Sartorius as Vice-Chairperson of the WPA Presidential Global Programme provided review and guidance.

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  • the increasing focus on international health is evident in several large u.s.a. organizations. the international health medical education consortium (now called the global health education consortium), created in 1991, now has a membership of approximately 80 medical schools in the u.s.a. and canada and aims to foster international health education for medical students. the american medical association opened its office of international medicine in 1978, the u.s.a.

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  • Unlike credit transfers, direct debits are initiated by the payee, which thereby ensures that its claim on the payer is fulfilled on time. However, this presupposes that the payer preauthorises the payee to collect payment (collection authorisation) or, by agreement with the payee, authorises its bank to debit its account in accordance with direct debit requests issued by that particular payee (debit authorisation). Bank customers who have IT systems are expected to submit their direct debits for collection to the bank in electronic form only, ie on magnetic tape or diskette.

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  • The Institutional System of Protection (ISP), established by Decree-law 6/2010 offers an effective instrument to bring together a group of credit entities in order to pool their risk management strategies and develop risk sharing strategies. In the special case of saving banks, this system is organised around a central entity in the form of a commercial bank which will pool their risk management strategies, risk sharing and will have full access to financial markets, including raising capital. Thus, the ISP increases the ability to access markets in order to obtain equity.

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  • Our basic assets are value-weighted country-industry and country-style port- folio returns. For the country-industry portfolios, we first need a uniformindus- try classification. DataStream provides FTSE industry identifications for each firm,while theU.S. industry identification in CRSP is fromStandard Industrial Classification (SIC).We group the 30 SIC industries and the 40 level-4 FTSE in- dustry classifications into a smaller number of industries that approaches the number of countries in our sample, resulting in 26 industries.

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  • Raised beds are ideal for lettuce production and they help prevent damage from soil compaction and fl ooding. They also improve air fl ow around the from soil compaction and flooding The also impro e air flo aro nd the plants, resulting in reduced disease incidence. Plant populations range from 60 000 to 100 000 per hectare. Lettuce is regularly sown directly in the fi eld to a depth of 10 to 15 mm. The seedlings are later thinned out to the desired spacing and...

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  • The results on the persistence of the difference between new moon and full moon returns are stronger in Panels B, C, and D, as compared to those for the DJIA in Panel A. The percentage of years in which mean new moon daily returns are higher than full moon returns ranges from a low of 60.3 percent to a high of 64.3 percent. Binomial tests similar to those for the DJIA yield p-values ranging from a low of 0.02 to a high of 0.13, with 4 of the 6 specifications significant at the five percent level or...

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  • “In striving for entertainment, our imagination must have neither limits nor bounds. It has always been a basic need in creative efforts. ‘Imagination,’ wrote Stanislavsky, ‘must be cultivated and developed; it must be alert, rich and active. An actor (animator) must learn to think on any theme. He must observe people (and animals) and their behavior—try to understand their mentality.’ “To one degree or another, people in our audience are aware of human and animal behavior. They may have seen, experienced or read about it.

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  • In conclusion, although many women may prefer a female physician, it has been demonstrated that physician gender is often not the most important attribute under consideration when patients select an OB/GYN. Clearly, good bedside manner and communication skills are essential in establishing an effective doctor/patient rapport. This is often followed by technical expertise and a good medical reputation.

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  • The first symptoms of this disease are usually a low back pain with its peak at night and in the morning and morning stiffness, which can last for hours. Both symptoms get better with exercise, back pain can worsen with inactivity. Some patients show only a partial involvement of the spine, in others the whole spine is involved. The physician always should examine the patient´s back by patting it gently with one fist, starting at the cervical spine all the way down to the sacrum, asking the patient, if and which part of the spine is painful during this...

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  • Peaks in the financial cycle are closely associated with systemic banking crises (henceforth “financial crises” for short). In the sample of seven industrialised countries noted above, all the financial crises with domestic origin (ie, those that do not stem from losses on cross- border exposures) occur at, or close to, the peak of the financial cycle. And the financial crises that occur away from peaks in domestic financial cycles reflect losses on exposures to foreign such cycles. Typical examples are the banking strains in Germany and Switzerland recently.

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  • When retrograde dissociative amnesia is accompanied by suddenly leaving the customary environment and compromised knowledge about personal identity – the condition is named dissociative fugue. Fugues have been reported for over a century, though they were frequently erroneously associated with epilepsy (e.g., Burgl, 1900; Donath, 1899). A century ago, these conditions were named Wanderlust in Germany (cf e.g. Burgl, 1900). Fugue states were described to be preponderant in children and young adults (Dana, 1894; Donath, 1908).

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  • Women’s nutritional conditions differ widely among and within countries. Such conditions are worst in the less-developed regions and countries of the world, where poverty, social disparities, discrimination, and different kinds of malnutrition affect large populations.

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