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  • Ebook A beginner’s guide to total knee replacement: Part 1 includes content: Biomaterials of the artificial knee, the making of a knee prosthesis, biomechanical considerations, general principles of the surgical technique,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • Ebook "Applications of EPR in radiation research" presented in eight themes: elementary radiation processes (in situ and low temperature radiolysis, quantum solids); solid state radiation chemistry (crystalline, amorphous and heterogeneous systems); biochemistry, biophysics and biology applications (radicals in biomaterials, spin trapping, free-radical-induced DNA damage); materials science (polymeric and electronic materials, materials for treatment of nuclear waste, irradiated food);...

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  • Ebook "Upscaling of bio-nano-processes: Selective bioseparation by magnetic particles" despite ongoing progress in nano- and biomaterial sciences, large scale bioprocessing of nanoparticles remains a great challenge, especially because of the difficulties in removing unwanted elements during processing in food, pharmaceutical and feed industry at production level. This book presents magnetic nanoparticles and a novel technology for the upscaling of protein separation.

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  • Ebook "Advanced polymers in medicine" provides an up-to-date overview of the diverse medical applications of advanced polymers. The book opens by presenting important background information on polymer chemistry and physicochemical characterization of polymers. This serves as essential scientific support for the subsequent chapters, each of which is devoted to the applications of polymers in a particular medical specialty.

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  • Ebook "Frontiers in quantum methods and applications in chemistry and physics: Selected proceedings of QSCP-XVIII (Paraty, Brazil, December, 2013)" divided into several sections written by leaders in the respective fields of quantum methodology applied to atomic molecular and condensed matter systems, each containing the most relevant material based on related topics. Recent advances and state-of-the-art developments in the quantum theory of atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems (including bio and nano structures) are presented.

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  • Part 2 book "Basics of wildlife health care and management" includes content: Isease control techniques in free living wild animals; field approch for disease diagnosis from dead animals; ex situ captive management in zoos 20. housing of captive animals; hygiene and sanitation; collection, preservation and dispatch of biomaterials; nutrition of zoo animals; orphan management; disaster management; surgical problems and intervention; medical management of reptiles; exotic bird health care and management,.... and other contents.

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  • Part 2 book "Stem cells in veterinary science" includes content: Advancing quantitative stem cell dosing for veterinary stem cell medicine, therapeutic applications of mesenchymal stem cells in canine diseases, biomaterials and scaffolds in stem cell therapy, prospects of mesenchymal stem cell secretome in veterinary regenerative therapy, reprogramming and induced pluripotent stem cells in porcine,... and other contents.

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  • Due to its rising accumulation in the food chain and ongoing presence in ecosystems, metal contamination has piqued the curiosity of experts from all over the world. Environmentally hazardous heavy metal removal is being pursued utilizing a variety of techniques, such as ion exchange and precipitation, as well as chemical oxidation or reduction, electrochemistry, and filtration.

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  • Environments with temperatures from 50°C to 80°C are rare in nature and are almost exclusively associated with geothermal regions including hot springs, solar-heated soils and volcanic areas. Thermophilic bacteria already exist and prefer in such habitats.

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  • In tissue engineering, coating biomaterial’s surface with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins can promote many biological activities, including cellular responses, wound healing, and rejection reduction. Several interactions occur upon binding proteins onto the surfaces, leading to changes in the protein structural conformation, directly affecting the cell-host interactions. Therefore, this study investigates the impacts of surfaces’ wettability on protein conformation.

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  • Uterine implantation failure can be caused by uterine pathologies, including endometrial thinning or adhesions. This investigation aims to evaluate the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on endometrial regeneration.

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  • As an important subset of metamaterials with unprecedented combinations of favorable mechanical, mass transport and biological properties, meta-biomaterials have attracted much research interest recently because of their great potential in biomedical applications, especially in orthopedic tissue repair and replacement.

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  • While triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) made of biomaterials are becoming significant components of self-charged monitoring healthcare systems, most of them show low output performance and poor durability. Herein, a surfactant-free graphene oxide-polylactic acid (GO/PLA) nanocomposite with customizable honeycomb patterns was, for the first time, prepared via a scalable two-step solution method to achieve a power-boosted biocompatible TENG.

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  • This review provides an overview regarding current challenges and potential of manufacturing and fabrication of biomaterials at small scales for various biomedical applications. Accordingly, novel lithography-based fabrication approaches are introduced together with their remarkable applications.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Small animal surgery (Fourth edition)" provides readers with content including: general surgical principles; soft tissue surgery; principles of surgical asepsis; surgical facilities, equipment, and personnel and care and maintenance of the surgical environment; preoperative and intra-operative care of the surgical patient; surgical instrumentation; biomaterials, suturing, and hemostasis; surgical infections and antibiotic selection;...

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  • Part 1 book "Craig’s restorative dental materials" includes contents: Role and significance of restorative dental materials, the oral environment, design criteria for restorative dental materials, fundamentals of materials science, testing of dental materials and biomechanics, biocompatibility and tissue reaction to biomaterials, general classes of biomaterials, preventive and intermediary materials, restorative materials - composites and polymers.

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  • Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are biomaterials that are accumulated intracellularly by bacterial cells in response to nutrient imbalances under environmental stress. Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) is a bioplastic that is of interest to research to find an alternative to fossil-derived plastics.

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  • Amylose (AM)tends to form single helical inclusion complexes with suitable agents. These complexes are considered promising biomaterial carrier since the guest molecules can be released later, leading to many applications, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • We produced and characterized copper(II)-chitosan complexes fabricated via in-situ precipitation as antibioticfree antibacterial biomaterials. Copper was bound to chitosan from a dilute acetic acid solution of chitosan and copper(II) chloride exploiting the ability of the polysaccharide to chelate metal ions.

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  • Blend solutions of poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) and N-(2-hydroxy)-propyl-3-trimethylammonium chitosan chloride (QCh) were successfully electrospun. Tensile tests revealed that the nonwovens present a good balance between elasticity and strength under both dry and hydrated state. Results indicate that the PCL/ QCh electrospun nonwovens are new nanofibers-based biomaterials potentially useful as wound dressings.

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