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  • We all know the drill: post as many ads in a single day as possible and hope to generate a few leads. There is a similar situation within email marketing called “spray and pray.” This term is certainly an adequate representation of how Craigslist is currently being used. Craigslist has become crowded with multiple postings for the same property. Inevitably, these duplicate listings overwhelm and frustrate Craigslist users and reduce opportunities for your property. “How many listings should I post on Craigslist per day?” This single question is asked more frequently than any other.

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  • Building a Web-Based Email Service CHAPTER 27 645 The line $fullheaders = ($action==’show-headers’); could have been more verbosely—and perhaps more clearly—written as if($action==’show-headers’) $fullheaders = true; else $fullheaders = false; Next, we call the display_message() function. Most of this function outputs plain HTML, so we will not go through it here.

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  • Building a Web-Based Email Service CHAPTER 27 625 LISTING 27.

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  • Building a Web-Based Email Service CHAPTER 27 635 LISTING 27.5 store_account_settings() Function from mail_fns.php—Function to Save New Account Details for a User function store_account_settings($auth_user, $settings) { if(!filled_out($settings)) { echo “All fields must be filled in. Try again.

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  • Building a Mailing List Manager CHAPTER 28 675 LISTING 28.3 Continued else { echo “Sorry, that email address is already registered here.”; echo “You will need to log in with that address to change “ .” Web settings.”; return false; } } else // new account { $query = “insert into subscribers values (‘$details[email]’, ‘$details[realname]’, ‘$details[mimetype]’, password(‘$details[new_password]’), 0)”; if(db_connect() && mysql_query($query)) { return true; } else { echo “Could not store new account.

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