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  • The main topics covered in "E-commerce business and accounting problems in e-commerce" include: overview e commerce and accounting information system; problems with accounting information systems at enterprises and solution;...

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  • This research explores whether Environmental Management Accounting can be applied to assist an Australian cogeneration company in improving both its financial performance as well as its environmental performance. Cogeneration or ‘combined heat and power’, in this particular case, involves the simultaneous production of heat and electricity using a single fuel, that is, natural gas. The heat generated is then used to produce steam to meet the customers’ requirements as well as boost the production of electricity.

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  • The research "Thesis for the degree of Master of Doctor of Philosophy: E-procurement as an instrument in improving public procurement processes: A Bangladesh perspective" reiterates that commitment and ownership by sector-level public organisations, internalisation of the reform, and e-readiness, which includes responsive roles of suppliers and contractors, are the critical factors for successful adoption of eProcurement in Bangladesh.

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  • Giáo trình "Marketing thương mại (Business marketing management and technology)" được biên soạn trên cơ sở phát triển và cụ thể hóa các tri thức Marketing căn bản vận dụng vào tổ chức và hoạt động của các loại hình doanh nghiệp thương mại theo tiếp cận quản trị marketing. Giáo trình kết cấu gồm 11 chương và chia thành 2 phần, phần 1 trình bày những nội dung về: phân tích marketing; đối tượng và phương pháp môn học; hệ thống và chức năng marketing của công ty thương mại; nhu cầu và thị trường của công ty thương mại; quá trình nghiên cứu và phân tích marketing công ty thương mại;...

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  • Giáo trình "Marketing thương mại (Business marketing management and technology)" được biên soạn trên cơ sở phát triển và cụ thể hóa các tri thức Marketing căn bản vận dụng vào tổ chức và hoạt động của các loại hình doanh nghiệp thương mại theo tiếp cận quản trị marketing.

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  • "CompTIA® Security+: Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals (Sixth edition)" is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to be information security professionals. Part 2 of book provide students with knowledge about: client and application security; mobile and embedded device security; authentication and account management; access management; vulnerability assessment and data security; business continuity; risk mitigation;...

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  • Part 1 of book "Beginning T-SQL 2012 (Second edition)" provide students with knowledge about: getting started; writing simple select queries; using functions and expressions; querying multiple tables; grouping and summarizing data;...

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  • The document "Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems" has present the contents: introduction to business processes; introduction to enterprise systems; introduction to accounting; the procurement process; the fulfillment process; the production process; inventory and warehouse management processes;...

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  • The paper would analyze the nature of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the perception of Vietnam’s entrepreneur on it and propose the solutions to take its advantage to serve the development of the business community as a whole.

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  • The emergence of globalization has made outsourcing become one of the business strategies widely applied to provide the best services for businesses in the private and public sectors. While some researchers have analyzed the concept of outsourcing and its effect on the performance of the organization, very little research has been done on this issue in the context of import-export firms.

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  • This study aims to investigate the relationship between students’ time management and academic performance. By using quantitative methods with a sample of 455 students studying in economics and business administration fields, the research reveals that two factors namely Planning and using time management tools and Improvement and adjustment positively impact on students’ academic performance.

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  • This informs the need to develop effective monitoring systems that guarantees environmental and social management plan compliance by this business. The findings are explained and discussed and recommendations for improved local’s socio-economic conditions and systematic management for environment and natural resources.

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  • Coursework assignment Business analysis has present the content: the implementation of direct material cost in July, performance of the production manager for the month of July, form of material cost analyzing report, analyze the profitability and liquidity of the company in 2021 by benchmarking the textile industry index,...

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  • In this paper, the research will explore in details how this is accomplished by decision support. Besides the study will concentrate on how AI technology has significantly strengthened the role that information systems play in supporting the decision-making activities of every manager and worker in business. Finally, the research analyzes the advantages and challenges of applying AI technology to support management decision making in Vietnamese business.

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  • This study, based on individual interviews of 51 Vietnamese SMEs managers, reports on their perception of leadership styles influencing managerial and organizational success and benefits to organizational operations. Not only the close relationship between leadership styles and SME business performance but also the suggestions with regard to the effective leadership styles are reflected in this paper. The study has practical and theoretical implications in that it examines leadership styles in the context of SMEs.

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  • The results indicate students’ satisfaction on educational service in Faculty of Foreign Languages is at an acceptable level generally. This paper indicates four factors have pleased students in the program, including Curriculum, Lecturers’ profession, Class Facilities and Course Exam and Evaluation. Meanwhile, other factors of Library, Textbook, Training information and Management staff do not meet students’ expectation. This result shows new requirements of students in new joint education program training in Vietnam.

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  • Digitalization is providing opportunities to enrich research and practice in the field of operations and supply chain management in almost business sectors, and the textile and garment industry is no exception. This paper investigates the current status of digitalization in operations and supply chain management of Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises. The research also explores challenges and proposes recommendations to foster the digitalization process in operations and supply chain management of Vietnamese textile and garment companies.

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  • The paper examines institutional environment in which small private enterprises operate in Vietnam. The quantitative research was conducted to identify advantageous and disadvantageous factors of the institutional environment and propose policy implications to promote development of the private sector in Vietnam. The institutional environment has been improved. However, the institutional environment still contains obstacles: there are differences between de jure institutional improvements and de facto ones. Of the organizational level disadvantageous factors are management’s competence.

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  • The main purpose of this study is to explore the factors affecting on businesses’ participation in green supply chain management. The official study was conducted with 479 fast-moving consumer goods companies (FMCG) through direct and online surveys. The official research results identified eight factors affecting on businesses’ participation in green supply chain, including environmental regulations, corporate social responsibility, buyer pressure, competitive pressure, managerial commitment,...

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  • This study focuses on the question of technological adoption, in general, and innovation management, in particular, with specific reference to Vietnamese agro-food manufacturers. A qualitative case study approach was adopted capturing the perspectives of managers and employees in three successful agro-food manufacturers. The findings showed that, it is necessary to deepen our systematic understanding of integral technovation process in managerial practices.

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