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Can network security

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  • Lecture Cryptography and network security: Chapter 2 after studying this section will help you understand: To review integer arithmetic, concentrating on divisibility and finding the greatest common divisor using the Euclidean algorithm; To understand how the extended Euclidean algorithm can be used to solve linear Diophantine equations, to solve linear congruent equations, and to find the multiplicative inverses;...

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  • Lecture Cryptography and network security: Chapter 8 after studying this section will help you understand: To show how modern standard ciphers, such as DES or AES, can be used to encipher long messages. To discuss five modes of operation designed to be used with modern block ciphers. To define which mode of operation creates stream ciphers out of the underlying block ciphers.

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel method to estimate and remove the jamming signals from multiple multi-antenna jammers in a two-way relay network with multi-antenna legitimate and relay nodes. We carefully consider the signals in the time slots in order to exploit the repetition of the signals and design the transmitted signals which can work in different cases.

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  • In this paper, we measured multiple black hole attacks simultaneously in Network Simulator 2 (NS2) in terms of throughput, energy efficiency and data packet delivery. We also proposed a simple solution for detection and avoidance black hole attacks.

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  • The results obtained indicate that the attackers can overwhelm the server resources even when legitimate access was denied to MQTT brokers and resources have been restricted. In addition, the MQTT features we have identified showed high attack detection accuracy. The field size and length-based features drastically reduced the false-positive rates and are suitable in detecting IoT based attacks.

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  • This trend has attracted increasing concerns from both academia and industry. This paper addresses how physical layer security can protect secret data compare with the traditional cryptographic encryption and which is the better cooperative relaying scheme with the state of the art approached methods in wireless relaying beamforming network.

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  • Chapter 11 - TCP/IP configuration. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Routers receive packets and use the most efficient path to forward them to their destinations, complex internetworks can have redundant routers that provide multiple paths to the same destination, routers store information about the network in a routing table,...

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  • Chapter 16 - Network maintenance. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Magnetic tape is the most popular storage medium for backups; backup software enables you to select the data you want to back up and sends it to the device you use for backups; daily backup jobs can be full backups, incremental backups, or differential backups;...

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  • Chapter 17 - Network troubleshooting procedures. Chapter summary: Computers have a variety of ports, some of which are implemented by the motherboard and others by expansion cards; computers use many different types of connectors fortheir various interfaces, and in some cases the same connector type can provide different functions; SCSI host adapters can use any one of several types of connectors, which are not interchangeable;...

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  • Chapter 31 - Network security. In this chapter, we first introduce the security services we typically expect in a network. We then show how these services can be provided using cryptography. At the end of the chapter, we also touch on the issue of distributing symmetric and asymmetric keys.

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  • Chapter 32 - Security in the internet: IPSec, SSL/TLS, PGP, VPN, and Firewalls. Chapter 32 briefly discusses the applications of topics discussed in chapters 30 and 31 to the Internet model. We show how network security and cryptography can be used in three upper layers of the Internet model.

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  • This presents a false sense of security to the network operators and administrators. This research will present two scenarios that are commonly left unmonitored and look at a practical way to deploy solutions to these two scenarios in such a way that the network uptime can be improved.

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  • In this chapter we will discuss: Some more discussion on DDoS attacks, security in wireless networks, types of WLAN and relevant security mechanism, different ways to secure a WLAN. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand why wireless LANs are more prone to security threats and vulnerabilities, to identify and classify among different solutions that can be used to secure a WLAN.

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  • In this chapter: We will talk about what Internet security is and how to ensure security while browsing through the internet, we will also see what spyware are and how do they look like, we will also discuss few methods that can be used to avoid spywares, we will also see a couple of examples of phishing on the internet.

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  • MNOs have grabbed the unbanked market including the rural areas that traditional banks have failed to access, traditional banks have been experiencing a decrease in the level of activity, including liquidity shortages, low deposits and limited credit availability. The MNOs have lower charges for transacting, and offer more convenience and accessibility as opposed to traditional banks. Interoperability between traditional banks and MNOs has been riddled with challenges from the main stream banking sector.

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  • It is expected that many networks will be providing services at a time in near future and those will also produce different interfering signals for the current Slotted ALOHA based systems. A random packet destruction Denial of Service (DoS) attacking signal can shut down the Slotted ALOHA based networks easily. Therefore, to keep up the services of Slotted ALOHA based systems by enhancing the secured operating regions in the presence of the interfering signals from other wireless systems and DoS attacking signals is an important issue and is investigated in this paper.

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  • Fast flux networks represent a special type of botnets that are used to provide highly available web services to a backend server, which usually hosts malicious content. Detection of fast flux networks continues to be a challenging issue because of the similar behavior between these networks and other legitimate infrastructures, such as CDNs and server farms. This paper proposes Fast Flux Watch (FF-Watch), a mechanism for online detection of fast flux agents. FF-Watch is envisioned to exist as a software agent at leaf routers that connect stub networks to the Internet.

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  • This paper proposes a novel method to prevent man in the middle attack by combining the OFT scheme with digital signatures scheme which is used to authenticate the participants. Beside, the proposed method can also prevent the collusion attack.

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  • In this paper, we leverage multi-cloud storage systems to provide data confidentiality against an adversary which has access to the encryption key, and can compromise a large fraction of the storage servers. For this purpose, we first introduce a novel security definition that captures data confidentiality in the new adversarial model.

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  • The RSA algorithm is used to secure data packets are transmit from source node to sink node by powerful clone attack, which can be eliminated by the malicious nodes. The proposed protocol can achieve high clone detection probability using randomly selected trustful witnesses and with larger network lifetime, by effectively distributing the traffic load across the network.

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