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  • The CAPRI version used for this study is standard comparative-static, i.e. adjustment costs are not considered and policy simulations reveal a situation where dairy farmers were given time to adjust their fixed factors to the new policy framework. By incorporating an econometric supply module for the most representative dairy farms in the EU, the update of the CAPRI model allows for a better representation of the dairy sector, as additional information on milk quota rents and price supply elasticities are now explicitly introduced for dairy products. ...

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  • Graphic Communication develops coursework in conjunction with Northern California industry leaders. Our courses offer students both current technology and theory in graphic design, digital imaging, digital illustration, and page layout skills for print, web, and other screenbased media, computer animation, 3D modeling, and video game design. A minimum of 30 units are required to earn the A.S. Degree. Repeating the same courses does not count toward the 30-unit minimum requirement.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu '‘i don’t feel human’ experiences of destitution among young refugees and migrants', giáo dục - đào tạo, cao đẳng - đại học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In this section, we study operations that, in one way or another, process their data sequentially. Examples include searching on one or more unindexed attributes, creation of bitmaps based on selection conditions, and scalar aggrega- tion. Grouped aggregation can be achieved by a combina- tion of sorting followed by one scalar aggregation per group. Scan-like operations are also used as components of more complex operations that we will discuss in Section 4 and Section 5.

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  • Providing Incentives to Spur Efficient Oil and Gas Development: The President recently directed the Department of Interior to determine the acreage of public lands (onshore and offshore) that have been leased to oil and gas companies and remain undeveloped. More than 70 percent of the tens of millions of offshore acres under lease are inactive—including almost 24 million inactive leased acres in the Gulf of Mexico, where an estimated 11.6 billion barrels of oil and 59.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas of technically recoverable resources are going unused.

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  • The scope and method of modern industry are given by the machine. This may not seem to hold true for all industries, perhaps not for the greater part of industry as rated by the bulk of the output or by the aggregate volume of labor expended. But it holds true to such an extent and in such a pervasive manner that a modern industrial community cannot go on except by the help of the accepted mechanical appliances and processes. The machine industries −− those portions of the industrial system in which the machine process...

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  • Our results suggest that nancial systems may exhibit a robust-yet-fragile tendency: while the probability of contagion may be low, the effects can be extremely widespread when problems occur. The model also highlights how seemingly indistinguishable shocks can have very different consequences for the nancial system depending on whether or not the shock hits at a particular pressure point in the network structure. This helps explain why the evidence of the resilience of the system to fairly large shocks prior to 2007 was not a reliable guide to its future robustness....

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  • The first signs of future change are already appar- ent for both the regional savings banks and their local savings companies. Thus concrete indications already suggest that the number of regional sav- ings banks will decline further in the near future as a result of mergers. This is because the business area of some savings banks is likely to be too lim- ited for them to achieve satisfactory operating results in the long term in a tougher and increas- ingly international competitive climate.

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  • An infrastructure bank would also help overcome the many problems associated with the annual appropriations process and could provide the types of financial assistance that are most useful for infrastructure projects. By providing long-term loans and loan guarantees, the new bank would make year-to-year federal support significantly more predictable.

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  • Dobrinsky et al. (2001) conjecture that some specific types of soft budget constraints in a transitional environment may emerge as a result of distortions in incentive structures. In particular, distorted incentives may have an effect both on the determinants of credit supply and credit demand. 2 In turn, incentive structures are a reflection of the institutional environment and the conduct of economic policy in the broader sense. Consequently, policy reforms and policy shocks can be expected to affect the determinants of credit flows both on the supply and the demand side.

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  • Despite the immeasurable increase in understanding and improvement in diagnosis and management of epilepsy, the idea of possession by evil spirits as a cause of these frightening attacks, is still deeply rooted in many developing countries, 3,4 Sudan is not an exempt. Many children with seizures of any cause are seen and managed first by ‘El sheikh’ a religious traditional healer or in some cultures in Africa by "Al Kujour" particularly, following an antiepileptic drug failure or appearance of its side effects.

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  • These are ambitious orientations and recommendations and they are faced by formidable challenges. They go against the conventional practice of most health professional schools. They are difficult but not impossible to implement. Indeed, WHO orientations that many have considered utopian have been realized. It has taken time and effort, resources*, diplomacy and patience. In many respects, what this report proposes is already in operation, albeit informally and on a small scale. ...

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  • In the period 1985 to 2003, the elderly population aged 62 to 74 decreased by close to six percent, whereas the elderly population aged 75 to 84 grew by close to 35 percent. Householders aged 45 to 54 show a dramatic increase in numbers over the 1985 to 2003 time period – i.e., a 70 percent increase from 12.8 million to 21.8 million. This is interesting because by 1991, the first cohort of the Baby Boomer generation began entering this age category. (The last cohort entered the age category in 2003.) ...

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  • Gynecological cancers as a group comprise approximately 11% of female cancer. 1 In the United States, it is estimated that nearly 80,720 women will be diagnosed in 2009 with gynecological cancers and that approximately 28,120 women will die as a result of these cancers (accounting for 10%of all cancer-related deaths in women). Gynecological cancers are typically diagnosed by history, physical examination, and selected imaging studies.

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  • On World Malaria Day in 2009, just over 600 days remain until 31 December 2010, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon’s deadline for all endemic countries to achieve universal coverage with essential malaria control interventions. 1 Data presented here highlight major signs of progress across Africa toward this goal. The World Health Organization (WHO) has esti- mated that between 190 and 330 million malaria episodes occurred in 2006, resulting in nearly 1 million deaths. About 90 per cent of all malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, most among children under age ive (igure 1).

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  • The ambi tious and mul ti dis ci plin ary topic of this paper hints at the extent to which the authors had to rely on help from col leagues with a wide vari ety of dis ci pli nary and geo graphic exper- tise. They are too numer ous to men tion indi vidu ally, but sev eral col leagues stand out because of the degree of their sup port for this col labo ra tive proj ect and the depth of their insights on pre vi ous drafts. Per Pinstrup- Andersen and Rajul Pandya- Lorch, direc tor gen eral and head of the...

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  • Franchise bidders will of course develop and submit their own plans and ideas in their bids, and if these offer better value for money than the assumptions in the Rolling Stock Strategy, this will put them in a good position to win franchises. Open access operators are also a further source of supply and demand for rolling stock. The principles for the strategy are set out in Appendix 4 to indicate the direction that we believe needs to be taken and we are intending to develop and refine them further with a view to preparing an initial...

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  • The Overseas Development Institute has also looked at such risk mitigation mechanisms. 23 In addition to the above, they highlight the use of pledge funds, whereby by public finance sponsors provide a small amount of equity to encourage larger pledges from private investors 24 .

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  • Since the 1950s, significant advances in the treatment of pain have resulted in greater relief for an increasing number of patients. However, the quality of pain care delivery in the United States continues to fall remarkably short of the current potential for optimal care. Pain medicine remains fragmented, and the absence of a unified organizational model of pain medicine hinders the effective provision of an integrated, cost-effective pain care, causing unnecessary and avoidable human suffering and societal expense.

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  • The intention is to meet the need for credible source material on terrorism and other very real public health threats. The reports and images that would shape people’s view of a possible terror attack or other health crisis would have an extraordinary impact not only on the readers, listeners, and viewers but also the writers of those stories. The burden is great for those who follow, or in some cases lead, first responders into the unknown and are then asked to emerge calmly with the facts.

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