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  • About one third of hospital mortality in critically ill patients occurs after Intensive Care Unit (ICU) discharge. Some authors have recently hypothesized that unresolved or latent inflammation and sepsis may be an important factor that contributes to death following successful discharge from the ICU.

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  • Postoperative remote lung injury is a complication following various surgeries and is associated with short and long-term mortality and morbidity. The release of proinflammatory cytokines, damage-associated molecular patterns such as high-mobility group box-1, nucleotide-biding oligomerization domain (NOD)-like receptor protein 3 and heat shock protein, and cell death signalling activation, trigger a systemic inflammatory response, which ultimately results in organ injury including lung injury.

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  • Women account for 60% of all stroke deaths and are more often permanently disabled than men, despite their higher observed stroke incidence. Considering the clinical population affected by stroke, an obvious drawback is that many pre-clinical and clinical studies only investigate young males.

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  • Daunorubicin is used clinically in the treatment of myeloma, acute lymphatic and myelocytic leukaemia. The toxic lesions caused by daunorubicin induce various modes of cell death, including apoptosis.

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  • Traumatic impaction is known to cause acute cell death and macroscopic damage to cartilage and menisci in vitro. The purpose of this study was to investigate cell viability and macroscopic damage of the medial and lateral menisci using an in situ model of traumatic loading.

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  • The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the prognostic value of POSTN expression following prostatectomy. Methods: Periostin (POSTN) expression in prostate cancer (PCa) and in normal specimens was evaluated in 90 patients by an immuno-reactive score (IRS) based on the intensity of immunostaining and on the quantity of stained cells.

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  • Successful treatment of oesophageal cancer is hampered by recurrent drug resistant disease. We have previously demonstrated the importance of apoptosis and autophagy for the recovery of oesophageal cancer cells following drug treatment.

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  • There has been interest in the potential benefit of vitamin D (VD) to improve breast cancer outcomes. Pre-clinical studies suggest VD enhances chemotherapy-induced cell death.

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  • Synthetic indolyl- pyridinyl- propenones (IPPs) induce methuosis, a form of non-apoptotic cell death, in glioblastoma and other cancer cell lines. Methuosis is characterized by accumulation of cytoplasmic vacuoles derived from macropinosomes and late endosomes, followed by metabolic failure and rupture of the plasma membrane.

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  • Strengthening the economic growth is another objective for supporting R&D in the European food sector. Thus, improving the European quality of life goes wider than only addressing the consumer. Research that fosters the competitiveness of the food industry in Europe creates the possibility for increased employment opportunities. This can be done through the development of new and improved products as well as production systems using new technologies.

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  • Carbohydrates are sugars and starches derived from cereals, tubers, roots, and other substances such as cellulose and lignin from plant cell walls, vessels and woody tissues. Carbohydrates do mainly provide energy for maintenance and production. A surplus of energy is stored as body fat. A part of the carbohydrates is crude fibre (CF), the remaining is nitrogen-free extract (NFE). The latter consists of sugars, starches and sugar-like substances. Sugars and starches are much easier to digest than CF.

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  • The definition from the Toulouse Conference in 1991 reads that, «Media edu- cation is an educational process / practice that seeks to enable members of a community creatively and critically to participate (at all levels of production, distribution and exhibition) in the use of the technological and traditional media for the development and liberation of themselves and the community, as well as for the democratization of communication».

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  • The process of survey development forces the board to think through and specify criteria for evaluation, which the executive director can also see. Surveys can repeat certain long-term questions annually, enabling the board and executive to monitor changes over time. The survey assessment approach can also be helpful when an or- ganization has not previously conducted an assessment and the board feels it needs the perceptions of others beyond the board.

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  • The continued demand in the global animation market has allowed the Asia-Pacific region to further emerge as a premier destination for animation outsourcing. The major players in the region include China, India, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines. China With reported revenues of about US$1.4 billion in 2007 and approximately 10,000 animation professionals, China is considered as one of the stronger players in the animation outsourcing industry.

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  • The Malouf Report provided much of the guidance for our existing management approach, for example, the ban on the commercial hunt of whitecoats (harp seals) and bluebacks (hooded seals) and on the use of large vessels more than 65 feet long. The commercial hunt is now carried out largely from inshore boats owned and operated by coastal residents. With a plentiful and sustainable seal resource hunted well below its TAC for many years, DFO has concentrated on improving and enforcing hunting practices and regulatory and licensing requirements.

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  • The importance of self-monitoring to the effective use of insulin therapy and for those at risk of hypoglycaemia through leisure or work activities (including driving) on oral medications was noted. The frequency of monitoring that is useful to someone with diabetes is highly individual and it is inappropriate to put an artificial restriction on this.

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  • NI is a medium-sized ($500M to $1B USD) high-tech company whose products serve several markets including the design, industrial, and test and measurement markets. From a mix-versus-volume perspective, NI can be classified as a high-mix, low-volume organization (quadrant II) because it has more than a dozen primary product lines with more than 1,000 unique devices. Based on these characteristics, the corporate test strategy at NI emphasizes flexibility and reuse.

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  • The oxidant function of pro-apoptotic protein Bax was investigated through heterologous expression in yeast. Direct measurements of fatty acid content show that Bax-expression induces oxidation of mitochondrial lipids. This effect is prevented by the coexpression of Bcl-xL. The oxi-dation actually could be followed on isolated mitochondria as respiration-induced peroxidation of polyunsaturatedcis-parinaric acid and on whole cells as the increase in the amount of thiobarbituric acid-reactiveproducts. ...

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  • Like with a leasing company, the capital for loans in a CFC is raised through a combination of debt and equity. USAID’s DCA program for commercial finance companies would face the same concerns as it might with leasing since the DCA does not provide capital for lending only guarantees. Where DCA might be helpful is in the conversion of a bank to a commercial finance corporation. DCA could be considered to issue a guarantee to private sector investors (local or international) who capitalize the CFC or use guarantees for loans as discussed under bank interventions. ...

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  • Exposure of mammalian cells to oxidant stress causes early (iron catalysed) lysosomal rupture followed by apoptosis or necrosis. Enhanced intracellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), presumably of mitochondrial origin, is also observed when cells are exposed to nonoxidant pro-apoptotic agonists of cell death. We hypothesized that ROS generation in this latter case might promote the apoptotic cascade and could arise from effects of released lysosomal materials on mitochondria.

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