Chromium and nickel

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  • Heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, lead, chromium, mercury etc are important environmental pollutants in areas with anthropogenic pressure. Their presence in the atmosphere, soil and water, even in traces can cause serious problems to all organisms. Heavy metal accumulation in soils is of great concern in agricultural production due to the adverse effects on food quality, crop growth (Ma et al., 1994) and environmental health. Heavy metal bioaccumulation in the food chain can be especially highly dangerous to human health.

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  • Even though human oncogenic viruses belong to different virus families and utilize diverse strategies to contribute to cancer development, they share many common features. One key feature is their ability to infect, but not kill, their host cell. In contrast to many other viruses that cause disease, oncogenic viruses have the tendency to establish long-term persistent in- fections. Consequently, they have evolved strategies for evading the host immune response, which would otherwise clear the virus during these persistent infections.

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  • In present study, heavy metal concentrations of cadmium (Cd), cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), lead (Pb) and copper (Cu) in soil, water and fodder samples collected from industrial (Gandhidham- area 1) and nonindustrial (Bhachau- area 2) areas of Kutch district of Gujarat were determined with objectives to explore presence of heavy metals and correlationship between heavy metal concentrations in environmental components.

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  • Many of the inorganic and aesthetic constituents evaluated in the Guidelines are known to be essential for life. Chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, and selenium are essential elements in human nutrition; arsenic and nickel are considered by some researchers as essential elements. Of the aesthetic constituents, iron, chloride, calcium and magnesium (hardness), sodium and zinc are essential elements.

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  • This study was conducted to evaluate the bioaccumulation and oxidative stress impact of lead (Pb), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), and chromium (Cr) in bryophyte species Pleurochaete squarrosa and Timmiella barbuloides exposed to Pb, Ni, Cu, and Cr at 1 mM concentration for 48 h.

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  • A study was carried out in selected blocks to assess the ground water quality in nine blocks in tribal districts of Madhya Pradesh. The various trace constituents (zinc, copper, cadmium, lead, nickel, manganese and chromium) were analyzed in at ground water quality in open well. The results were compared with standard permissible limits of BIS, Royal Irrigation Department and FAO which show all ground water samples of study area in 2013-14 were fall in ―good to permissible limit‖ category and suitable for drinking and irrigation purpose.

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  • In order to meet the increasing demand for valve-regulated lead–acid ŽVRLA. batteries, a new soft lead has been produced by Pasminco Metals. In this material, bismuth is increased to a level that produces a significant improvement in battery cycle life. By contrast, other common impurities, such as arsenic, cobalt, chromium, nickel, antimony and tellurium, that are known to be harmful to VRLA batteries are controlled to very low levels. A bismuth ŽBi.-bearing oxide has been manufactured ŽBarton-pot method. ...

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  • The wearing behavior of coated layers on plowshares used in soil tillage was investigated. Plowshares produced from DIN EN 10 083 (30 MnB5) steel, widely used in plows, were coated with 20 μm hard chromium by electrolysis method, 20 μm electro-less nickel by chemical treatments, and 4 μm titaniumnitride by physical vapor deposition to increase wearing resistance.

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  • A field survey and laboratory analysis carried out on “Depth wise Distribution of Heavy Metals in Different Soil Series of Northwestern India” was conducted during 2017-18 in five well established soil series which are comes under Aeolian and upper alluvial plain of Hisar district. The profile samples up to depth of 90 cm. i.e. 0-15, 15-30, 30-60, 60-90 cm, using GPS were collected and analyzed for total concentrations of heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd, Co and Ni). The total lead content was initially increased with depth then further decreased in Balsamand.

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