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Classes and structures

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Python cookbook (Third edition)" provides readers with contents including: chapter 1 - data structures and algorithms; chapter 2 - strings and text; chapter 3 - numbers, dates, and times; chapter 4 - iterators and generators; chapter 5 - files and I/O; chapter 6 - data encoding and processing; chapter 7 - functions; chapter 8 - classes and objects;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Bayesian methods for structural dynamics and civil engineering" provides readers with contents including: bayesian time-domain approach; model updating using eigenvalue–eigenvector measurements; bayesian model class selection; relationship between the hessian and covariance matrix for gaussian random variables; model class selection for regression problems;...

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  • Half-Heusler (hH) alloys are an intriguing class of materials with significant potential for applications in spintronics, thermoelectrics, optoelectronics, and magnetoelectronics due to their unique adjustable properties. In this work, we have investigated the structural, thermodynamic, mechanical, and electronic properties of RuVZ (Z: As, Bi, Sb) half-Heusler materials using the density functional theory (DFT) as implemented in the quantum espresso computational suite.

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  • This study aims at further exploring the effectiveness of translation as a pedagogic tool in an EFL class for Vietnamese non-English majored students. After comparing the students’ performance after learning through translation method and other methods with no use of L1, it seems that the students who were taught using translation tasks were able to use items of vocabulary and language structures they have just learned more frequently and precisely.

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  • Lecture An introduction to computer science using java - Chapter 2: Classes and methods I. In this chapter we will: describe structure of Java programs, present techniques for creating and using class instances, introduce two classes for doing output: OutputBox for text output, DrawingBox for graphical output.

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  • Lecture An introduction to computer science using java - Chapter 5: Classes and methods II. In this chapter we will: formally introduce the class construct as it is used in the Java language, discuss the use of instance variables to facilitate method communication, demonstrate the use of classes to improve program structure.

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  • This chapter describes class-responsibility-collaboration (CRC) cards, class diagrams, and object diagrams, which are used to create the structural model. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Understand the rules and style guidelines for creating CRC cards, class diagrams, and object diagrams; understand the processes used to create CRC cards, class diagrams, and object diagrams; be able to create CRC cards, class diagrams, and object diagrams.

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  • Chapter 11 - Indexing and hashing. This chapter covers indexing techniques ranging from the most basic one to highly specialized ones. Due to the extensive use of indices in database systems, this chapter constitutes an important part of a database course. A class that has already had a course on data-structures would likely be familiar with hashing and perhaps even B + -trees. However, this chapter is necessary reading even for those students since data structures courses typically cover indexing in main memory.

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  • Ebook Object-oriented programming in C++ (Fourth edition): Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 The big picture, Chapter 2 C++ programming basics, Chapter 3 Loops and decisions, Chapter 4 Structures, Chapter 5 Functions, Chapter 6 Objects and classes, Chapter 7 Arrays and strings, Chapter 8 Operator overloading, Chapter 9 Inheritance, Chapter 10 Pointers.

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  • Ebook Introduction to Programming using Java: Part 2 includes the following content: Chapter 8 Correctness, Robustness, Efficiency; Chapter 9 Linked Data Structures and Recursion; Chapter 10 Generic Programming and Collection Classes; Chapter 11 Streams, Files, and Networking; Chapter 12 Threads and Multiprocessing; Chapter 13 Advanced GUI Programming.

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  • Ebook ACCA Paper F9: Financial Management - Class Notes: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 6: capital structure and risk adjusted WACC; chapter 7: ratio analysis; chapter 8: raising equity finance; chapter 9: working capital management; chapter 10: efficient market hypothesis; chapter 11: valuation; chapter 12: risk.

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  • Ebook "Fundamentals of management" is an online assessment and preparationsolution for courses in Principles of Management, Human Resources, Strategy, and Organizational Behavior that helpsyou actively study and prepare material for class. Chapterby-chapter activities, including study plans, focus on what you need to learn and to review in order to succeed.

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  • Based on theoretical background and actual surveys, the paper described and analyzed the structural features of fashion terminologies in English in terms of the following aspects: number of terminology elements, terminology formation methods and word classes, origin of terminology elements and structural model.

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  • Lecture "Data structures and algorithms: Chapter 1 - Introduction" provide students with knowledge about: Basic concepts: Data type, Data structure, Abstract data type, Algorithm, Pseudocode; Revision: Data structures, Classes, Pointers, Arrays, Pointers to structures, Pointers to classes. Please refer to the detailed content of the lecture!

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  • Multiferroic materials refer to a class of materials which possess the intrinsic coupling of two or more ferroic orders (ferroelectric, ferroelastic, and ferromagnetic). Among them, magnetoelectric materials exhibiting both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic characteristics have received much attention due to their great potential in multifunctional applications such as spintronics, memory, and sensors.

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  • Quinazoline derivatives are a class of important antitumor drugs known as small molecule inhibitors that include epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors. Based on the structure of poziotinib, a series of 6-aryloxyl substituted quinazoline derivatives were designed and synthesized. The molecular docking results suggested that compound 4m has different binding modes to the wild-type and mutated EGFR.

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  • We propose a gene-level association test that accounts for individual relatedness and population structures in pedigree data in the framework of linear mixed models (LMMs). Our method data-adaptively combines the results across a class of score-based tests, only requiring fitting a single null model (under the null hypothesis) for the whole genome, thereby being computationally efficient.

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  • Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) analysis of the oligosaccharides released showed that each polysaccharide had a unique oligosaccharides profile, even the same type of polysaccharide derived from different sources and/or having different fine structures (e.g. class of (arabino)xylans, galactomannans, glucans, or pectic materials).

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  • The increasing complexity in composition and structure of modern porous nanocomposite materials requires the development of advanced technologies that allow the simultaneous treatment of dissimilar compounds, not only with unlike composition but also involving different classes of pores, e.g., micro and mesopores.

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  • Ebook Introduction to computation and programming using Python: Part 1 include of the following content: Chapter 1 getting started; chapter 2 introduction to python; chapter 3 some simple numerical programs; chapter 4 functions, scoping, and abstraction; chapter 5 structured types, mutability, and higher-order functions; chapter 6 testing and debugging; chapter 7 exceptions and assertions; chapter 8 classes and object-oriented programming; chapter 9 a simplistic introduction to algorithmic complexity; chapter 10 some simple algorithms and data structures.

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