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  • In the first workshop, the experts pointed out thematic clusters for future research according to their opinion and experience. These clusters were defined in a guided brainstorming process. References to existing and past research programmes and initiatives were minimised to ensure a creative approach to the topic. The resulting thematic landscape of research issues, which included a broad range of topics from e.g. functional food over the generation of new raw material to traceability and labelling systems, was subsequently checked for comprehensiveness and put into a logical order.

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  • Product evaluation is an important part of brewing, whether performed informally or formally and whether the product is from a commercial or home brewery. Formal beer evaluation serves three primary purposes in the context of brewing competitions. First, the beer evaluations provide feedback to the brewer concerning how well an individual recipe represents its intended beer style. This feedback can be useful as recipes are fine-tuned and attempts are made to improve the beer. Second, beer evaluations may provide brewers with troubleshooting advice.

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  • Media education as an area of studies can address and enlighten many issues and concerns. The purpose of this analysis was to consider some of the features that mark media education in general and also to attempt to locate them within the Indian context, in relation to other development perspectives.

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  • Fuel Cell Today is the leading source of information and analysis covering the global market for fuel cells. The Fuel Cell Industry Review 2012 is the second edition of our annual publication which presents a global summary of developments in the fuel cell industry during the past four years, a forecast for the current year and an outlook for the future. The Current State of the Industry chapter covers developments during 2011 and the fi rst half of 2012, discussing each sub-application in turn, followed by regional developments and the latest update for each main fuel cell type.

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  • But there are serious downsides. Unless questions are tested with a few people first and carefully worded, they may be easily misinterpreted. Hence, a poorly worded question can deliver useless or misleading results.8 Surveys tend to weight all performance aspects similarly, so if the director does a great job on community relations and finances but has failed at an area the board thinks is very minor, the less important category can “drag down” the overall score.

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  • The industry in India currently employs about 12,000 animation workers with nearly 3,000 working as freelance animators. An extensive number of labor pool – which is one of the strengths of India as an outsourcing destination – is not required in the animation industry (and process per se). However, with this in consideration, the Indian animation industry still managed to position itself to be a major market player in the animation outsourcing industry with only 12,000 employees working full-time for the industry.

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  • This edition has been revised by Ineke Puls, Gert Wouter Bouwman and Gert de Lange of PTC+ , Barneveld, under the guidance of Farzin Wafadar Aqhdam. Agromisa kindly acknowledges their contributions and critical comments. We also acknowledge the financial support of the World’s Poultry Science Association, which made it possible to publish this Agrodok in several languages.

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  • The economic crisis has prompted an immediate response by governments to avoid a collapse of the financial and banking systems and limit the economic effects of the credit crunch. Such policies aim at stabilising the economy and initiating a rapid recovery. But policies also need to ensure that the recovery is durable, i.e. based on sustainable growth. The crisis should not damage the drivers of long-term growth, but should instead be used as a springboard to accelerate structural shifts towards a stronger, fairer and cleaner economic future.

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  • Labour productivity growth arises from capital accumulation and from innovation; that is, the creation, dispersion, and use of new and valued products and processes. Innovation results in a change in the composition of the economy. Firms and entrepreneurs are central to driving innovation and hence productivity growth. However, innovation is inherently a risky and uncertain process.

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  • A final design criteria was that the API should be cor- rect, in that events should only be reported if they are applicable. Consider the case where a packet arrives on a socket, in turn generating an event. However, before the application is notified of this pending event, it per- forms a close() on the socket. Since the socket is no longer open, the event should not be delivered to the ap- plication, as it is no longer relevant.

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  • In Janet Zweig’s Impersonator (2002), installed in the Instructional Technology Center of Santa Fe Community College, the author may not be dead, but she is unequivocally missing in action. Who is the impersonator, who is she dramatizing, and what is her relationship to an author? Where does the artist enter and exit in this discursive, possibly disturbing scenario? There is a phantom author of texts, potentially multiple, unidentified impersonators, and someone who may have defaulted on the commonly accepted role of the artist as creator and maker.

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  • There is no ‘silver bullet.’ But there are certainly methods, tools and processes that are best in class and can be readily-executed by bankers of average intellect and drive. But the key success factors again, are consistency of utilization and management support for the new expectations. We will need to be clear about all these items before we agree to move forward with any project work or training. If we decided to move forward together, the format for a typical program usually involves an initial assessment, rollout plan and agreement with the program sponsor as to...

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  • Every president since Richard Nixon has called for America’s independence from oil, but Washington gridlock has prevented action again and again. If we want to create a more secure energy future, and protect consumers at the pump, that has to change. When President Obama took office, America imported 11 million barrels of oil a day. Today, he pledged that by a little more than a decade from now, we will have cut that by one-third, and put forward a plan to secure America’s energy future by producing more oil at home and reducing our...

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  • This work includes such matters as: (1) analyzing and reporting on foreign markets (current and potential) for specific commodities produced and exported or imported by the United States; (2) conducting surveys in foreign areas of the actual and potential international supply and demand situation; (3) advising U.S. producers, exporters and Government authorities on foreign market prospects and programs and on actions which may affect adjustment of U. S.

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  • In its most general form, a distributed event notification service is composed of interconnected servers, each one serving some subset of the clients of the service, as shown in Figure 1. (Some use the terms proxy and broker instead of the term server.) The clients are of two kinds: objects of interest, which are the generators of events, and interested parties, which are the consumers of event notifications. Of course, a client can act as both an object of interest and an interested party.

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  • WHO’s advocacy will emphasize the additional health sector investments required to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and targets and the goal of universal access. Although the current global economic climate is threatening both domestic and overseas development assistance, new directions and opportunities for attaining universal access are emerging: combination prevention; the Treatment 2.0 platform; eliminating new HIV infections among children; and the emerging scientific and programmatic evidence guiding the development of new, more effective approaches to HIV.

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  • All projects are subject to limitations and constraints as they must be within scope and adhere to budget, scheduling, and resource requirements. Project planning and documentation are no exception to this rule. There may also be legislative, regulatory, technology, or organizational policy requirements which must be followed as part of communications management. These constraints must be clearly understood and communicated to all stakeholders.

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  • CAS theory informs us of non-material fields that exert real force on material objects in the universe. For example, Gravity – a field familiar to us – is a force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as the earth, upon objects near or upon its surface that draws them closer to its center. These fields are thus understood to be forces with both magnitude and direction that permeate and influence the space and objects around them. As articulated by Margaret Wheatley [1], when a project vision is translated into a statement of the greater purpose and dreams of...

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  • Authority’s Executive Director and 83 of  its employees, causing a significant emotional  toll on  the psyche of the organization.  The events of September 11 became a patriotic rallying point to  demonstrate  to  the world  that New  York,  the  nation’s  largest  city  and  heart  of  its  financial  sector,  could  respond  and  rebuild  in  the  face  of  this  adversity,  in  defiance  of  the  intended  intimidation and threat by the terrorist culprits.

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  • Special Fund Accounting Practices. In response to this year’s Department of Parks and Recreation accounting issues, the Legislature passed Chapter 343, Statutes of 2012 (AB 1487, Committee on Budget), to ensure that special fund information was presented in the Governor’s budget on the same basis as that used in the Controller’s budgetary accounting reports. We expect that the 2013-14 Governor’s Budget will include updated information on special fund balances in response to these requirements.

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