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Cognitive remediation therapy

Xem 1-20 trên 57 kết quả Cognitive remediation therapy
  • Head and neck cancer squamous cell carcinoma (HNSSC) patients report substantial rates of clinically significant depression and/or anxiety, with dysphagia being a predictor of distress and poorer quality of life. Evidence-based dysphagia interventions largely focus on the remediation of physical impairment.

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  • There is another aspect of uncertainty that surfaces as a potential threat to con- sistent supply and that is the "food versus industrial" use of crops in the future. One side of the debate is the shortage of supply theory. "How can agriculture feed a burgeoning population and supply raw materials for consumer goods?" "Won't crops used for feed-stocks be redirected to the food supply in times of world famine or drought?" Good questions. However, the implied assumption is that we have a choice.

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  • The recommendation that audit committees should consist of at least three independent non-executive directors indicates that they are expected to undertake effective monitoring of the executive directors. Given the reputational issues involved, it is reasonable to argue that non-executive directors that are also executive directors will be particularly strong monitors of the board‟s actions if a member of the audit committee.

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  • Thirty-nine percent of schools that participated in the Direct Loan Program in 2001-02 also participated in FFELP and provided a number of reasons for doing so. Some schools participated in FFELP, in addition to the Direct Loan Program, to provide PLUS loans to parents. Some financial aid officials reported that parents receive better terms for PLUS loans through FFELP. For 57 percent of schools that participated in both loan programs, maintaining relationships with lenders was an extremely or very important factor in influencing this decision.

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  • By comparison, the independent design profession in France is relatively new, with 53% of organisations operating for fewer than 10 years. The sector is dominated by a small number of large agencies. Automotive, aerospace and engineering companies tend to use in-house designers whereas luxury companies tend to use international agencies for brand development and corporate communications. The Swedish design sector has an estimated total of 11,199 companies, with many operating as sole-traders.

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  • A competitive partial-equilibrium spatial model with heterogeneous goods is constructed to evaluate effects of the removal of tariffs, tariff-rate quotas, and sanitary regulations on world poultry trade. The model distinguishes between ìhigh-valueî (mostly white meat) and ìlow-valueî (mostly dark meat) poultry products and simulates the trade flows between eight exporting and importing countries and regions. Removing all barriers simultaneously has larger impact on trade than only removing tariffs and tariff-rate quotas.

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  • The health benefits of prevention are intuitive—it is wiser to prevent a disease than to face its consequences at a more advanced stage—but for many years policymakers, politicians, and professionals have also advanced the economic argument that prevention saves money. Enthusiasm for prevention has become prominent in health care reform discussions in Congress and was a theme during the 2008 presidential election. Prevention is seen as the touchstone of a redesigned system focused on improving health outcomes.

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  • But we too will crumble, in the end. All political power comes to pass. Power cannot be stored forever, not even in plutonium. Nor, in the end and rendering unto Caesar, can there be any permanent money as a store of value over any significant time. This is the Law of the Inevitable Ephemerality of the Confederate Dollar. All gold turns biblically to dross; all Rhodesian dollars become Zimbabwean; all Money Fiats are Ford Edsels. The only issue is when. Power sharing always has financial costs. The economic rewards are ever temporary. Power and money are always Hobbesian:...

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  • The split table defines a mapping of values to a set of destination processes. Gamma uses three different types of split tables depending on the type of operation being performed [DEWI86]. As an example of one form of split table, consider the use of the split table shown in Figure 4 in conjunction with the execution of a join operation using 4 processors. Each process producing tuples for the join will apply a hash function to the join attribute of each output tuple to produce a value between 0 and 3. This value is then used as an index into the split table to...

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  • Hadoop has a master-slave architecture (Figure 2), with a unique master host and multiple slave hosts, typ- ically configured as follows. The master host runs two daemons: (1) the JobTracker, which schedules and man- ages all of the tasks belonging to a running job; and (2) the NameNode, which manages the HDFS namespace, and regulates access to files by clients (which are typi- cally the executing tasks).

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  • nvironment is not my creation; it is the creation. I do not constitute it; it has constituted me; and now it seems arrogant and myopic to speak of foreground and background, of what I frame on my horizons. Environment is the ground of my being, and we can remove the 'my' because environment is the common ground of all being. Landscape appreciation requires stretching environment into Environment. My mother could appreciate her Alabama lived environment; she did not need science to do that. But she could appreciate only her native range sector, a residential landscape,...

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  • Texas Instruments and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that information being relied on is current and complete. All products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale supplied at the time of order acknowledgment, including those pertaining to warranty, patent infringement, and limitation of liability. ...

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  • If the saturated phenomenon encompasses excessive phenomena, it can also account for extremely empty and poor phenomena. This process of inversion and turnaround between two extremes in perception is certainly due to the ‘negative’ qualities of Marion’s philosophy and of the French phenomenological new wave in general 4 . Poor phenomena become saturated into an equilibrium system between the empty and the full, the excess and the lack.

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  • After observation, the second most important skill students will build in this proj- ect is the ability to look for the causes of observed effects. Kids will give the strangest answers when you ask why a car did something. Get them to look at the car and the ramp and come up with a plausible answer for your “why” question. When they have a plausible answer, ask them how to confirm if the answer is right. They could run a scientific experiment to verify their answer!

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  • Can we build a safe, self-driving vehicle? Yes. In fact, Google has already logged more than 200,000 miles in a fleet of self-driving cars retrofitted with sensors. And Google is not alone; traditional automakers and suppliers have also developed self-driving functionality using sensor-based solutions and have a host of new applications in the pipeline.

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  • The level of basic services accessible to Mexican households has improved strongly in past decades. According to the 12th population census of 2000, water is available now in 89.7% of all households (up from 79.4% in 1990) and power reaches 95.4% of all households (up from 87.5% in 1990). For exporters of high quality consumer products, the penetration of more sophisticated products and/or services is more relevant: Tables 7 and 8 give an overview of recent data, including further refinements according to the socio-economic level and the region of residence respectively.

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  • Maharashtra have estimated adult HIV prevalence less than one per cent. While all high prevalence states had shown decline in prevalence between 2006 and 2009, rising trends are noted in some new states namely Orissa, Assam, Chandigarh, Kerala, Jharkhand and Meghalaya. It may be noted that though prevalence is declining, in terms of absolute numbers, it may not be so because of large population size. The epidemic in India is higher in urban areas than rural areas and greater among males than females.

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  • Classifying travel behavior and segmentation becomes increasingly more difficult as modern travelers combine pleasure with business, in order to take time and cost advantage. There are therefore endless variations between the two principle classifications of travel activities, i.e. business and leisure trips. However, leisure trips may include elements, characteristics and motivations of business travel and vice versa. Incentive travelling, extended conference stays and business meetings during leisure travel makes the distinction between the two categories increasingly blurred.

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  • With a view to drafting an audit manual for the Co-operation Department a Committee consisting of 6 (six) members headed by Sri K. B. Choudhury, DRCS (TCS Gr. II) was formed. The committee studied the departmental circulars and other relevant instructions in connection with the audit of accounts of Co-operatives. Necessary papers, documents etc. regarding audit of accounts and audit manual of different States were collected and consulted by the Committee to give the present shape of the Co-operative Audit Manual.

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  • Mobile messaging technology enables users to communicate in an asynchronous manner, where messages are stored in the network and delivered to the recipient as soon as the recipient’s mobile phone can receive it. Once delivered, the message resides on the users’ mobile phone. SMS (Short Messaging Service) allows a mobile user to send and receive a text message of up to 160 characters and across virtually any operator network. This service is also referred to as “text messaging” or “texting”. All mobile phones shipped over the past few years support SMS.

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