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Company size assessment

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  • The objective of this paper is to assess the situation of capital mobilization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The type of business accounts for a large proportion (97%) of the total number of businesses in Vietnam. However, this enterprise always faces many difficulties due to the discrimination between state owned enterprizes and private enterprises.

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  • The article is purposed to assess the impact of corporate entrepreneurship on organizational culture, supply chain management performance and business performance. Particularly, it examines the moderating role of organizational culture and corporate size on the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and business performance. The research is carried out on 96 chemical companies in Vietnam.

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  • The aim of JOBSTARTER plus projects concerning “Initial and continuing VET in economy 4.0” is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in adapting their training and continuing education to the challenges of advancing digitalisation. At the start of their work, the projects asked companies about the specic support requirements. This article puts together the assessments resulting from this. They provide an insight into the perspectives of training personnel, and the support required.

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  • The current trend of increasing construction project size and complexity results in higher level of project risk. As a result, risk management is a crucial determinant of the success of a project. It seems necessary for construction companies to integrate a risk management system into their organizational structure. The main aim of this paper is to propose a risk assessment framework using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique. Three main phases of the proposed framework are risk management phase, ANN training phase and framework application phase.

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  • How is my brand doing with social platforms? What can we do better? Companies of all sizes are increasingly scrutinizing social marketing in an effort to improve the return on their social marketing investment. Conducting objective social marketing assessments empowers brands to stay focused, nimble and relevant. Such audits also help savvy marketing teams identify areas of untapped opportunity for traction and growth.

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  • The substantiality criterion is met if the segmentation variables help to identify seg- ments of sufficient potential sizes, which justify the time, effort and costs involved in planning specifically for them. Obviously, su bstantiality is closely connected to the marketing goals and cost structure of the company in question. The stability criterion demands for segmentation variables which bring out segments stable at least for a period long enough for identification of the segments, implement a- tion of the segmented marketing activities, and the production of results.

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  • A procedure was designed to assess individual exposure to NO2 as a marker of outdoor air pollution considering both spatial and temporal variations on exposure. Ambi- ent NO2 concentrations for 93 sampling points covering the study area were obtained using radial symmetry pas- sive samplers (Radiello®, Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Padua/Italy) which remained exposed for four sampling periods of 7 days each. The campaigns took place in April, June, and November 2004 and February 2005.

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  • BI is not only recession-proof, it actually thrives in a down market. While many firms have been cutting expenses across the board, investment in BI has grown by 20 percent in 2008 versus 13 percent the previous year. BI makes executives take a critical look at their operations. When business leaders understand and embrace BI, it can be a game changer.

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