Complaints and investigations

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  • Sooner or later it happens to even the most conscientious employers. No matter how carefully they hire workers, how many incentives they give for strong performance, or how diligently they try to create a positive and productive work environment, all businesses—large and small— may one day have to deal with a problem employee.

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  • In our prior audit, we reported that AMS had not (1) established protocols for working with the National Organic Standards Board2 (Board) or resolving conflicts with them, or (2) fully developed internal operating procedures, particularly for resolving complaints and investigations and for providing guidance to certifying agents and their organic operators to ensure consistency in implementing program requirements.

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  • If the complaint is of dizziness establish if it is vestibular—vertigo, episodic, precipitated by change in position, associated nausea, vomiting, deafness or tinnitus—or non-vestibular—‘light headed’, constant, associated with hyperventilation, palpitations, syncope, sweating, pallor, headache. Examine the nervous and cardiovascular systems carefully. Look at the tympanic membranes. Check for orthostatic hypotension. Vestibular causes 2 Labyrinthitis. 2 Meniere’s disease. 2 Acoustic neuroma or other cerebello-pontine angle tumour. Investigations 2 Hallpike manoeuvre (...

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  • The mission of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) is to provide training, investigative support and research to agencies and entities involved in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of economic and high-tech crime. While NW3C has no investigative authority itself, its job is to help law enforcement agencies better understand and utilize tools to combat economic and high-tech crime. NW3C has other sections within its organization, including Training (in Computer Crime, Financial Crime and Intelligence Analysis), Research and Investigative Support Services.

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  • Tuberculosis Dispensaries in Turkey do the follow up of the treatment of tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis Dispensaries are present nearly in all regions the country. In these dispensaries chest x rays are obtained for patients who has respiratory complaints and for patients who applied for health report to start a new job. The sputum examination and culture are done in patients tuberculosis suspected due to clinical and radiological findings. The patients who needed further evaluation were sent to chest disease hospitals.

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  • Now in its tenth year, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has become a vital resource for victims of online crime and for law enforcement investigating and prosecuting offenders. In 2010, IC3 received the second-highest number of complaints since its inception. IC3 also reached a major milestone this year when it received its two-millionth complaint. On average, IC3 receives and processes 25,000 complaints per month. IC3 is more than a repository for victim complaints.

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  • This work is concerned with the administration and carrying out of regulatory acts pertaining to the marketing of various commodities (such as perishable fruits and vegetables, seeds, livestock, meat, poultry, etc.).

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  • Through a number of technological advancements, IC3 has streamlined the way it processes and refers victim complaints to law enforcement. In 2004, IC3 developed Automatch, an automated internal complaint grouping and analytical search tool. The design of Automatch is based on an assessment of the IC3 partnership aimed at defining a joint workflow for the project partners with different service requirements.

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  • The period of notice outlining the intention to audit and the type of compliance audit carried out by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner depends on the circumstances and reasons as to why the organisation is being audited. The standard practice within the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is to issue a written notice of intention to audit several weeks in advance to the data controller or processor (see 4.1 below). However, in situations where a complaint is under investigation, the Office may choose to give a few days notice only.

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  • • If procedures are terminated at any stage (for example by the resignation of an individual) without conclusion that the complaints should be dismissed, the RO should consider the seriousness of allegations outstanding, the strength of evidence supporting the allegations, and the implications for the future research career of the individual. • Where serious concerns remain that misconduct may have occurred which have not been resolved, the individual complained against should be advised of this and be asked to see the investigation or hearing through to conclusion.

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  • In addition to the steps that an organization must take internally, nations and states face the need for providing privacy protection mechanisms to assure compliance with the safe harbor principles. There must also be recourse for individuals affected by noncompliance with the principles, and there must be consequences for an organization that violates safe harbor principles.

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  • The Data Repository Committee review reports about physicians that are received from sources mandated by statute to file such reports. Sources of these reports include malpractice payments, hospital disciplinary reports, and reports filed by other health care providers. Although sometimes similar in content to allegations filed by patients, Data Repository reports are subject to different legal standards regarding confidentiality and disclosure than are patient complaints. The Data Repository Committee refers cases to the Enforcement Unit for further investigation as needed. ...

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  • The Enforcement Division is responsible for the investigation of all consumer complaints and statutory reports referred from the Data Repository Committee. The Consumer Protection Unit of the Enforcement Division coordinates the initial review of all complaints as part of its “triage’’ process. Complaints with allegations of substandard care are reviewed by experienced clinical nurses from the division’s Clinical Care Unit and then sent to outside expert reviewers.

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  • Last year [1910] fifteen billion letters were handled by the post office--one hundred and fifty for every person. Just as a thousand years ago practically all trade was cash, and now only seven per cent involves currency, so nine-tenths of the business is done today by letter while even a few decades ago it was by personal word. You can get your prospect, turn him into a customer, sell him goods, settle complaints, investigate credit standing, collect your money_--ALL BY LETTER. _And often better than by word of mouth.

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  • of course - certainly, definitely, naturally "Of course you can use my car if you want to." of interest (to someone) - to be interesting to someone The man who works at the gas station is of interest to the police in their investigation of the murder. of late - lately Of late there has been almost no rain in our city. of no avail - with no effect, unsuccessful My complaints to the company were of no avail and nothing was done. of one's own accord/free will - by one's own choice The supervisor decided to leave her job of her own free will and was not fired. of...

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  • The recognised supervisory bodies for local public audit would investigate complaints or disciplinary cases, as well as issues identified during their monitoring process. They would also be able to stop a firm being eligible for appointment as a statutory local public auditor and remove them from the register of eligible local public auditors. We are considering whether the overall regulator (i.e.

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