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  • Lecture Data communications and computer networks: A business user's approach (8E) - Chapter 4. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: list the four components of all interface standards; discuss the basic operations of the USB and EIA-232F interface standards; cite the advantages of FireWire, Lightning, SCSI, iSCSI, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel interface standards;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Lecture Data communications and computer networks: A business user's approach (8E) - Chapter 5. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: describe frequency division multiplexing and list its applications, advantages, and disadvantages; describe synchronous time division multiplexing and list its applications, advantages, and disadvantages; outline the basic multiplexing characteristics of T-1 and SONET/SDH telephone systems;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Lecture Data communications and computer networks: A business user's approach (8E) - Chapter 10. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: discuss the responsibilities of the Internet Protocol (IP) and how IP can be used to create a connection between networks; identify both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses; discuss the responsibilities of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and how it can be used to create a reliable, end-to-end network connection;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Lecture Data communications and computer networks: A business user's approach (8E) - Chapter 13. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: recognize the systems development life cycle and define each of its phases; explain the importance of creating one or more connectivity maps; outline the differences among technical, financial, operational, and time feasibility; create a cost-benefit analysis incorporating the time value of money;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • In the paper, the author presented an algorithm for identifying hubs and authorities among potential web pages being relevant to a specified query. They said that a set of hubs and authorities is highly connected in comparison to the rest of the graph representing web pages.

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  • Advanced Computer Networks: Lecture 30. This lecture will cover the following: TCP vs a sliding window on a direct link; model of use; segment header format and options; states and state diagram (think-pair-share); sliding window implementation details; flow control issues; bit allocation limitations; adaptive retransmission algorithms;...

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  • This paper presents a designing and implementing circuit of wireless charging of the parking management system based on Radio frequency identification (RFID) technique and STM32F103 as the control kernel. The advantage of digital modulation technique in applied radio signals is used to identify specific targets and read-write relevant data. Communication is established between the parking space reader and the onboard responder.

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  • Lecture Data Structures: Lesson 34 provide students with knowledge about equivalence relations; electrical connectivity, where all connections are by metal wires, is an equivalence relation; the disjoint sets view; dynamic equivalence problem; discuss a solution to the union/find problem that for any sequence;...

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  • Herein, a combined analysis of Global Navigation Satellite System-derived strain rate maps, in accordance with recent seismicity, was presented to reveal that the N-S extension is accommodated primarily by strike-slip faulting of the İzmir-Balıkesir Transfer Zone (İBTZ), where a counter clockwise rotation (~25–100°/Myr) along the vertical axis is dominant. The results indicated that strike-slip segments within the İBTZ show variable transport sense and amount of slip along them, and they connect by hard linkage relay ramps with the dip to oblique slip normal faults.

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  • Many genome-wide collections of candidate cis-regulatory elements (cCREs) have been defined using genomic and epigenomic data, but it remains a major challenge to connect these elements to their target genes.

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  • This study presents ethnographic data written as a composite narrative using CNF, to explore how social connections are formed through a structured sports-based reminiscence intervention for men living with dementia.

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  • Maintaining landscape connectivity through identifying movement corridors is the most recommended conservation strategy to reduce the negative impacts of habitat loss and isolation. The basis of most connectivity modelling approaches for modelling corridors is that species choose movement pathways based on the same criteria they used to choose habitats. However, species behave differently in using landscape elements for moving than for selecting habitat. In other words, suitability of a given landscape feature may differ between moving and habitat use stages.

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  • The study site for this research was Shenandoah National Park (n = 1442). Using k-means clustering analysis, data were clustered into visitor groups and statistically compared to gain insight into patterns of responses. Visitors mostly reported neutral preferences for Wi-Fi access and cellular network service except for cell service park-wide in all national parks was reported as important

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  • Lecture Network programming - Chapter 7: URL Connections (Tran Thi Ha Trang) provide students with knowledge about opening URLConnections, reading data from a server, configuring the connection, configuring the client request HTTP header, writing data to a server, HttpURLConnection,...

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  • Lecture Data Structures and Algorithms - Chapter 12: Hash (Dr. Nguyen Ho Man Rang). After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: A Graph G consists of a set V, whose members are called the vertices of G, together with a set E of pairs of distinct vertices from V; the pairs in E are called the edges of G; a graph is called connected if there is a path from any vertex to any other vertex;...

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  • In this study, using the connectivity map program, it was determined that metformin and tolbutamide used in the treatment of type II diabetes had the potential to inhibit Rho kinase. In the experimental results to confirm this data, it has been shown that metformin and tolbutamide decrease the cell area within 24 h and metformin inhibits the activation of Rho kinase in MCF-7 cells. These results indicate that metformin, which is used in the treatment of type II diabetes, acts as a ROCK inhibitor.

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  • ESP8266 NodeMCU Lua is an RF-based SoC ESP8266 chip-based development kit with an easy-to-use design and especially can be used directly by the Arduino compiler to program and load code, which makes using and programming the application on ESP8266 is very simple. The Wifi RF ESP8266 NodeMCU Lua RF transceiver kit is used for applications that need to connect, collect data and control via Wifi waves, especially applications related to IoT.

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  • : The purpose of this study is to scrutinize the reasons, benefits, problems and solutions encountered in the usage of social networ ing based on opinions of Hanoi University’s students, thence, we can create a useful social media web. This study was conducted using the questionnaire technique to collect data. Therefore, questionnaire was held with 100 random students.

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  • This study provides detailed information about impulse buying on social networking by exploring the relationship of these characteristics to the impulse buying behavior. Based on the SOR and CIFE models, we developed a theoretical model and demonstrated empirically that demonstrates online store stimuli, personalized advertising, and reliance on online word of mouth, impulse buying tendency, and on-line trust effect to impulse buying behavior. 198 questionnaires were collected from consumers using Facebook, mainly in Thai Nguyen.

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  • The data via surveys will be collected from Facebook users in Danang, Vietnam region. A total of 500 samples expect to receive for data analysis. The results of the data analysis may support several findings: (1) Selfdisclosure, stress, social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out provided by Facebook significantly influence users’ wellbeing on SNSs. (2) Self-disclosure significantly influences users’ social support. (3) Social support, loneliness, and fear of missing out are the significant variables affect users’ stress.

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