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  • Where the two terms differ is in the imposition by organisations of courteous or forced ritual behaviour on employees – a modern phenomenon. Insincerity is concealed, leading to the whimsical even offensive notion that we are all air hostesses now. There are moral implications here too. Sprezzatura could be aligned to the moral theories of hedonism and egoism – where the focus is on the individual who decides to pursue a working life of fulfilment based on self interest, by the appearance of relaxed competence that may or may not be borne out by actual effectiveness at work....

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  • The projected CO2 concentration may reach 850 ppm by the end of the 21st century (Nakicenovic & Swart, 2000), which is about triple of the pre-industrial concentration level (280 ppm). The global emission scenario B2 describes a world with intermediate population and economic growth, emphasizing local solutions to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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  • All estimates in this report are based on samples of 100 cases or more. Estimates are not shown for certain race groups, nor for children living with no employed adults, because these samples were too small. The tables in this report show estimated percentages of Wisconsin residents based on survey responses. These estimates should not be treated as precise results because they are derived from a sample. A 95 percent confidence interval (+) is printed in a column next to each percentage estimate; this means that 95 percent of similar surveys would obtain an estimate within...

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  • The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) is an affiliate of ASRM. Its membership includes more than 90% of American fertility clinics. SART has strict membership requirements. As a condition of membership, clinics must report their outcomes to the CDC as well as to SART, have accredited embryology laboratories, adhere to the Ethics and Practice Committee guidelines of ASRM, and have appropriately trained staff. Failure to adhere to these criteria can result in revocation of membership.

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  • While it has been demonstrated that these materials have good sensitivity to polar VOCs, such as alcohols and acetone, 11,12 their rather poor response to nonpolar analytes has been viewed as a major drawback. In this report, we explored two ways to improve the sensor performance of regioregular polythiophene. The first approach is to add a second polymer at the end of the polythiophene chain to form a block copolymer. This second polymer interacts with the analytes in different ways, thus adding another dimensionality to the sensing response of the material.

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  • Visual inspection reveals that around the time of the EC recommendation of the early warning to Portugal and Germany (rumours on 17 January, recommendation on 30 January), there was an increase in Portuguese 10-year government bond yields. The cumulative increase in the Portuguese 10-year government bond yields reached 23 bp to decline thereafter to 10 bp in the beginning of February. This movement of the long-term yields implied a decline of the swap spread became negative in some days of the period between 17 January and 30 January (see Figure 5).

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  • This budget includes funding to advocate at the state and federal levels in support of regional priorities advanced by the new Southeast Tarrant County Transportation Alliance, Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition, and the Regional Transportation Committee of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Projects like increasing capacity in the SH360 corridor and redesigning the I-30/360 interchange are needed to improve our mobility in Eastern Tarrant County from D/FW International Airport through Mansfield.

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  • The HEI draws up a self-evaluation report on the functioning of its quality system in line with the guidelines provided in Appendix 3. The institution chooses how to carry out its self-evaluation and write the report. In its report, the institution is expected to carry out as reflective a self- evaluation as possible, identify areas in need of development and provide a concrete description of its practical measures related to the quality work. The report must focus on evaluation rather than description.

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  • Project management is a way to track people, time and resources over the duration of a project using computer software. A project is a defined activity with a beginning, middle and end. Project management software would not be useful for retainer relationships where there is a continued presence and a multiplicity of activities, nor may it be worth the time for simple projects that one will do once and never again. However, since more and more PR agency work is being looked upon as projects, the software may have growing appeal for practitioners tired of “picking budget...

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  • The realisation of such a marketing strategy requires not only the existence of a he t- erogeneous consumer goods market, but also the possibility to identify market seg- ments which are internally homogeneous and externally heterogeneous with regard to the product related needs and wants of their members.

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  • Gabo, however, used a new system in which he employed a ‘stereometric cube.” This schematic design involved removal of four of the six sides of the cube, while retaining the top and the bottom, and replacing the rejected planes with two internal, interlocking diagonals. Thus the illusion of solid mass within the cube could be destroyed, allowing the interior space to appear open and free. After leaving Russia (about 1915), Gabo joined his brother and fellow sculptor Antoine Pevsner in Norway.

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  • This study content analyzes all the sales promotion related advertisements that appeared in a major Hong Kong news- paper. The research reveals that the alliance between the promotion techniques and the environment is important and underlines the importance a company should place on its environment. As marketing environment has affected promo- tion trends, this study provides marketing practitioners with a new perspective that would encourage them to more strategically manage the sales promotion with the consideration of the environmental dynamics along with the time line.

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  • When you itemize charges for conceptual services/preliminary art and finished art, your charges for the preliminary art are generally not taxable and your charges for the tangible finished art are generally taxable. The charge for the finished art should reasonably reflect the cost of creating the artwork plus a markup for profit. As noted earlier, be sure to describe charges for preliminary art as “design charges,”“preliminary art,”“concept development,” or another description that clearly indicates the charges are for the development and creation of preliminary designs.

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  • The fixed offer was randomly determined and not based on the actual value of the item (Becker, DeGroot and Marschak (1964)). For sellers, if WTA was less than or equal to the random offer, they gave up their item and received the amount of the random offer. If the WTA was greater, they kept the item. For buyers, if the WTP was greater than or equal to the random offer, they purchased the item for the amount of the random offer. If the WTP was less than the amount of the random offer, they kept their money. Subjects...

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  • Deposit insurance clearly introduces a different treatment of (some) bank deposits with respect to all other financial activities where saving can be allocated. It has the consequence of putting in a situation of comparative disadvantage other financial intermediaries with respect to banks, and, inside the banking sector, it favours deposit collection vis a vis other bank liabilities. Deposit protection involves a typical problem of moral hazard, providing more incentives for bank managers to undertake risks.

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  • This document should be of interest to a broad audience interested in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. It was developed for regulatory organizations, project developers, and national and state policymakers to increase awareness of existing and developing monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) techniques. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sinks are a natural part of the carbon cycle; however, natural terrestrial sinks are not sufficient to absorb all the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere each year.

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  • There are eight hours tutor-marked assignment in this course. You only need to submit five of the eight assignments. You are encouraged, however, to submit all eight assignments in which case the highest five of the eight marks will be counted. Each assignment counts 10% towards your total course mark. Assignments questions for the units in this course are contained in the assignment file. You will be able to complete your assignment from the information and materials contained in your reading, references and study units.

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  • Once COPD has been diagnosed, goals of treatment and management include relieving symptoms; preventing and treating disease progression, complications, and exacerbations; improving exercise tolerance, daily activity, and health status; monitoring nutritional needs; and reducing premature mortality (8).

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  • Anaemia is a common complication of pulmonary tuberculosis. The precise mechanism of anaemia in pulmonary tuberculosis is not clearly known, but anaemia of inflammation as well as of Fe deficiency has been implicated. Both are common in developing countries. It is extremely difficult to distinguish anaemia of Fe deficiency from anaemia of inflammation with the haematological indices used routinely. Therefore, Fe preparations are usually prescribed for all anaemic patients irrespective of the aetiology. This approach has been questioned.

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  • This paper discusses the development of a valuation model for convertible bonds with hard call features. We define a hard call feature as the possibility for the issuer to redeem a convertible bond before maturity by paying the call price to the bondholder. We use the binomial approach to model convertible bonds with hard call features. By distinguishing between an equity and a debt component we incorporate credit risk of the issuer. The modelling framework takes (discrete) dividends that are paid during the lifetime of the convertible bond, into account.

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