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  • Reviews the primary literature and empirical findings related to three major factors that affect military personnel productivity: experience, training, and ability. The majority of studies concerning the relationship between productivity and experience, training, or aptitude find that each of these three factors contributes significantly to

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  • In this paper, we address the problem of reducing the unpredictability of userinitiated dialogue contributions in humancomputer interaction without explicitly restricting the user’s interactive possibilities. We demonstrate that it is possible to identify conditions under which particular classes of user-initiated contributions will occur and discuss consequences for dialogue system design.

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  • This article asserts that in the regions surveyed areas, people think that men have higher incomes than women, with the income disparities more clearly indicated among groups including those of the youth, the higher-educated, and the salaried employees. Most people still maintain the traditional view that making money is the husband's job, while the wife's role is to take care of the home. Yet, the majority of respondents stated that their economic contribution is not underestimated by their spouse.

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  • The paper outlines some contributions of Catholic people in the sociocultural area such as: social charity activities (including contributions in healthcare, education and others), cultural life building and social evil prevention, which have been conducted in our country for the past time. Recognizable achievements in the socio-cultural area show that Catholic people in Vietnam have contributed a significant part into building, defending and developing the country.

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  • UV/Chlorine is an emerging advanced oxidation process which forms several reactive species including •OH, •Cl, •OCl. This study investigated the contribution of three main free radicals: •OH, •Cl, •OCl on Paracetamol degradation under different conditions. Benzoic acid (BA), Nitro benzene (NB) and DMOB were used as probe compounds. The second rate constant of •OH, •Cl, •OCl with PRC were determined: 4.19 (±0.15) ×109 M -1 s -1 ; 3.71 1010 M -1 s -1 ; 3.532×109 M -1 s -1 , respectively. The formation of free radicals depends on pH.

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  • Confucianism, also known as the Way of Scholars or the Teachings of Confucius and Mencius, has a significant contribution towards the Vietnam's traditional culture. However, from the past to the present, it has often been viewed as a politicosocial doctrine. Actually, during its existence and development, Confucianism has had a system of concepts, rites, and practices associated with ideas of the universal principles and of the mankind which plays as a foundation for viewing it as a religion.

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  • Confucianism, also known as the Way of Scholars or the Teachings of Confucius and Mencius, has a significant contribution towards the Vietnam’s traditional culture. However, from the past to the present, it has often been viewed as a politicosocial doctrine. Indeed, during its existence and development, Confucianism has had a complete system of concepts, rites, and practices associated with ideas of the universal principles and of the mankind which plays as foundations for viewing it as a religion.

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  • In comparing the contribution of Protestantism in China and in Vietnam in the first period of evangelisation through the aspects of education, healthcare, information, press, publication, social charity and cultural exchanges between the Occident and the Orient, the contribution analyses the main causes leading to a difference of the social influence degree of Protestantism in China and Vietnam.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to examine the promising contributions of the Concept Maps for Learning (CMfL) website to assessment for learning practices. The CMfL website generates concept maps from relatedness degree of concepts pairs through the Pathfinder Scaling Algorithm. This website also confirms the established principles of effective assessment for learning, for it is capable of automatically assessing students’ higher order knowledge, simultaneously identifying strengths and weaknesses, immediately providing useful feedback and being user-friendly.

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  • L'article souhaite apporter une contribution plus conceptuelle à une approche différente dans le monde de la langue; les classifications d'ergonomie servent à l'étude empirique de facteurs linguistiques spécifiques. Cette recherche est menée dans quatre états: conviction, capacité, évaluation et inter-sujet.

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  • Enterprises that want to develop sustainable business with high competitiveness need to balance three factors: economic, environmental and socially responsible, towards a green economy - ensuring the long-term development of future generations starting from the sense of environmental protection. The goal of sustainable development also brings certain benefits to the business when it directly contributes to business value.

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  • A field experiment was conducted to study the character association for 11 yield and its contributing traits in the 93 diverse indigenous genotypes of wheat (including 3 checks) at agricultural research farm Nidharia of S.M.M. Town Post Graduate College, Ballia during Rabi season 2017-2018. The experiment was laid ou tin Augmented Block Design under normal irrigated condition following standard cultural practices.

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  • The results might be helpful for effective measures suggestion to improve traffic safety at signalized intersections. A case study is conducted in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. Historical traffic accident data in the city are collected during five years (2011-2015). Binary logit models have been used to identify contributing factors to serious traffic accident. The results show that the involvement of intersection type, land use and road type are contributing factors to the accident severity.

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  • An experimental trial consisting of 40 groundnut genotypes, study was conducted during kharif, 2017 at Agricultural College Farm, Bapatla, to study the genetic divergence in different characters with yield and yield related traits. The genetic diversity among 40 genotypes for 15 characters was estimated by employing D² statistic. The 40 groundnut genotypes were grouped under seven clusters. Among seven clusters, cluster I was the largest which comprising of 26 genotypes fallowed by clusters II with nine genotypes.

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  • The experimental materials consisted of 49 rice genotypes. The experiment was conducted under saline-alkali soil (pH = 8.9; EC = 2.21dSm-1 ; ESP = 45%) in randomized complete block design with three replications. In each block 49 entries were accommodated. The spacing between rows to row and plant to plant were 20 cm and 15 cm, respectively. Length of row was 5m and 3 rows of each entry were planted in a plot. The nursery was planted after the period of 30 days. The yield and yield contributing traits were utilized for estimation of correlation coefficients.

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  • The present investigation was undertaken with the objective to study correlation and path coefficient analysis for yield contributing traits and grain zinc concentration in 30 biofortified inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L.). Trials were conducted during kharif 2017 at Agricultural Research farm, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU in Randomized Block Design with three replications. Each entry was planted in row-to-row and plant-to-plant spacing of 60 cm x 20 cm. All the recommended packages of practices were followed to raise a good crop.

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  • Correlation and path analysis were carried out in 16 genotypes of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev) for different yield attributing traits. Among twelve different parameters to differentiate the contribution made by each parameter in the final flower yield. The results revealed that the genotypic correlations were higher than the phenotypic correlations for the characters studied, indicating the high heritable nature of the characters. The genotypic correlation of flower yield per plant was showed highly significant and positive correlation with leaf area (0.

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  • Genetic variability is prerequisite for any crop improvement program as it helps breeders in selecting the superior plants in segregating generations. Genetic variability for yield and its contributing traits in F3 and F4 generations derived from the cross WH 711 / WH 542 was assessed. The 238 F3 and F4 progenies along with parents were characterized on the basis of 12 morpho-physiological traits. The study revealed highly significant difference among the progenies for yield and its contributing traits.

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  • Fifteen genotypes of finger millet were evaluated in a field study to assess the magnitude of genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for yield and yield contributing traits. The analysis of variance revealed that there were significant differences among the entries for all the traits studied. A wide range of variation was recorded for plant height (cm), days 50% flowering, days to maturity, number of tillers per plant, number of fingers per year, length of finger (cm), test weight (g), yield per plant (g), straw yield per plant (g).

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  • Present study comprised a line x tester analysis consists of seven female lines and three tester were crossed to estimate the heterosis for seed yield and yield contributing trait in sesame. Their 21 crosses were evaluated in two replication of randomized block design over two commercial checks Phule til and JLT-7 respectively.

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