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  • Ebook Teaching strategies: A guide to effective instruction – Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 6 managing the classroom; chapter 7 the process of classroom questioning; chapter 8 small-group discussions and cooperative learning; chapter 9 inquiry teaching and higher-level thinking; chapter 10 classroom assessment.

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  • Ebook A handbook for the art and science of teaching: Part 1 presents the following content: Module 1: introduction; module 2: establishing and communicating learning goals; module 3: designing and using formative assessments; module 4: identifying critical-input experiences and using previewing strategies; module 5: using cooperative learning, curriculum chunking, and descriptions, discussions, and predictions; module 6: helping students elaborate on new content, summarize and represent their learning, and refl ect on their learning;…

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  • UBE2O as an atypical ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme possesses an E2-E3 hybrid enzyme activity. It can regulate substrate levels or transcriptional activities by cooperating with other E3 ubiquitin ligases or forming homomeric complexes displaying intrinsic E2 and E3 activities. UBE2O controls the quality of cell proteome including protein degradation, modification, transport and location.

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  • The adsorption behavior of the model proteins: alpha-Lactalbumin, Bovine Serum Albumin, Lysozyme, and a monoclonal antibody, in single component and in binary mixtures, was investigated on two different hydrophobic interaction chromatography resins using both static and dynamic methods.

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  • The article is based on the theory of the cooperative teaching method such as: concept, nature, characteristics, meaning to give measures in applying cooperative teaching method in teaching English to develop students’ language ability such as: choosing appropriate content and tasks; designing lesson plans based on cooperative teaching method; organizing cooperative teaching method.

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  • Ebook Technology enhanced learning: Opportunities for change – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 technology trends and implications for learning in tertiary institutions; chapter 2 edu-tech: what’s a president to do? chapter 3 cooperation between educational technology and learning theory to advance higher education; chapter 4 the art and science of IT infrastructure; chapter 5 the disquieting dilemmas of digital libraries; chapter 6 creating organizational and technological change.

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  • While reducing inequity in health service utilization is an important goal of China’s health system, it has been widely acknowledged that a huge number of rural migrant workers cannot be effectually protected against risks with the New Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance (NCMS).

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  • American post-Cold-war foreign policy has always made a number of impacts on world politics. The twenty-first century has witnessed the power shift from the Western world to Asia with the establishment of a variety of regional institutions and cooperation. The paper also analyzes the future of ASEANU.S. relations and American Asia policy to propose implications for these relations after the pivot in the upcoming period.

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  • Based on the data from a survey among foreign investors having investment interest in the Key Economic Zone of Central Vietnam, this study examines perceived benefits to investors brought forth by cooperation in FDI attraction among local governments in the context of FDI competition. Findings imply that the cooperation is perceived to be more beneficial to investors than competition.

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  • This study aims to explore how English and Vietnamese sitcom characters violate Grice's Cooperative Principle as humor strategies in their daily conversation to create humor. In the light of Grice’s Cooperative Principle, the conversational maxims violated as humor strategies in English and Vietnamese sitcoms are figured out to help EFL learners improve their English competence.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Theoretical ecology: Principles and applications (Third edition)" provide readers with content about: how populations cohere - five rules for cooperation; single-species dynamics; metapopulations and their spatial dynamics; predator–prey interactions; plant population dynamics; interspecific competition and multispecies coexistence; diversity and stability in ecological communities;...

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  • The importance of intersectoral cooperation networks among community organizations located in people’s immediate environments in addressing population health problems such as physical inactivity has come into focus in recent years. To date, there is limited evidence on how and why such networks emerge.

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  • "An overview of agricultural cooperation research between China and Myanmar" clarification of the situation of agricultural development in Myanmar and analysis of the current situation and problems of agricultural cooperation between China and Myanmar can provide a strong basis for formulating relevant policies of China-Myanmar cooperation.

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  • What you should learn from Chapter 10: The reasons for economic union, patterns of international cooperation, the evolution of the European Union, evolving patterns of trade as eastern Europe and the former Soviet states embrace free-market systems, strategic implications for marketing in the region, the size and nature of marketing opportunities in the European/African/Middle East regions.

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  • Expanding international cooperation relations is expected to bring many opportunities to the Vietnamese banking industry to develop and enhance its position in the world market. After many trade agreements between Vietnam and other countries have been signed, FDI inflows into Vietnam related to the banking industry are increasingly expanding.

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  • Bài viết Nghiên cứu thực nghiệm hệ số poát xông phức động của một số loại bê tông nhựa ở Việt Nam trình bày nghiên cứu thực nghiệm xác định hệ số Poát xông động của hỗn hợp bê tông nhựa bằng cách sử dụng thiết bị nén Cooper kết hợp với các đầu đo biến dạng gắn thêm có độ chính xác cao lắp đặt trên thân mẫu hình trụ tròn.

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  • Vietnam has taken steps to reform its education sector but the shortage of skilled labor is still a major factor in slowing economic growth. Solving this problem would require a thorough reform of the education system and a strong linkage between educational institutions and businesses, in order to have a better match the needs of working life.

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  • Vietnam and Cambodia have same significant strategic benefits in the Mekong Delta. And, the trans-boundary dimension and respective management issues are highline agenda of them. Although, the economic development of each country is different in the boundary region of Mekong Delta, two countries have a same problems as from the natural hazard (including flood, drought, acid sulphate soils, and saltwater intrusion) to the impact of upstream development, a myriad of flood controlling infrastructure, and the implications of climate change.

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  • In this paper, the writer uses the secondary research method to better understand what group work is, the benefits of using group work to encourage students to speak, from which the writer also suggests some activities to carry out speaking skills in classes effectively and efficiently.

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  • The paper focuses on the mechanical and control system development of a receptionist robot. This is the result of a 4-month cooperation project between FPT Global Automation Company and the participation of students in Mechatronic Engineering and Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering programs of The University of Danang, University of Science and Technology (UD-UST).

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