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  • "Zinc-doped silicene nanoribbons under the influence of constant electric field: A DFT study" investigates the structural and electrical properties of SNRs when doped with zinc. In addition, the system is placed in a constant external electric field. Research shows that the top configuration is the most stable configuration in the external electric field. The research creates a premise for applications in controlling the properties of materials by doping and external electric field effects.

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  • The content of paper "Some properties of Ga-doped silicene nanoribbons: A DFT study" is to study the doped configurations and some properties of silicene nanoribbons when doped with Ga. By using density functional theory (DFT) to survey the structural properties, energy, and electronics of silicene nanoribbons. There are 6 configurations studied which are top, valley, rtho, para, eta, and 100% configurations. Thereby creating new materials for application in science and technology in the future.

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  • "Some properties of As-doped silicene nanoribbons: A DFT study" used the Density functional method (DFT) and VASP software to investigate some properties of the structure of silicene nanoribbons after doping asen. There are six structures studied including top, valley, ortho, meta, para and 100% configurations. This work creates new materials for application in science and technology in the future.

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  • Web technologies and e-services: Lecture 5.1. This lesson provides students with content about: introduction to PHP; basic PHP syntax; some useful PHP functions; how to work with; how to create a basic checker for user-entered data;... Please take a close look at the course content!

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  • This study presents a cheap and facile method to fabricate the functional surface on Tole substrate for water repellent and dust removal application. Bare Tole substrate was initially ground using sandpaper to generate the microscale structures and followed by the wet etching method using an acid solution to create the hierarchical structure.

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  • Lecture Macroeconomics in context: A European perspective - Chapter 11: Money, Banking, and Finance. In this chapter you will learn: Describe the consequences of inflation and deflation, describe the functions and types of money, describe the measures of the money supply explain how banks create money, describe the categories and functions of nonbank financial institutions, explain the concept of “speculative bubble” and illustrate it with concrete examples.

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  • Culture is created by man. With the function of orienting and training people according to the values of truth - goodness - beauty, culture is capable of building and forming positive values of human resources to contribute to the cause of economic development - society of the country. There is a close relationship between culture, quality of human resources and economic development.

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  • Lecture Computer graphics - Lesson 33: OpenGL programming. The main topics covered in this chapter include: the OpenGL functions work together to create the OpenGL processing pipeline, take a closer look at the stages in which data is actually processed, and tie these stages to OpenGL functions,...

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  • Cell-to-cell heterogeneity is a major driver of cancer evolution, progression, and emergence of drug resistance. Epigenomic variation at the single-cell level can rapidly create cancer heterogeneity but is difficult to detect and assess functionally.

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  • The RNA-guided Cas9 system represents a flexible approach for genome editing in plants. This method can create specific mutations that knock-out or alter target gene function. It provides a valuable tool for plant research and offers opportunities for crop improvement.

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  • To investigate the epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms of coronary artery disease (CAD) risk, as well as the functional regulation of chromatin structure and function, we create a catalog of genetic variants associated with three stages of transcriptional cis-regulation in primary human coronary artery vascular smooth muscle cells (HCASMCs).

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  • General anesthesia induction with the initiation of positive pressure ventilation creates a vulnerable phase for patients. The impact of positive intrathoracic pressure on cardiac performance has been studied but remains controversial. 3D echocardiography is a valid and MRI-validated bed-side tool to evaluate the right ventricle (RV).

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  • Using this system, cheap cultivation media instead of the commonly used complex and expensive cultivation media, can be utilized in the production of these bacteriocins thereby significantly lowering the production cost – one of the major limiting factors for its large-scale application. Additionally, this system provides a robust control of bacteriocin production thereby creating an effective bacteriocin application delivery system.

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  • Self-assembled three-dimensional (3-D) colloidal crystals have been extensively utilized in nanolithography for fabricating a wide spectrum of functional periodic nanostructures for important technological applications. Here a simple and versatile way is reported using silica colloids to prepare close-packed particle multilayers by the Langmuir– Blodgett technique to create highly ordered 3-D colloidal crystals with unusual nanoarrays on a large variety of substrates.

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  • This paper examines the great application of C# language in creating a web browser ‘QvsQ’ using CefSharp and VPN. The performance of the application is connected to the Internet, improved to display the content of all websites more quickly, not stored the private information of the user and has most of the function of the normal web browser.

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  • With the rapid development of technology, communication has been adopted in many forms including applications created for calling and sending messages. From there, the need for an application that could send mass messages was created. With a foundation based on the Python programming language and necessary support packages and libraries, WhatsApp Bot Chat is a simple but highly efficient way to handle the request for mass messaging. automatically based on a browser window that syncs with the app on your phone.

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  • The importance of sales force in retail organizations has been recognized over the past decades. Not only doing sales function better, motivating and increasing sales performance of employees is also a key strategy to create core values for customers and commercial enterprises.

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  • The creation of arrays of yeast strains each encoding a different protein with constant tags is a powerful method for understanding how genes and their proteins control cell function. As genetic tools become more sophisticated there is a need to create custom libraries encoding proteins fused with specialised tags to query gene function.

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  • The development of RNA sequencing (RNAseq) and the corresponding emergence of public datasets have created new avenues of transcriptional marker search. The long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) constitute an emerging class of transcripts with a potential for high tissue specificity and function.

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  • Speed congenics is an important tool for creating congenic mice to investigate gene functions, but current SNP genotyping methods for speed congenics are expensive. These methods usually rely on chip or array technologies, and a different assay must be developed for each backcross strain combination. “

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