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  • Ebook Professional web design: Techniques and templates (CSS and XHTML): Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 overview of web development today; chapter 2 designing for the past, present, and future; chapter 3 things to consider before beginning; chapter 4 enhancing usability; chapter 5 gathering requirements and creating a comp; chapter 6 what is needed to build mortised sites; chapter 7 understanding graphics; chapter 8 understanding the basics of creating mortised css designs; chapter 9 case study: low - content css design; chapter 10 case study: medium- content css design; c...

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  • Ebook Creating web-based training: A step-by-step guide to designing effective e-learning – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 web pages, chapter 2 creating a web page, chapter 3 adding images, chapter 4 adding links, chapter 5 webtop publishing, chapter 6 color and images, chapter 7 navigation and menus, chapter 8 web hosting, chapter 9 defining WBT.

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  • Ebook Creating web-based training: A step-by-step guide to designing effective e-learning – Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 10 interactivity and usability, chapter 11 supplementary protocols, chapter 12 types of WBT, chapter 13 embedded programming, chapter 14 forms, chapter 15 readable text, chapter 17 streaming sound, chapter 16 complementary technologies, chapter 18 streaming video, chapter 19 SMIL, chapter 20 advanced software, chapter 21 designing WBT, chapter 22 using XML, chapter 23 book WBT project, chapter 24 WBT projects, chapter 25 WBT Costs.

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  • Web technologies and e-services: Lecture 4.1 provide students with knowledge about: what is SQL; how to access mySQL database; how to create a basic mySQL database; how to use some basic queries; how to use PHP and mySQL;... Please refer to the content of document.

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  • Web technologies and e-services: Lecture 2. By the end of this lecture you should be able to describe hypertext and HTML standards; understand HTML elements and markup tags; create the basic structure of an HTML file; insert an HTML comment; work with block-level elements; create lists, tables, hyperlinks and insert images;... Please take a close look at the course content!

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  • Web technologies and e-services: Lecture 5.1. This lesson provides students with content about: introduction to PHP; basic PHP syntax; some useful PHP functions; how to work with; how to create a basic checker for user-entered data;... Please take a close look at the course content!

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  • This book "Coding Projects in Python" is based on Python®, one of the world’s most widely used coding languages. Equally popular with students and professionals, Python is easy to pick up yet powerful and versatile. It’s a great language to learn whether you’re a beginner or moving up from a simple language like Scratch. Please refer to the content of part 2 of book.

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  • Lecture Web design and development: Lesson 27. The main topics covered in this lesson include: java servlets, creating a simple web application in tomcat, tomcat directory structure, tomcat setup, servlet types, servlet class hierarchy, writing servlet, types of HTTP requests, HTTP request types,...

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  • In this study, we propose a method for Web-App DDoS Attack mitigation on the basis of analyzing the relationship among the requests sent to the Web application to find out the source IP address of malicious requests and to perform mitigation. Our method provides a set of criteria that allows determining whether a source IP address is normal or malicious in a short period of time. The criteria also make it difficult for hackers to change the attack methods to overcome the characteristics of the criteria.

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  • : The purpose of this study is to scrutinize the reasons, benefits, problems and solutions encountered in the usage of social networ ing based on opinions of Hanoi University’s students, thence, we can create a useful social media web. This study was conducted using the questionnaire technique to collect data. Therefore, questionnaire was held with 100 random students.

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  • This paper examines the great application of C# language in creating a web browser ‘QvsQ’ using CefSharp and VPN. The performance of the application is connected to the Internet, improved to display the content of all websites more quickly, not stored the private information of the user and has most of the function of the normal web browser.

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  • With the rapid development of the Internet and technology, daily activities are gradually improving to offer human beings a better quality of life. E-commerce, with the undeniable convenience it provides, is gradually replacing traditional shopping methods. Part of the explanation for this is that emerging technologies are making it easier for web developers to create, handle, and sustain high-performing web applications. In this paper, we will discuss the technique, reasons to use the stacks, the way it works and our results by applying these technologies on e-commerce.

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  • With the strong development of 4.0 technology in the whole world, programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++,... are increasingly improved and expanded. Therefore, there are a lot of incredible applications created using these programming languages. In this paper, the development team will discuss about the DrinkStore Ecommerce Website - a Java web-based application following MVC Architecture, and demonstrate the result of architecture implementation.

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  • Molecular signatures are collections of genes characteristic of a particular cell type, tissue, disease, or perturbation. Signatures can also be used to interpret expression profiles generated from heterogeneous samples. Large collections of gene signatures have been previously developed and catalogued in the MSigDB database.

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  • Bài giảng Phát triển ứng dụng Web: Bài 3 PHP Database cung cấp cho người học những kiến thức như: PHP MySQL Introduction; PHP MySQL Connect to a Database; PHP MySQL Create Database and Tables; PHP MySQL Insert Into; PHP MySQL Select; PHP MySQL The Where Clause; PHP MySQL Order By Keyword; PHP MySQL Update; PHP MySQL Delete; MySQL và Font Unicode; MySQLi.

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  • The advent of Internet and World Wide Web has created new perspectives toward interaction between patients and healthcare professionals. Telemonitoring patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an emerging concept to guide the collaborative management treatment and improve outcomes in patients.

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  • With the exponential increase and widespread availability of genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data, accessing these ‘-omics’ data is becoming increasingly difficult. The current resources for accessing and analyzing these data have been created to perform highly specific functions intended for specialists, and thus typically emphasize functionality over user experience.

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  • Here we introduce the Protein Sequence Annotation Tool (PSAT), a web-based, sequence annotation meta-server for performing integrated, high-throughput, genome-wide sequence analyses. Our goals in building PSAT were to (1) create an extensible platform for integration of multiple sequence-based bioinformatics tools, (2) enable functional annotations and enzyme predictions over large input protein fasta data sets, and (3) provide a web interface for convenient execution of the tools.

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  • Bioinformaticians collaborating with life scientists need software that allows them to involve their collaborators in the process of data analysis. Results: We have developed a web application that allows researchers to publish and execute data analysis scripts.

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  • Mass spectrometry (MS) uses mass-to-charge ratios of measured particles to decode the identities and quantities of molecules in a sample. Interpretation of raw MS depends upon data processing algorithms that render it human-interpretable.

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