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  • Oracle Data Guard is the most effective solution available today to protect the core asset of any enterprise—its data, and make it available on a 24x7 basis even in the face of disasters and other calamities. This guide describes Oracle Data Guard technology and concepts, and helps you configure and implement standby databases. This preface contains the following topics:

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Describe the factors that affect planned and unplanned downtime Describe the basic components of Oracle Data Guard Explain the differences between physical and logical standby databases Explain the benefits of creating a Data Guard environment Explain the use of Data Guard in high-availability architectures

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  • This document provides information about Oracle Data Guard broker, a management and monitoring interface that helps you configure, monitor, and control an Oracle Data Guard broker configuration. Oracle Data Guard Broker is intended for database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators who want to use the Oracle Data Guard broker to automate many of the tasks involved in configuring and monitoring an Oracle Data Guard configuration.

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  • sau khi hoàn thành bài học này, bạn sẽ có thể làm sau đây: • Mô tả cấu trúc dữ liệu môi giới Guard • Mô tả dữ liệu các thành phần môi giới Guard • Giải thích những lợi ích của các nhà môi giới Data Guard • Giải thích cấu hình môi giới Guard dữ liệu • Sử dụng Enterprise Manager để quản lý dữ liệu của bạn Guard cấu hình

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  • Oracle Database 11g contains several major innovations in the areas of change management, fault diagnosability, performance management, Data Guard administration, storage management, and data warehousing, among other areas. Besides the database administration changes, there are significant improvements in application development–related features, including natively compiled PL/SQL code, PL/SQL inlining, and enhanced triggers.

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  • Các phần cứng có thể khác nhau chính và chờ cơ sở dữ liệu. • Hệ thống điều hành và kiến ​​trúc nền tảng cho cơ sở dữ liệu chính và dự phòng phải giống nhau. • Các hoạt động hệ thống phát hành chính và cơ sở dữ liệu dự phòng có thể khác nhau. • Nếu tất cả các cơ sở dữ liệu trên cùng một hệ thống, xác minh Hệ điều hành cho phép bạn gắn kết nhiều hơn một cơ sở dữ liệu với cùng tên....

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  • This document provides information about Oracle Data Guard broker, a management and monitoring interface that helps you configure, monitor, and control an Oracle Data Guard broker configuration.

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  • The best practices described in this paper require that the Data Guard configuration be managed by the Data Guard Broker9. The Data Guard Broker is responsible for sending FAN events to client applications in order to clean up their connections to the down database and reconnect to the new production database. In addition, Oracle Clusterware must be installed and active on the primary and standby sites for both single instance (using Oracle Restart) and Oracle RAC databases.

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  • Services must be configured with the Server Control (SRVCTL) utility identically on all databases in a Data Guard configuration. In the following examples, a service named oltpworkload is configured to be active when the database Austin is in the primary role (-l PRIMARY). The same service is also configured on the standby database Houston so that is started whenever Houston functions in the primary role. Similarly, a second service named reports is configured to be started when Austin or Houston are functioning in the standby database role (-l PHYSICAL_STANDBY).

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  • When failures occur, the fail over process moves processing performed by the failed component to the backup component. This process remasters systemwide resources, recovers partial or failed transactions, and restores the system to normal, preferably within a matter of microseconds. The more transparent that fail over is to users, the higher the availability of the system. Oracle has a number of products and features that provide high availability in cases of unplanned downtime or planned downtime.

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  • This paper studies the responses of residential property and equity prices, inflation and economic activity to monetary policy shocks in 17 countries, using data spanning 1986-2006. We estimate VARs for individual economies and panel VARs in which we distinguish between groups of countries on the basis of the characteristics of their financial systems. The results suggest that using monetary policy to offset asset price movements in order to guard against financial instability may have large effects on economic activity.

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  • Q1. Which feature will put a switch port into the error-disabled state upon receipt of Spanning Tree data messages, requiring a network administrator to manually put the port back in service? A. Loop Guard B. Port Fast C. BDPU Guard D. Root Guard E. BDPU Filtering

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  • FDM Useful bandwidth of medium exceeds required bandwidth of channel Each signal is modulated to a different carrier frequency Carrier frequencies separated so signals do not overlap (guard bands) e.g. broadcast radio Channel allocated even if no data

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  • In Chapter 11 we looked at hard disks. In this chapter, we’ll consider how to guard against data loss, and how to transfer data from one location to another. These are functions that UNIX traditionally performs with tapes, and we’ll look at them in the next sections. Because FreeBSD runs on PCs, however, you can’t completely escape floppy disks, though it would be an excellent idea. We’ll look at floppies on page 256.

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  • In some cases, there may be reasonable proxies for quantified benefits and costs. For example, a firm might possess relatively complete technical descriptions of material flows (inputs, intermediate products, emissions). These material quantities, while not explicitly translated into financial quantities, may provide rules of thumb that qualitatively inform decision-making and guard against severe errors in decision-making.

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  • This document reports the results of a study entitled “Employer Partnership Initiative Analysis of Alternatives.” The purpose of this study was to examine opportunities for the U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard to strengthen their relationships with employers and citizen soldiers through the Employer Partnership Program. In this document we describe the Army reserve components’ experience with the program through September 2010 and recommend improvements, based on interviews with program stakeholders, analysis of data collected from the Em...

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  • Hundreds of Thousands of $$$ Worth of Network Equipment can be Rendered Junk in a Flash! The issue of protecting networks from security breaches has attracted considerable attention but organisations also need to guard against environmental risks such as lightning. Damaged or destroyed equipment, which is integrated into manufacturing or data storage processes, can cause physical damage, as well as high consequential losses due to downtime. Lightning strikes can also delay production due to data loss and damage process control computers or computer-based warehouse and storage systems.

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  • The information stored in the system (both data and code), as well as the physical resources of the computer system, need to be protected from unauthorized access, malicious destruction or alteration, and accidental introduction of inconsistency. In this chapter, we examine the ways in which information may be misused or intentionally made inconsistent. We then present mechanisms to guard against this occurrence.

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