Day one of the trial

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  • learned that Tate & Lyle had lost the patent infringement claim on September 22nd 2008 via an e-mail from attorney Gary Hnath, who was then with the Washington law firm Bingham McCutchen. At the time I was on vacation with my wife and sister on the picturesque extremities of Canada’s Gaspe´ Peninsula. I had been an expert witness for one of the Respondents in the litigation, had enjoyed the experience, and had found it immensely educational – and not only about the law. The patent infringement was concerned with the artificial sweetener SPLENDA.

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  • Smut caused by Moesziomyces penicillariae is one of the major pearl millet diseases in India. in order to find out cost effective, economical and ecofriendly method to manage the disease attempts were made to identify the resistant sources of smut by germplasm screening. The field screening involved the artificial inoculation of the germplasm. Observations on smut severity were recorded 15-20 days after inoculation using smut severity (%) rating scale.

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  • The present study was designed to carry out an in vivo and in vitro comparative evaluation of three bio-scaffold augmentation devices used for superficial digital flexor tenorrhaphy in donkeys. Twenty-four clinically healthy donkeys were assigned for three treatment trials (n = 8) using one of three bioscaffold materials (glycerolized bovine pericardium xenograft, tendon allograft and allograft shielding with glycerolized by bovine pericardium). In addition, eight clinically healthy donkeys were selected to serve as control.

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  • Bacillus thuringiensis is produced crystalline proteins, these proteins were used in transgenic cotton to control insect pest. During present study, two trials were with 09 treatments plots of Bt cotton plants viz., 7, 14 and 21gm/m.sq. (T1, T2 amd T3) of nitrogen with one row combination of nBt cotton plants while T4, T5, T6 were having two rows combination of nBt cotton plants with same nitrogen treatment as in above mentioned plots whereas T7, T8 and T9 were only treatment with different concentration of nitrogen and there was no rows of nBt cotton plants around the plots were conducted.

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  • This disease is more prevalent in winter months mostly in the rice growing parts of India. Mostly younger buffaloes are more frequently affected than cattle. The disease cause general malaise, edema of the extremities, general wasting with necrosis and sloughing of the epidermis. The possibilities of mycotoxins produced from the wheat straw, dry grass or sorghum hay might be the one of the reason for this condition. The condition is usually a febrile and limits the movements of the affected animals due to painful condition of the legs.

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  • Just about everyone is touched in some way by our criminal justice system. You, a relative or a friend may be arrested and charged with a crime. Or perhaps you’ve been the victim of one. Maybe you’re a teacher, social worker or counselor who needs clear answers to pressing questions so you can help others understand how the criminal justice system works. This book is for all of you, and for anyone else who wants to understand a little more about such gripping modern-day dramas as the O.J. Simpson, Menendez brothers and Timothy McVeigh trials....

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  • Chapter 1 The jury was ready. After forty-two hours of deliberations that followed seventy-one days of trial that included 530 hours of testimony from four dozen witnesses, and after a lifetime of sitting silently as the lawyers haggled and the judge lectured and the spectators watched like hawks for telltale signs, the jury was ready. Locked away in the jury room, secluded and secure, ten of them proudly signed their names to the verdict while the other two pouted in their corners, detached and miserable in their dissension....

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  • The present research trial was carried out in kharif and summer season from year 2013-2015 at Cattle Breeding Farm, Junagadh agricultural University, Junagadh, Gujarat. Gundrijowar fodder samples were collected for quantitative HCN (mg/100 gm dry matter) concentration from eight sown plots from 15 DAS (Day after sowing) up to 60 DAS at fortnightly intervals and one more sampling was carried out when Gundrijowar fodder crops exhibit 25% flowering stage.

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  • A lactation trial was conducted to study the effect of feeding sugarcane by products based complete ration on milk yield and milk quality as well, of murrah buffaloes. Seven rations (six complete rations were formulated by using sugarcane by-products and other crop residues and balanced concentrate mixture in the mash form and one conventional ration comprised with hybrid Napier and concentrate mixture) were prepared and fed 28 Murrah buffaloes distributed equally into seven groups in Randomized Block Design for a period of 180 days.

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  • Bovine mastitis contributed significantly towards antimicrobial resistance. A farmers’ participatory field trial was conducted in 100 cows of 12 dairy farms clustered in a locality of Bhubaneswar smart city, Odisha to study the preventive effect of turmeric. Cross-bred Jersey cows with 8 to 10 L milk yield per day, between 2nd to 5th lactation and one 1-2 months old calves at foot without any signs of disease/ disorder including mastitis were the criteria of selection.

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  • Thus a study was designed to examine if significant levels of canola meal and DDGS can be used in market turkey diets and to determine which amino acids (tryptophan, isoleucine, arginine) may limit performance with diets containing canola and DDGS. Nicholas male poults were placed in starting pens at one day of age and reared to 5 weeks of age. Poults were fed a pre-experimental diet designed for best rate of gain. At 5 weeks of age the birds were randomly distributed into 98 pens with 10 birds per pen. Room temperature at 5 wks was...

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  • Four feeding trials were conducted to investigate the influence of vitamin C and corn oil supplementation on broiler performance under heat stress. In the first and second experiments, a total of 180 one-day broiler chicks were randomly distributed into three groups. The chicks were raised on open house system during summer season.

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