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Device with opens

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  • If you read Part 2 of Learning Android forensics, you will go through the various physical and logical techniques to extract data from devices to obtain forensic evidence. You will also learn how to reverse-engineer applications and forensically analyze the data with the help of various open source and commercial tools.

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  • The principal aim of this study was to investigate the presence of factors afecting Baker’s cyst volume in young and middle-aged populations. Open cyst excision with valve and capsule repair, as well as knee arthroscopy, were used to treat eightyfve patients. The cases were categorized in terms of age, efusion, chondral lesion degree, meniscal tear degree, and Lindgren scores. An ultrasonography (USG) device was used to calculate the cyst volume. The IBM-SPSS 22 program was used for statistical analysis and to assess the relationships between variables using Spearman’s correlation tests.

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  • There is growing interest in the detection of bacteria in consumables, for example, in the food and water sectors. In this study, the aim was to produce a polymer-based bacteria biosensor via ROMP (ring opening metathesis polymerization). In the first part of the study, block and random copolymers were synthesized, and their biocidal activities were tested on the glass surface. Interdigitated electrode arrays coated with the polymers possessing the highest activity were used to screen the affinity towards different bacterial strains by monitoring impedance variations in real-time.

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  • Serious inhaler technique errors can impair drug delivery to the lungs. This randomised, crossover, open-label study evaluated the proportion of patients making predefined serious errors with Pulmojet compared with Diskus and Turbohaler dry powder inhalers.

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  • The number of hip fractures and resulting post-surgical outcome are a major public health concern and the incidence is expected to increase significantly. The acute recovery phase after hip fracture surgery in elder patients is often complicated by severe pain, high morphine consumption, perioperative blood loss with subsequent transfusion and delirium.

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  • Gel-200 is a cross-linked hyaluronate single-injection device for treatment of osteoarthritis pain in the knee. This report summarizes new analyses of the safety of retreatment with Gel-200 from the 13-week, pivotal, multicenter, randomized controlled trial (RCT) followed by an open-label extension trial (OLE).

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  • Minimally invasive techniques for lumbar discectomy have been recommended as superior to open techniques due to lower blood loss, lower rates of infection and shorter recovery. There are, however, concerns that this approach does not sufficiently remove the herniated nuclear material, thus leaving the patient susceptible to reherniation requiring reoperation.

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  • Bi-reactor open core gasifier was built with the capacity to process approximately 15 kg of briquettes per hour. The reactor was made up of double walled cylindrical body with 300 mm of outer cylinder diameter and 244 mm of inner cylinder diameters excluding the thickness of sheet 6 mm. Both the cylinders were made up of 3 mm M.S. sheet 18 SWG. Another reactor was fabricated with same specifications and both outlets were interconnected. Gate valves were fixed to regulate the air flow rate and control the producer gas.

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  • The IoT NodeMCU module has an integrated WiFi chip, works with low power settings and supports flexible programming languages using the Arduino IDE. Testing using Android OS 5.0.2 version and 7.1.2 version generate four different results, which are 100% & 83.33% accuracy for male voices and 83.33% & 58.33% when tested using female voices.

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  • The performance evaluation of Animal Drawn Modification in the Existing Bhoramdav Seed Drill was carried out in an area of 0.05 ha at BRSMCAET&RS MUNGELI. It is a low cost line-sowing device in which seed metering is done manually by the operator by dropping the seeds in the funnel. Hence the skill of the operator determines the seed rate applied. It is a four row sowing device. Sowing is prime operation in cultivation practice of any crop which directly affects production. Therefore, timely sowing is necessary with available sources of power.

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  • Proper tillage, precise placement and optimum coverage of seeds and fertilizers in the moist zone of soil are most critical for successful crop establishment. The present work was therefore taken up to study the soil coverage in the furrow with a developed furrow covering device with shovel and shoe type furrow opener. Experiments were conducted in the test soil bin with the three types of furrow openers like plain shovel, shovel with shoe and shovel+shoe+covering attachment with load of 5 kg to determine the performance on soil coverage and draft requirement.

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  • A 15 hp mini tractor operated 4-row automatic onion transplanter was developed to transplant onion seedlings raised in hexagonal shaped (honeycomb) paper pot chain of length 800 mm, width 180 mm and depth 40 mm. A total of 128 seedlings were raised in this paper pot chain. The onion transplanter was developed to transplant 4- rows of onion seedlings at a time with a spacing of 10 cm between each row.

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  • A propeller is a device converting rotary energy from the piston engines into the energy of the fluid thereby creating thrust to propel vessels. For this reason, it is extremely necessary to perform analysis on hydrodynamic characteristics of propellers and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be considered the most sufficient way to accomplish this process.

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  • Sowing is one of the important agricultural operations for raising crops. After harvest of paddy, if there is deficit moisture in the soil at the time of sowing of wheat, the germination gets affected leading to loss of yield. Handling of water treated seeds by seed drill may open a new gate of opportunities for mechanized sowing of wheat under water stressed conditions, which was the prime objective of the study.

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  • A seed metering mechanism of conventional precision planters are usually driven by ground wheel with chain and sprocket system and these mechanisms are of mechanical type. They are less efficient as there is a number of losses while transmitting the power. Due to continuous friction between moving parts, these devices are subjected to wear and tear; hence they require frequent maintenance. To improve the planting performance of precision planters, the best substitute is to develop an electronic meterized planter for maize.

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  • Traditional type fertilizer broadcasters were with constant opening with gravity flow method which was showing high variation in discharge quantity of fertilizer between the rows and this lead to under and over dosage. A battery operated variable rate fertilizer broadcaster was developed and it consisting of storage tank, metering unit, spreading unit and variable rate controller unit was developed. To standardize the metering mechanism for the fertilizer applicator, a study was conducted on the existing fertilizer metering devices.

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  • Post present a novel microfluidic impedance biosensor chip for trapping both a single and multiple cancer cells and monitoring their response to the anticancer drug treatment. By designing different sizes of working microelectrodes together with the Vshaped cell capture structures, a single or multiple cells are trapped on the microelectrodes surfaces. In addition, by utilizing the passive pumping method, cells can be trapped and positioned inside the microchannels without the need of using the outer micro pump or syringe.

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  • Arduino is a board development platform with which we can develop an embedded application with several sensor and actuator devices. Arduino is an open source-based hardware. There are many Arduino models that you can use to develop. This book is designed for developers (especially for .NET developers) that want to build Arduino programs for general and specific purposes.

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  • Chapter summary: The network topology is the pattern used to connect computers and other devices with the cable or other network medium; the three primary LAN topologies are bus, star, and ring; UTP cable in the star topology is the most common network medium used today; a network interface adapter provides the interface that enables a computer to connect to a network; the network interface adapter and its driver implement the data-link layer protocol on the computer; hubs are devices that connect computers on a star or ring network.

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  • Over the years, the “Red Book” has become the authoritative reference for each new version of the OpenGL API. Now we have the “Gold Book” for OpenGL ES 2.0—a cross-platform open standard ushering in a new era of shader programmability and visual sophistication for a wide variety of embedded and mobile devices, from game consoles to automobiles, from set top boxes to mobile phones. Mobile phones, in particular, are impacting our everyday lives, as the devices we carry with us are evolving into full mobile computers.

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