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  • We previously reported the use of a humanized bi-specific diabody that targets epidermal growth factor receptor and CD3 (hEx3-Db) for cancer immunotherapy. Bacterial expression can be used to express small recombi-nant antibodies on a large scale; however, their overexpression often results in the formation of insoluble aggregates, and in most cases artificial affinity peptide tags need to be fused to the antibodies for purification by affinity chromatography.

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  • We previously reported the construction and activity of a humanized, bispecific diabody (hEx3) that recruited T cells towards an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) positive tumor. Herein, we describe the construction of a second functional, fully humanized, anti-EGFR bispecific diabody that recruits another subset of lymphocyte effectors, the natural killer cells, to EGFR-expressing tumor cells.

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  • Diabodies có khả năng miễn dịch ít hơn BsAb quadroma có nguồn gốc từ và có thể dễ dàng sản xuất trong vi khuẩn trong năng suất cao (14). Diabodies Bispecific xuất hiện có hiệu quả hơn hơn BsAb quadroma có nguồn gốc từ trung gian tế bào T (11,12) và NK tế bào (15) độc tế bào trong ống nghiệm

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