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  • Monte-Carlo modeling allows calculating the detector efficiency in gamma spectrometry of environmental samples with taking into consideration both the photon selfabsorption in sample itself and absorption in all other materials between the sample and the detector’s active part. In this paper, the peak efficiencies of the Hp Ge detector (GMX) for gammas at various energies (emitted isotropically from the standard disk source and volumetric source - environmental sample, in which the different radionuclides are present) ...

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  • This paper shows how to formally characterize language learning in a finite parameter space as a Markov structure, hnportant new language learning results follow directly: explicitly calculated sample complexity learning times under different input distribution assumptions (including CHILDES database language input) and learning regimes. We also briefly describe a new way to formally model (rapid) diachronic syntax change.

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  • (BQ) The modelling of ECM and EDM processes requires not one but several models to simulate the different phenomena that occur during machining. This paper reviews the models that have been developed to simulate each of these phenomena, e.g. potential models to calculate the current density distribution in ECM, thermal models for the plasma arc in EDM, moving boundary models to simulate the anodic dissolution in ECM and probabilistic models to determine the discharge location in EDM.

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  • (BQ)In this paper a new contribution to the simulation and modelling of the EDM process is presented. Temperature fields within the workpiece generated by the superposition of multiple discharges, as it happens during an actual EDM operation, are numerically calculated using a finite difference schema. The characteristics of the discharge for a given operation, namely energy transferred onto the workpiece, diameter of the discharge channel and material removal efficiency can be estimated using inverse identification from the results of the numerical model.

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  • The paper is dedicated to researching a numerical model for dam-break simulation, which is verified through a comparison between calculated results and observed data of two reference tests. The numerical model is applied to simulate the flooding wave for the Malpasset dam-break event, which occurred in southern France in 1959.

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  • When damage is identified with an index, it is difficult exactly match the index with the repair of damage. Therefore, the method is considered difficult to apply them to check the seismic risk based on definition of the changes in the process of damage and other details due to differences in design. To reach this goal, it is first necessary to calculate the design solution reflects the damage and the collapse of a structure under a uniform standard values ​​for different seismic forces....

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  • LYAPUNOV FUNCTIONALS CONSTRUCTION FOR STOCHASTIC DIFFERENCE SECOND-KIND VOLTERRA EQUATIONS WITH CONTINUOUS TIME LEONID SHAIKHET Received 4 August 2003 The general method of Lyapunov functionals construction which was developed during the last decade for stability investigation of stochastic differential equations with aftereffect and stochastic difference equations is considered.

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  • We employ three different measures of performance: return on equity (ROE) which is defined as earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) divided by book value of shareholders‟ equity; return on sales (ROS), calculated as EBIT divided by total turnover; and Tobin‟s Q. 3 The latter indicator is calculated as the ratio of the firm‟s market capitalization to book value of equity. 4 We analyse the effect of IED using two definitions of variable IEit. First, we employ a dummy variable which takes the value of 1 if at least one non-executive director is also...

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  • The topic of the paper is the problem how to define case relations by semantic predicates. A general principle is outlined, which renders it possible to "calculate" case relations for a given representation of a (verb-)sememe by means of expressions. This principle is based on an assignment of case relations to primitive predicates and modification rules for nested expressions.

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  • This text is written to all chemical engineering students who are participating in courses about membrane processes and membrane technology. You are supposed to have the basic skills in mathematics and chemistry in general. Thus, this text is for students who have completed the basic engineering introduction courses. This text gives an introduction to principles behind pressure driven membrane processes. Relevant theory and models will be presented together with terms widely used in the world of membrane technology. ...

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  • A large number of proteins, found experimentally to have different optimum pH of maximal stability, were studied to reveal the basic principles of their preferenence for a par-ticular pH. The pH-dependent free energy of folding was modeled numerically as a function of pH as well as the net charge of the protein. The optimum pH was determined in the numerical calculations as the pH of the minimum free energy of folding. The experimental data for the pH of maximal stability (experimental optimum pH) was repro-ducible (rmsd¼0.73)....

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  • The limited capacity of working memory is intrinsic to human sentence processing, and therefore must be addressed by any theory of human sentence processing. This paper gives a theory of garden-path effects and processing overload that is based on simple assumptions about human short term memory capacity. hypothesis, is easily compatible with the above view of processing load calculation: given a choice between two different representations for the same input string, simply choose the representation that is associated with the lower processing load. ...

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  • In this paper, a word alignment approach is presented which is based on a combination of clues. Word alignment clues indicate associations between words and phrases. They can be based on features such as frequency, part-of-speech, phrase type, and the actual wordform strings. Clues can be found by calculating similarity measures or learned from word aligned data. The clue alignment approach, which is proposed in this paper, makes it possible to combine association clues taking different kinds of linguistic information into account. ...

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  • This paper presents PARADISE (PARAdigm for Dialogue System Evaluation), a general framework for evaluating spoken dialogue agents. The framework decouples task requirements from an agent's dialogue behaviors, supports comparisons among dialogue strategies, enables the calculation of performance over subdialogues and whole dialogues, specifies the relative contribution of various factors to performance, and makes it possible to compare agents performing different tasks by normalizing for task complexity. ...

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  • As human choriocarcinoma cells display many of the biochemical and morphological characteristics reported for in utero invasive trophoblast cells we have studied cho-lesterol supply from high density lipoproteins (HDL) to these cells.Binding properties of 125 I-labeled HDL sub-class 3 (HDL3)at4C were similar for BeWo, JAr, and Jeg3 choriocarcinoma cell lines while degradation rates at 37C were highest for BeWo.

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  • The main reason for this lack of statistical significance is the large standard deviation of daily returns, about 1 percent, which swamps in magnitude the difference in returns. We also investigate whether the identified difference in returns between new moon and full moon windows is persistent. As a measure of persistence, we calculate the percentage of years in which mean new moon daily returns are higher than mean full moon returns. For the DJIA, this number is 56.3 percent, which is moderately above the 50 percent that would be expected by chance.

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  • Chapter 7 - Measuring domestic output and national income. We will be calculating how economists estimate a country’s output and income for a year. The importance of these figures will be discussed, as well as the differences between the various ways that we can measure income. Lastly we will discuss how we can adjust the figures that we have calculated for inflation effects and analyze some of the issues associated with the various accounts.

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  • In March 1997 the Bank started conducting daily money market operations in gilt repo. Since this date we have used GC repo data to estimate the short end of the nominal yield curve, and so the short end of the nominal curve is provided down to very short maturities after this date. No corresponding instrument is available to help model the short end of the real yield curve.

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  • Policy-relevant background – This is an estimate based on air pollution models of the natural background ozone concentrations that would exist without sources of air pollution from human activity, and therefore cannot be affected by emissions control efforts (Fiore 2004).

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  • When companies calculate their breakeven points, they often come at it from the perspective of how much revenue they require to cover their expenses: “If we don’t sell $2 million worth of widgets this year, we’ll face a shortfall and we’ll need to downsize.” Similarly, a hedge fund manager may ask: “What level of assets and performance do I need to cover my expenses?” However, the hedge fund business model allows for a different approach.

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