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Different calculation models

Xem 1-20 trên 40 kết quả Different calculation models
  • Monte-Carlo modeling allows calculating the detector efficiency in gamma spectrometry of environmental samples with taking into consideration both the photon selfabsorption in sample itself and absorption in all other materials between the sample and the detector’s active part. In this paper, the peak efficiencies of the Hp Ge detector (GMX) for gammas at various energies (emitted isotropically from the standard disk source and volumetric source - environmental sample, in which the different radionuclides are present) ...

    pdf6p tuanlocmuido 19-12-2012 33 4   Download

  • This paper shows how to formally characterize language learning in a finite parameter space as a Markov structure, hnportant new language learning results follow directly: explicitly calculated sample complexity learning times under different input distribution assumptions (including CHILDES database language input) and learning regimes. We also briefly describe a new way to formally model (rapid) diachronic syntax change.

    pdf10p bunmoc_1 20-04-2013 29 2   Download

  • (BQ) The modelling of ECM and EDM processes requires not one but several models to simulate the different phenomena that occur during machining. This paper reviews the models that have been developed to simulate each of these phenomena, e.g. potential models to calculate the current density distribution in ECM, thermal models for the plasma arc in EDM, moving boundary models to simulate the anodic dissolution in ECM and probabilistic models to determine the discharge location in EDM.

    pdf23p xuanphuongdhts 27-03-2017 11 2   Download

  • (BQ)In this paper a new contribution to the simulation and modelling of the EDM process is presented. Temperature fields within the workpiece generated by the superposition of multiple discharges, as it happens during an actual EDM operation, are numerically calculated using a finite difference schema. The characteristics of the discharge for a given operation, namely energy transferred onto the workpiece, diameter of the discharge channel and material removal efficiency can be estimated using inverse identification from the results of the numerical model.

    pdf10p xuanphuongdhts 27-03-2017 20 1   Download

  • The paper establishes and assesses the performance of a numerical relay SEL387 model concerning the protection of the 115/24kV transformer at Lang Co Substation by Matlab/Simulink. The paper also calculates the setting value of two actual slope characteristics (O87P = 0.3, U87P = 10, SLP1 = 25%, SLP2 = 50% and IRS1 = 3).

    pdf5p vidanh95 12-12-2018 6 1   Download

  • The paper is dedicated to researching a numerical model for dam-break simulation, which is verified through a comparison between calculated results and observed data of two reference tests. The numerical model is applied to simulate the flooding wave for the Malpasset dam-break event, which occurred in southern France in 1959.

    pdf8p thihuynh3006 16-03-2018 9 0   Download

  • The solubility of organic compounds in water was related to the environmental behaviors. In this work, the solubility values of 27 organic compounds were calculated by using the different molecular descriptors. The quantitative structure-solubility relationships (QSSRs) were constructed by incorporating the multivariable technique and the genetic algorithm. The important molecular descriptors such as logP, SsCH3_acnt, ABSQ, nelem, nrings, SHBa, Gmax, Gmin, Xvp6, and Xvpc4 were selected to construct the linear models QSSRs with the genetic algorithm.

    pdf8p cumeo3000 01-08-2018 7 0   Download

  • In the paper, the authors present the results of the project concerning the input data, wave models and the calculated wave parameters with different returning periods for 5 sectors along the coastal line from Quang Ninh to Quang Nam. The obtained results afford the promising of using in the sea dyke design and upgrading.

    pdf9p thienthanquydu 21-10-2018 9 0   Download

  • Integral model is simple in utilization, low in CPU time calculation, suitable for a lot of practical applications of turbulent diffusion jet. . However the assessment of accuracy of the model should be carried out by experimental data and by results of available multidirectional codes. The present paper shows the comparison of velocity profiles given by the integral model and the CFD FLUENT 6.0 Code. The difference in results given by the two models is lower than 10% when Reynolds number at the exit nozzle below 5000.

    pdf8p nguyenthuy1207 25-10-2018 25 0   Download

  • This paper compares the DC optimal power flow (DCOPF) model and AC optimal power flow (ACOPF) that are used to calculate LMP in the wholesale electricity market. The study takes into account the price-sensitive loads and active power reserves. DCOPF model has 2 forms: DCOPF without losses and iterative DCOPF with losses.

    pdf6p trangcham1896 10-12-2018 9 0   Download

  • To examine the effects of different geometries and mass specifications of a tractor operating across irregular sloping grounds on the lateral stability of this machine, a dynamic model was developed. In the proposed model, overturn and skid instabilities were studied.

    pdf9p vimb123 11-01-2019 1 0   Download

  • This paper examines the difference in the value of the nuclear fuel cycle cost calculated by the deterministic and probabilistic methods on the basis of an equilibrium model. Calculating using the deterministic method, the direct disposal cost and Pyro-SFR (sodiumcooled fast reactor) nuclear fuel cycle cost, including the reactor cost, were found to be 66.41 mills/kWh and 77.82 mills/kWh, respectively (1 mill ¼ one thousand of a dollar, i.e., 103 $).

    pdf9p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • In this paper, three types of operational and industrial absorbers used at research reactors, including Ag-In-Cd alloy, B4C, and Hf are selected for sensitivity analyses. Their integral effects on the main neutronic core parameters important to safety issues are investigated. These parameters are core excess reactivity, shutdown margin, total reactivity worth of control rods, thermal neutron flux, power density distribution, and Power Peaking Factor (PPF). The IAEA 10 MW benchmark core is selected as the case study to verify calculations.

    pdf8p minhxaminhyeu5 30-06-2019 0 0   Download

  • The reflection and transmission coefficients (S11 and S21) of planar material samples are determined using the proposed model. The complex permittivity and complex permeability are calculated from the values of S11 and S21. The proposed model is tested with different materials in the frequency range of 8.0 – 12.0 GHz. The results show that the more dielectric loss tangent, the more accuracy of complex permittivity. However, the complex permeability is slightly effected by the magnetic loss tangent.

    pdf9p thithizone 16-07-2019 2 0   Download

  • When damage is identified with an index, it is difficult exactly match the index with the repair of damage. Therefore, the method is considered difficult to apply them to check the seismic risk based on definition of the changes in the process of damage and other details due to differences in design. To reach this goal, it is first necessary to calculate the design solution reflects the damage and the collapse of a structure under a uniform standard values ​​for different seismic forces....

    pdf358p lulanphuong 24-03-2012 47 7   Download

  • LYAPUNOV FUNCTIONALS CONSTRUCTION FOR STOCHASTIC DIFFERENCE SECOND-KIND VOLTERRA EQUATIONS WITH CONTINUOUS TIME LEONID SHAIKHET Received 4 August 2003 The general method of Lyapunov functionals construction which was developed during the last decade for stability investigation of stochastic differential equations with aftereffect and stochastic difference equations is considered.

    pdf25p sting12 10-03-2012 25 5   Download

  • We employ three different measures of performance: return on equity (ROE) which is defined as earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) divided by book value of shareholders‟ equity; return on sales (ROS), calculated as EBIT divided by total turnover; and Tobin‟s Q. 3 The latter indicator is calculated as the ratio of the firm‟s market capitalization to book value of equity. 4 We analyse the effect of IED using two definitions of variable IEit. First, we employ a dummy variable which takes the value of 1 if at least one non-executive director is also...

    pdf42p thamgiacongdong 02-05-2013 31 3   Download

  • The topic of the paper is the problem how to define case relations by semantic predicates. A general principle is outlined, which renders it possible to "calculate" case relations for a given representation of a (verb-)sememe by means of expressions. This principle is based on an assignment of case relations to primitive predicates and modification rules for nested expressions.

    pdf4p buncha_1 08-05-2013 28 3   Download

  • This text is written to all chemical engineering students who are participating in courses about membrane processes and membrane technology. You are supposed to have the basic skills in mathematics and chemistry in general. Thus, this text is for students who have completed the basic engineering introduction courses. This text gives an introduction to principles behind pressure driven membrane processes. Relevant theory and models will be presented together with terms widely used in the world of membrane technology. ...

    pdf22p tuanloc_do 04-12-2012 30 2   Download

  • A large number of proteins, found experimentally to have different optimum pH of maximal stability, were studied to reveal the basic principles of their preferenence for a par-ticular pH. The pH-dependent free energy of folding was modeled numerically as a function of pH as well as the net charge of the protein. The optimum pH was determined in the numerical calculations as the pH of the minimum free energy of folding. The experimental data for the pH of maximal stability (experimental optimum pH) was repro-ducible (rmsd¼0.73)....

    pdf13p dell39 03-04-2013 23 2   Download


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