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  • The first purpose is to remind students of English of the values of directness and indirectness in aspects of life and career as discussing about the importance of directness and indirectness. Secondly, a general summary about directness and indirectness is given to provide people with a firm foundation about directness and indirectness. Thirdly, directness in English as well as indirectness in Vietnamese is investigated to find out similarities and differences between the two.

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  • Database Systems: Lecture 13 - Emerging Research Directions in DBs/ISs provides about Mobile Databases, Multimedia Databases, Geographic Information Systems, Bioinformatics, XML, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Introduction to ASIS Lab.

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  • Publishing Process Manager Iva Lipovic Technical Editor InTech DTP team Cover InTech Design team First published January, 2013 Printed in Croatia A free online edition of this book is available at Additional hard copies can be obtained from Research Directions in Tumor Angiogenesis, Edited by Jianyuan Chai p. cm. ISBN 978-953-51-0963-1

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  • What are the prospects for advances in the treatment of schizophrenia as the 21st Century unfolds? It is clear that many advances have been made in the 100 years since Eugen Bleuler’s important monograph Dementia Praecox or the Group of Schizophrenias, compiled detailed clinical descriptions of his asylum patients (Bleuler 1911; 1950).

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  • Does poor reproductive health prevent poor women from escaping poverty? Despite the plethora of survey data showing that poor households tend to be larger and that poor women tend to have higher rates of fer- tility, experts have debated whether these conditions cause poverty or are symptoms of poverty.

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  • The use of individuals’ credit histories to predict the risk of future loss has become a common practice among automobile and homeowners insurers. The practice has proven to be controversial not only because of concerns about how reliably credit scores may predict risk. Many industry professionals, policymakers, and consumer groups have expressed concern that the practice may pose a significant barrier to economically vulnerable segments of the population in obtaining affordable automobile and homeowners coverage.

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  • With a view to drafting an audit manual for the Co-operation Department a Committee consisting of 6 (six) members headed by Sri K. B. Choudhury, DRCS (TCS Gr. II) was formed. The committee studied the departmental circulars and other relevant instructions in connection with the audit of accounts of Co-operatives. Necessary papers, documents etc. regarding audit of accounts and audit manual of different States were collected and consulted by the Committee to give the present shape of the Co-operative Audit Manual.

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  • There is another aspect of uncertainty that surfaces as a potential threat to con- sistent supply and that is the "food versus industrial" use of crops in the future. One side of the debate is the shortage of supply theory. "How can agriculture feed a burgeoning population and supply raw materials for consumer goods?" "Won't crops used for feed-stocks be redirected to the food supply in times of world famine or drought?" Good questions. However, the implied assumption is that we have a choice.

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  • Their civil rights were disregarded; they were detained and forbidden to speak German. Most had to work in labour camps in inhumane conditions. An estimated 700,000 Germans died due to bad working and living conditions and inadequate medical treatment. In particular, the Stalinism destroyed the independent German culture in Russia. In 1955, the discrimination was subsided, and the ethnic Germans were allowed to change their residence, but not to their former colony areas. The Aussiedler became partly assimilated in the last decades of the USSR....

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  • A novel plasmid vector pSELECT-1 is described which can be used for highly efficient site-directed in vitro mutagenesis. The mutagenesis method is based on the use of single-stranded DNA and two primers, one mutagenic primer and a second correction primer which corrects a defect in the ampicillin resistance gene on the vector and reverts the vector to ampicillin resistance. Using T4 DNA polymerase and T4 DNA ligase the two primers are physically linked on the template. The non-mutant DNA strand is selected against by growth in the presence of ampicillin.

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  • Poverty-environment linkages take different forms in rural and urban contexts. In rural areas, critical issues relate to access to natural resources such as land, forests, or fisheries and their sustainable use. In urban zones, the poverty-environment agenda centres on questions relating to the use of natural resources such as water or air as sinks for the disposal of human and industrial wastes, and their impact on the poor.

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  • A total of 159 economies worldwide have launched 3G services commercially and the number of active mobile-broadband subscriptions has increased to almost 1.2 billion. • While people in developed countries usually use mobile-broadband networks in addition to a fixedbroadband connection, mobile-broadband is often the only access method available to people in developing countries. • The percentage of the population covered by a 2G mobile-cellular network is twice as high as the population covered by a 3G network. 3G population coverage reached 45% in 2011. ...

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  • The split table defines a mapping of values to a set of destination processes. Gamma uses three different types of split tables depending on the type of operation being performed [DEWI86]. As an example of one form of split table, consider the use of the split table shown in Figure 4 in conjunction with the execution of a join operation using 4 processors. Each process producing tuples for the join will apply a hash function to the join attribute of each output tuple to produce a value between 0 and 3. This value is then used as an index into the split table to...

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  • But we too will crumble, in the end. All political power comes to pass. Power cannot be stored forever, not even in plutonium. Nor, in the end and rendering unto Caesar, can there be any permanent money as a store of value over any significant time. This is the Law of the Inevitable Ephemerality of the Confederate Dollar. All gold turns biblically to dross; all Rhodesian dollars become Zimbabwean; all Money Fiats are Ford Edsels. The only issue is when. Power sharing always has financial costs. The economic rewards are ever temporary. Power and money are always Hobbesian:...

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  • The creation of Trichet bonds will result in various advantages both in comparison to the present unstable situation and other proposed solutions. First, the long duration of Trichet bonds will eliminate the immediate crisis caused by short term expiration of significant amounts of debt which is looming over Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and possibly other EU countries. Second, the guarantee of the principal with the zero-coupon ECB bond collateral increases the quality of the Trichet Bonds compared to existing sovereign debt.

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  • The 17th Annual National Business Group on Health/Towers Watson Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care tracks employers’ strategies and practices, and the results of their efforts to provide and manage health benei ts for their workforce. This report identii es the actions of high- performing companies, as well as current trends in the health care benei t programs of U.S. employers with at least 1,000 employees (Figure 1). Respondents were also asked about specii c implications for their health care benei t programs attributed to the PPACA.

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  • It has sometimes been claimed that the earliest medicine in Mesopotamia was a “rational” or “scientific” medicine which was only later “contaminated” by magical practices. Recently published letters from Mari (modern Tell Hariri), however, clearly show the physician, asû(m), and magician, (w)āšipu(m) or mašmaššu(m) working side by side on the same cases. There is no hint in the ancient texts that one approach was more legitimate than the other.

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  • This recent statement from Tony Clement, Minister of Health captures a fundamental truth. The continued success of our society is dependent on the health of our children and their successful transition to robust and productive adults. With the health of children clearly identified as a priority by the Canadian public, politicians and the medical community, the time is now to make child health a strategic priority in the Canadian genomics community.

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  • The percent literate in the SEC is substantially higher than indicated for the population 60 and over in the 1998 census. This largely reflects a process of cohort succession through which persons who were 54-59 in 1998, and thus not part of the 60+ population at that time, aged into the 60 and over population by 2004 while at the same time some persons who were 60 or over in 1998 died, especially among the oldest age groups. Since literacy was generally increasing over time in Cambodia, the average literacy level of younger cohorts who moved into the...

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  • Thus, to date, women have not featured prominently as business leaders within the veterinary profession, nor have they been perceived as potential entrepreneurs or innovators. This point is particularly important, because based on what we know about women and business ownership/entrepreneurship generally (see, for example, Brush, 1997; Brush, Carter, Gatewood, Green & Hart, 2001; Henry & Treanor, 2010), it is unlikely that current levels of veterinary entrepreneurship will be maintained or, indeed, increased in a female dominated veterinary sector. ...

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