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  • For the design of ADS (Accelerator Driven System), it is important to study neutron spectra and details of nuclear reactions induced by neutrons. Furthermore, neutron energy and angular distribution data are important for a correct simulation of the propagation of particles inside a spallation target and the geometrical distribution of the outgoing neutron flux.

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  • (BQ) Micro and macro EDM are similar, but differences in machining conditions result in a differing power density, Pe. This causes differences in the ratio of energy consumed for material removal with regard to energy distributed into the workpiece, and the ratio of total removal volume per pulse with respect to the molten area volume, so-called energy efficiency, Ee, and removal efficiency, Re, respectively. It was found that, the Pe of micro EDM is approximately 30 times greater than that of macro EDM. Consequently, Ee and Re in micro EDM were significantly greater than those of macro EDM.

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  • (BQ) In this study experiments have been performed to study the percentage fraction of energy transferred to the workpiece utilizing heat transfer equations, at different EDM parameters. This study also relates the optimum parameters with the optimum utilization of input discharge energy and hence will help to improve the technological performance of this process.

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  • From the results of neutron spectra, the paper also gives many comments to recommend a choice of materials for target and energies for accelerating proton beam . From the angle distribution of neutrons generated in (p, n) reactions on the different targets with the different energies of proton, the solutions to arrange the reflection bars in reactor proposed. A comparison is also made to improve the reliability for calculation of the paper.

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  • This paper shows the statistics of energy distribution and energy sources in Colombia. Based on this information, we seek to identify the deficient sectors with their problems to implement strategies at the national level that allows them to meet the proposed goals.

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  • The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between utilization of energy sources, financial stability and prosperity in the economy of Indonesia. For this purpose this study conducted panel data analysis and gathered data from 1990 to 2018. The study explored the relationship of CO2 emissions and utilization of energy sources per capita as indicators of utilization of energy sources.

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  • VN is relative endowed with multiform renewable energy (RE) resources which are distributed through- out the country. They can be exploited for production of energy to meet rapidly increasing energy demand as well as environmental protection....

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  • In recognition of the fact that the potential for release of particulate plutonium and transplutonium alpha-emitting elements from nuclear power generation facilities poses questions concerning spatial distribution of dose and the resultant biological effects, the NCRP initiated a new NCRP activity concerned with alpha-emitting particles in lungs. It was not intended that a complete review of the subject would be prepared.

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  • In addition, sensitivity of the core neutronic parameters in accelerator-driven subcritical advanced liquid metal reactors, such as electron beam energy (Ee) and source multiplication coefficient (ks), has been investigated. A Monte Carlo code (MCNPX_2.6) has been used to calculate neutronic parameters such as effective multiplication coefficient (keff), net neutron multiplication (M), neutron yield (Yn/ e), energy constant gain (G0), energy gain (G), importance of neutron source (4* ), axial and radial distributions of neutron flux.

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  • The present study was carried out to find out the distribution energy pattern in the body parts of Etroplus suratensis (bloch). The study indicated that the mean energy density of the edible portion of immature fish was 17.47 kJ/g dry weight compared 20.20 kJ/g and 19.65 kJ/g of adult female and male respectively. Similarly the energy density of inedible portion of immature fish was 15.65 kJ/g while that of adult female and male were 17.49 kJ/g and 16.62 kJ/gdry weight respectively.

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  • Power loss in the power distribution system is computed with “ETAP” simulation software. From computing result of distribution network losses on existing line at PT. PLN UPJ. Bantul BNL 6, BNL 7 and BNL 11 feeders are gotten energy losses as 2,669,328 kWh per year or 1.72 %. Network reconfiguration that involves BNL 6, BNL 7 and BNL 11 feeder gets energy losses decrease as 1.00 % per year.

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  • In industrialized countries, distribution systems deliver electricity literally everywhere, taking power generated at many locations and delivering it to end users. Generation, transmission, and distribution — of these big three components of the electricity infrastructure, the distribution system gets the least attention. Yet, it is often the most critical component in terms of its effect on reliability and quality of service, cost of electricity, and aesthetic (mainly visual) impacts on society....

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  • Overall structure of electrical power system is in the process of changing. For incremental growth, it is moving away from fossil fuels - major source of energy in the world today - to renewable energy resources that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable [1].

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  • Overall structure of electrical power system isin the process of changing. For incremental growth, it is moving away from fossil fuels - major source of energy in the world today - to renewable energy resources that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable [1].

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  • Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems are power systems energised by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems comprise of Photovoltaic panels, MPPT, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipments. Unlike Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems these systems do not have batteries. When conditions are right, the grid-connected PV system supplies the excess power, beyond consumption by the connected load, to the utility grid.[1]...

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  • From its inception nearly 30 years ago, the optical subdiscipline now referred to as nonimaging optics, has experienced dramatic growth. The term nonimaging optics is concerned with applications where imaging formation is not important but where effective and efficient collection , concentration, transport and distribution of light energy is - i.e. solar energy conversion, signal detection, illumination optics, measurement and testing. This book will incorporate the substantial developments of the past decade in this field.

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  • This work addresses a policy initiative by the Federal Administration to apply United States Department of Energy (DOE) research to broadening the country’s domestic production of economic, flexible, and secure sources of energy fuels. President Bush stated in his 2006 State of the Union Address: “America is addicted to oil.” [1] To reduce the Nation’s future demand for oil, the President has proposed the Advanced Energy Initiative [2] which outlines significant new investments and policies to change the way we fuel our vehicles and change the way we power our homes and businesses.

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  • The sex distribution in SEC is reasonably close to that in the 1998 census and 2000 DHS. The 1999 Socioeconomic Survey is somewhat out of line with the other sources. Likewise, the age distribution of older persons in the SEC is quite similar to that in the other sources. The marital status distribution in the SES for men is also fairly similar to that found in the other three sources but not for women. The SEC sample has relatively fewer women who are currently married and relatively more who are widowed than indicated by the census and the...

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  • From this Chapter we will study thermal properties of matter, that is what means the terms “hot” or “cold”, what is the difference between “heat” and “temparature”, and the laws relative to these concepts. We will know that the thermal phenomena are determined by internal motions of molecules inside a matter. There exists a form of energy which is called thermal energy, or “heat”, which is the total energy of all molecular motions, or internal energy.

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  • With an annual human population growth rate of 2.4%, the present 77.4 million Ethiopia’s human population will increase to about 149.3 million by the year 2040 (FAO 2005). The rural to urban ratio will also continue to change and is expected to increase in favour of urban population in the coming 25 years. The current rural and urban distribution of 84.7% and 15.3% will gradually reach 80.1% and 19.9% by the year 2020 (CSA 2008). Vulnerable age groups (up to 14 years) will account for 34% of the population.

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