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  • Whether you are creating drawings of females, males, or even animals, there are a few things you need to consider. Women are softer and more delicate than men. I don't think many would disagree with that statement. When drawing them, you will want to keep that foremost in mind. As with drawing faces,good construction is a must. Once you have a good feel for the construction of the head, you can begin to focus on the more subtle details of creating drawings of females. The beauty of the face comes with the proper proportions first. Get those right and...

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  • Giraffe characteristics: Very tall with long neck (elongated neck vertebrae) and long limbs. Bony prominences of neck vertebrae can be seen on the surface; brachiocephalicus and omotransversarius muscles, which usually cover the neck, begin low on the side of the neck, rather than up at the skull and first neck vertebra. Back line slopes downward toward rear. Usually three, permanent, bony "horns" in both male and female, covered with skin and fur.

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  • Ox (domestic cattle) characteristics: Unbranched, permanent horn has bony core covered with hard sheath, present usually in both male and female. Horns often cut off by owner ("polled"). No front teeth (incisors) in upper jaw; lower incisors press against toughened skin of palate. Ulna complete, but thin and fused to thicker radius. Only the upper and lower ends of the fibula are present, connected by a fibrous cord that replaces the shaft. The lower end is attached to the underside of the outer portion of the tibia. Four digits with hoofs per limb. Two central toes are large and...

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  • Portrait Art - Free Charcoal Lesson Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques) Originally written Jan 2004 Copyright: G.Banns Like the previous Drawing People - female figure in charcoal, this free art lesson on sketching faces again uses charcoal and a brush, though this time the water is added to charcoal particles, a red earth-like pastel is used, and the paper is prepared before use. The walrus moustache and hair of this 19th century philosopher, make it an ideal subject for the medium using a more coarse, hog's hair brush to render the textures in a rapid...

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  • Institutional and political developments since the end of theColdWar have led to a revival of public interest in, and anxiety about, international law. Liberal international law is appealed to as offering a means of constrain- ing power, representing universal values and governing relations between sovereign states. This book brings together scholars who draw on jurispru- dence, philosophy, legal history and political theory to analyse the stakes of this turn to international law.

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  • Drawing people and figure art is exciting and challenging in any medium in this short art lesson we will produce a fairly small rendering of the female nude in vine charcoal. Charcoal is typically a medium to be loved or loathed. In an instant it can create those rich blacks that any graphite artist will envy, having squandered hours to achieve the same result. However, there comes a price, and that price is dust.

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  • The "Fashion figure templates for fashion portfolio ©" is a collection of professionally illustrated female and male fashion figure templates. The book came into being because of my desire to provide students, without refined skills in illustrating, a tool to make professional looking presentations.

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  • Drapery in sculpture and art has a function. It acts as clothing: as a way of both seeing and yet obscuring the figure. It draws attention to the body while covering it. It often lies next to a nude as fallen clothing. It plays a part in the narratives of sculpted story telling. It indicates how the female form should be seen and what parts of the body should be made visible through the draped veiling. Drapery has been an influential artistic conceit in the Western world since early antiquity and artists have revisited the form and function of drapery...

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