East meets west

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  • Macrobiotics does not require any change in your religion, way of thing, or personal lifestyle. It requires only that you eat in harmany with your enviroment. By eating well, you will create order and balance in your daily life.

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  • August 11, South Bend, Ind. —I feel His gaze. I feel those granite eyes on me before I turn to meet them. Making my unhurried way across the Notre Dame campus on a still August evening, heading east on a thoroughfare named for one Moose Krauss, I am captivated, as usual, by the monument to my right, the tan-bricked colossus that is Notre Dame Stadium. I’ve covered huge 3. Texas 6. USC 8. LSU 10. Ok AP PRESEASON TOP 10* 1. Ohio State 2. Notre Dame 4. Auburn 5. West Virginia 7. Florida 9.

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  • We, the government-recognized representatives of ministries concerned with health in prisons, the WHO Collaborating Centre in the Department of Health, United Kingdom, representatives of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Quaker Council for European Affairs, the Quaker United Nations Office, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, the AIDS Foundation East-West and other international organizations with expert knowledge of health in prisons throughout Europe and in the United States of America, note with concern that current arrangements in criminal justice system...

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  • As I leaf through my own "ACL (Historical)" file (which, I am frightened to observe, goes back to the Fourth Annual Meeting, in 1966), and focus in particular on 1977, when I was President, it strikes me that pretty much everything significant that happened in the Association that year was the work of other people. Don Walker was completing the mammoth task of transferring all of the ACL's records from the East Coast to the West, paying off our indebtedness to the Center for Applied Linguistics, and in general getting the Association onto the firm financial and organizational footing...

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