Education and intervention

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  • Medical practitioners and health care educators must be continually vigilant of the growing and ever-changing health issues related to girls and women who lead an active lifestyle and participate in sports and exercise. There have been landmark legislations that have changed the social perception that girls and women not only can, but should be physically active. With any changing social milieu, there are evolving health issues associated with the journey.

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  • Infant mental health is a significant public health issue as early adversity and exposure to early childhood stress are significant risk factors that may have detrimental long-term developmental consequences for the affected children. Negative outcomes are seen on a range of areas such as physical and mental health, educational and labor market success, social network and establishing of family.

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  • Infant mortality rates are still high in Ethiopia. Breastfeeding is regarded as the simplest and least expensive strategy for reduction of infant mortality rates. Community-based educational and support interventions provided prenatally and postnatally are effective in increasing breastfeeding rates. However, such interventions are not widely implemented in Ethiopia.

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  • The present study was conducted in two state agricultural universities i.e., one from north and one from south part of India. The universities were selected purposively based on the utilization of ET for creating better teaching approaches among teachers. Teachers of these two universities were randomly selected as a respondent from various departments.30 respondents from one university and 30 from other, thus the sample size of the study being 60. Data was collected through interview schedule and collected data were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis.

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  • Continuing education (CE) is the process by which health professionals keep up to date with the latest knowledge and advances in health care. However, the CE “system,” as it is structured today, is so deeply flawed that it cannot properly support the development of health professionals. CE has become structured around health professional participation instead of performance improvement. This has left health professionals unprepared to perform at the highest levels consistently, putting into question whether the public is receiving care of the highest possibly quality and safety....

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  • This edition has been revised by Ineke Puls, Gert Wouter Bouwman and Gert de Lange of PTC+ , Barneveld, under the guidance of Farzin Wafadar Aqhdam. Agromisa kindly acknowledges their contributions and critical comments. We also acknowledge the financial support of the World’s Poultry Science Association, which made it possible to publish this Agrodok in several languages.

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  • ctivities to promote reflection are now being incorporated into under- graduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education, and across a variety of health professions. The evidence to support and inform these curricular interventions and inno- vations remains largely theoretical. Further, the literature is dispersed across several fields, and it is unclear which approaches may have efficacy or impact. We, therefore, designed a literature review to evaluate the existing evidence about reflection and reflective practice and their utility in health professional education.

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  • Chapter 11 - Nurse note documentation, level 3. After completing Chapter 11, the students will be able to: Carry out documentation of patient education and response, identify patient response to interventions, carry out documentation re-assessment/revision of goals, use Todo/Reminders within the Nurse Note.

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  • Stony Brook has several ways to integrate PPHE into its residency programs. A key step is to incorporate home visits into the community medicine rotation, which all residents experience. Visits to special needs schools and early intervention centers, as well as early intervention program home visits will be continued in the community medicine and behaviorial-development rotations that all residents also experience. The didactic lectures have been integrated into regularly scheduled conference days. ...

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  • Growth and development are terms that refer to dynamic processes that begin at conception. Human growth is the progressive increase in physical size of a child whereas; human development is progressive acquisition of various skills and abilities. The process of growth and development is predictable and it follows a sequence. Both processes go hand in hand, are interrelated and none occurs apart from the other but the rates at which it occurs might be different. The present paper is an attempt to summarize concept of growth and development.

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  • Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and moderate to severe intellectual disability (ID) face many challenges. There is little evidence-based research into educational settings for children with ID and ASD and in France. Little is known about how this unserved population could benefit from intervention and education.

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  • An educational divide reigns supreme in Bangladesh giving way to socio-economic inequality, reflecting the nature of the statecraft, the contestations within the socio-economic fabric, and the level of exercise of rights by the populace. Thus, the present anthology investigates into role of education in nation building and linkages with knowledge and empowerment. Given the current socio-economic and political transition in Bangladesh, such a publication of collections is timely and fundamental....

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  • This report examines the sectors that are expected to grow and develop over the next several years. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will create new opportunities in already-expanding industries such as health care and education, and also will create new opportunities in fledgling industries, such as renewable energy production and distribution. Employers demand workers who can think critically and solve problems. As a result, future prosperity will require greater worker investment in post-secondary education and training. The current U.S.

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  • Adolescents exposed to the interventions in Site B were more likely to support use of contraceptives by unmarried adolescents than those in Site A, and a similar pattern was seen for contraceptive use by married adolescents. Adolescents who were exposed to the intervention showed more favorable attitudes regarding use of condoms by unmarried adolescents than the non-exposed in both Site A and B. The analysis also revealed a more positive attitude towards health facilities for contraceptive and STI services compared with pharmacies as a source of supplies and services.

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  • The Janus kinase–signal transducer and activator of transcription (JAK–STAT) pathway is utilized by a range of cytokines (interferons, IL-2 and IL-6 amongst others) that control survival, proliferation and differentiation responses in diverse cell types. The realisation that unregulated activation of this pathway is a key driver of not only chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and psoriasis, but also many cancers has identified its components as targets for therapeutic intervention by small molecule inhibitors and biologicals.

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  • In the last 20 years, national and international interest has become increasingly focused on Women’s Health. Throughout the world, this important health care discipline has traditionally been underserved and specifi c conditions undertreated. The National Women Health Network (1975), the Women’s Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health (1991), and the Global Alliance for Women’s Health of the United Nations (1994) are a few examples of the many comprehensive efforts to increase education, advocacy, research, and resources for Women’s Health issues....

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  • An option of longstanding interest is prevention—interventions that prevent or delay the occurrence of the very diseases that drive these costs. There are three kinds of prevention. Primary prevention can be accomplished by modifying unhealthy behaviors (e.g., smoking, physical inactivity), which cause many diseases and account for 38% of all deaths in the United States, 6 administering immunizations to prevent infectious diseases, and reducing exposure to harmful environmental factors.

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  • As an example, consider the case where several net- work packets arrive for a socket. We could consider each incoming packet as a discrete event, recording one event for each packet. However, the number of incoming pack- ets is essentially unbounded, while the amount of mem- ory in the system is finite; we would be unable to provide a guarantee that no events would be lost. The result of the above scenario is that multiple pack- ets are coalesced into a single event.

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  • School-related gender-based violence remains an obstacle to girls’ education. Efforts to address school safety are needed at all levels, including teacher training, community intervention and ministerial policy and practice. Ministries of Education can send a clear message that gender- based school violence will not be tolerated by firmly and quickly prosecuting perpetra- tors. Teacher training should include strong messages about professional and ethical conduct.

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  • The sharp decline in trade, foreign direct investment and access to international financing, poses a risk to the global supply chains that underpin innovation. These supply chains are critical sources of new knowledge and learning. They provide companies with technical expertise, knowledge of foreign markets, critical business contacts and international partners. The current decline of trade and investment flows (Figure 4) could have severe consequences for these knowledge transfers and for innovation at the global level.

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