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  • In this paper, the importance of the 21st century skills or key competences or transversal skills is emphasized. Then, some frameworks of the key competences developed by well-known international organizations are presented and compared. Finally, some recommendations are provided for the educators when they are going to build up a new educational program.

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  • Measures of international competitiveness: Acritical survey include introduction, measures of performance, measures of competitive potential, management process, issues raised by the literature, conclusion.

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  • This paper explores the impact of product market competition on capital structure, whether zero-leverage policy is explained by product market competition. Zero leverage behaviour is not an uncommon phenomenon that can be linked to a wide range of financial theories while product market competition plays a crucial role in formulating corporate decisions in private firms. Results show that the higher degree of product market competition, the more likely firms adopt zero-leverage policy.

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  • The paper examines competitive approach under the principle of determining competitive advantage mentioned by Michael E. Porter in two books "Competitive strategy" and "competitive advantage". Accordingly, the paper will examine the development of the competitive strategies of commercial banks in parallel with the development history of the banking industry in Vietnam. Then, the study applied a fuzzy-AHP method as well as game theory in order to evaluate and select the most competitive Vietnamese commercial banks.

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  • Countries with a high investment GDP ratio benefit from better, competitive products and services. Which increases capital stock for production, more employment, and income; in turn reducing social and income disparities. The Kenyan government envisaged a sustained economic growth of 10% by investing in priority sectors; to become an industrialized middle-income country by the year 2030; though un-achieved to date.

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  • The thesis is expected to clarify the theoretical background of competitiveness on the following aspects: academic debate on the concept of competitiveness and its application in policy-oriented works; analyzing the evolution of the concept of competitiveness based on theories of economic growth; overview of theoretical frameworks of competitiveness developed by international organizations.

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  • This paper reports on the responses of a total of 384 questionnaires from 36 manufacturing companies from the UK and Thailand. The study covers a range of manufacturing sectors including food and beverage, automotive and aerospace industries etc. Findings are reported from each of the two countries followed by a comparative statistical analysis of the similarities and differences. The results show a significant difference between the numbers of manufacturing SME’s that have implemented a formal knowledge management approach.

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  • This paper revolves around the challenges currently tackled by the energy distribution sector, where infrastructural investments play a vital role in both increasing the industry’s internal efficiency and developing national economies. In natural gas and electricity sectors, the liberalisation process began in Europe at the end of the 1990s has triggered a change in the industry’s competitive framework, encouraging investments by companies aiming at improving their industrial and organisational efficiency.

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  • In this paper, the ratio model, a simple currency valuation model proposed by Zhang (2012, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, issue 97, pp. 55–59), is revisited. We use both the ratio and purchasing power parity (PPP) models to value the bilateral real exchange rates (RERs) of five Asian industrial countries and areas, namely, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, against the United States.

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  • This paper is to give answers to the following questions: (i) What are policies for promotion of innovation by enterprises? (ii) What are factors which make impacts to policies for promotion of innovation by enterprises? and (iii) What are criteria for evaluation of policies for promotion innovation by enterprises?

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  • Are the International integration and Urbanization closely related in the process of comprehensive development both economy and society? How does the integration affect the urbanization process in Vietnam? The question is how to effectively integrate and facilitate the process of urbanization in Vietnam has developed rapidly and ensuring sustainability.

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  • SWOC analysis is a strategic planning method used to research external and internal factors which affect company success and growth. Firms use SWOC analysis to determine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges of the firm, products and competition. A study was conducted to investigate the prospects of organic paddy farming in Cauvery Delta Zone of Tamil Nadu for SWOC analysis on organic paddy farming. 180 organic paddy farmers were selected by proportionate random sampling technique.

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  • This paper aims at analyzing aspects that are affecting the competitiveness of Vietnam tourism in relation with other Southeast Asian (ASEAN) countries. The issues to be addressed are as follows: (1) the international tourist market share of Vietnam in ASEAN; (2) Vietnam’s position in competitiveness ranking by the World Economic Forum (WEF); (3) Effectiveness of tourism in Vietnam in relation to ASEAN countries.

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  • Malaysia, being a multi-racial society, faces the challenges of creating knowledge sharing capability in organisations, as cultural values are often reflected in the workplace by individual employees. For organisations, it is not clear whether this diversity has resulted in any form of competitive advantage. Studies have shown that various communities in Malaysia do not bring their respective cultures to work, and as such the company values prevail. This research is based on the demographic study of Informal Knowledge Sharing in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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  • This research is located within the smart city discourse and explores the linkage between smart buildings and an intelligent community, employing the University of Cape Town as a case study. It is also situated within the research stream of Green Information Systems, which examines the confluence between technology, people, data and processes, in order to achieve environmental objectives such as reduced energy consumption and its associated carbon footprint.

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  • A comprehensive online learning programme with more than 200 courses was built by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies between starting with 2009 and 2015, offering development opportunities to the Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) volunteers and staff to broaden their understanding, to strengthen their organisations, and to be better prepared in providing humanitarian aid.

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  • The increased international competition forces companies to sustain and improve market share through the production of a high quality product in a cost effective manner and in a shorter time. Set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE), which is a core element of lean product development approach, has got the potential to decrease time-to-market as well as enhance product innovation to be produced in good quality and cost effective manner. A knowledge-based environment is one of the important requirements for a successful SBCE implementation.

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  • In order for companies to remain competitive they must be able to utilise their knowledge of customers, products, services and resources. This can be instilled in the culture of the organisation, and this becomes paramount when the organisation deals in international markets. This research paper focuses on five main attributes, most pertinent to this study, of culture (identified by Terpstra and Sarathy, and by Gesteland). These attributes are technology and material culture, religion, language, education, and business ethics.

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  • Nowadays, the concept of globalization seems reduced to the size of the market and, export is only one aspect of the phenomenon of globalization. In global industries, it is now the most competitive positions and bases of competitiveness which should be established worldwide. Therefore, globalization raises strategies to become more global rather than local. Those strategies consist in expanding and coordinating all activities of the company worldwide.

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  • The conduct of the electrical networks has known in recent year’s major changes induced mainly by the technological development of power electronics as well as the information systems and communication (Smart Grid), added to this is the integration of intermittent sources of production and competitive requirements advocating the power quality and the continuity of service as major objectives.

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