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English school assignments

Xem 1-20 trên 44 kết quả English school assignments
  • Aims of the study: Investigate the extent to which the students‟ learning autonomy can be enhanced through their participation in project work; explore the students‟ evaluations of the projects assigned to them to develop their learning autonomy.

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  • The study aims at investigating the influence of Google Forms on English majored students’ listening skill at the School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University. There was a controlled group in which the students were given printed homework and an experimental group in which the participants were sent listening homework designed on Google Forms.

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  • Learning Math has never brought all exciting experiences for most students in their learning process. Teaching Math therefore has never been as easy as a pie for teachers either; especially for those working in high-school settings and assigned the responsibilities for providing the core knowledge of certain concepts and formulas in a limited time frame and then making students fully understand and be able to demonstrate their application of what they learn to real-life situations.

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  • Bitter gourd is an important commercial vegetable crop not only in India but also in whole of southeast Asia. Its fruits contain several active compounds and have many medicinal uses as evident from old texts as well as its popularity in modern medicine. Due to limited irrigation facilities and stress on natural resources, getting high yields with minimal input is vital for agriculture in the current scenario and judicious selection and use of mulching can play a big role in water conservation.

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  • Using collaborative teaching method in groups in Geography subjects at Ethnic Minorities University Preparatory Schools not only promotes the positive, self-conscious, creative initiative of students, facilitates students’ participation, sharing experiences and learning ask each other to prepare employees for the assignment of cooperation in the community, through which, many social skills are formed and developed such as social communication skills, problem solving skills, reporting skills, collaborative skills...

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  • The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of integrated information literacy in first-grade science curriculum on students‟ science learning. In this quasi-experimental study, two first-grade classrooms from a public elementary school were randomly assigned into the experimental group and control group. The former accepted an inquiry-based science curriculum infused information literacy using the Super3 model, while the latter accepted the traditional lecture-oriented instruction.

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  • Research objectives: Based on interpretation of the theoretical issues and practical science of construction intelligentsia Marxism-Leninism in schools under VPA, identify requirements and propose solutions built basic Marxist-Leninist scientific intelligentsia in the VPA schools strong in quantity, quality, structure, enough to fulfill the tasks assigned.

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  • The questionnaire consisted of both multiple choice questions and qualitative questions. The quantitative questions focused on two main areas: (a) the usefulness of the course and various course components for the enhancement of the students’ academic writing skills and abilities, and (b) the usefulness of the course in helping them write their other course-work related assignments and research reports.

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  • When providing feedback about very good beers, it is important to identify ways in which the beer can be improved and mention these characteristics on the scoresheet. Any serious flaw or missing aspect of a particular beer style (such as lack of clove character in a Bavarian weizen) generally results in a maximum score around 30. Also, note the cut-off score of 21 determines if a beer adequately represents a particular style. A beer that is strongly infected or that contains a flaw so severe that it makes the beer undrinkable can be assigned a score of 13. A...

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  • Inducted into service at Hazleton, Penna., November 1st, 1917. Sent to Camp Meade, Md., November 2nd, 1917, and assigned as Private to Battery D, 311th Field Artillery. Received rank of Private First Class, February 4th, 1918. Placed on detached service, May 18th, 1918, and assigned as Battery Clerk, First Provisional Battery, Fourth Officers' Training School, Camp Meade. Rejoined Battery D June 27th, 1918, and accompanied outfit to France. Assigned to attend Camouflage School at Camp La Courtine, September 30th, 1918, and qualified as artillery camouflager.

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  • In a detailed descriptive analysis, temporal trends in disease incidence and distribution were examined according to patient age, sex, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, urban versus rural dwelling, region (health board area), and season. Case-patients were assigned rurality and deprivation scores on the basis of their home domicile. For rurality assignment, we used a Statistics New Zealand classification system, which defines 7 grades of rurality on the basis of population size and employment address (18).

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  • Young women work ñ in their homes, communities, schools, with other youth and in the labour force. Just like generations before them, they are working to improve their lives - and the lives of those around them - through everyday tasks such as helping a friend, caring for children, or finishing a homework assignment. But young women who live in poverty continue to find themselves unable to make our economy or society work for them.

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  • A collection of 3208 reported errors of Chinese words were analyzed. Among which, 7.2% involved rarely used character, and 98.4% were assigned common classifications of their causes by human subjects. In particular, 80% of the errors observed in writings of middle school students were related to the pronunciations and 30% were related to the compositions of words. Experimental results show that using intuitive Web-based statistics helped us capture only about 75% of these errors.

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  • This is the frst booklet in a series of four with pictures drawn by a native Finnish artist, Petra Bergström and a Canadian artist who resides in Finland, Annette Hansen� The booklet contains 25 worksheets, which include fve bonus worksheets: a description of differences/similarities (three worksheets) and “What is wrong” (two worksheets) plus 25 A4 pictures�

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  • Maggie Kline teaches third grade in the Center School District. Every year the principal receives dozens of calls from parents requesting that their child be placed in Ms. Kline’s classroom. Ms. Kline is known for her popularity with students and the high-quality work they consistently produce, as well as her positive relationships with parents, teachers, and administrators. Jillian Hanson teaches across the hall from Maggie.

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  • UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY YOUTH SUBSTANCE USE AND HUMAN CAPITAL FORMATION In this chapter, I use data on school assignments and outcomes of students across schools within different metropolitan housing markets to assess parents’ revealed preferences. To preview the results, I find little evidence that parents use Tiebout choice to select effective schools over those with desirable peers, or that schools are on average more effective in markets that offer more choice.

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  • UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY RATES OF RETURN TO ADVANCE EUDUCATION IN ALBERTA AND CANADA Parents exert some control over their children’s school assignment via their residential location decisions, and can exit undesirable schools by moving to a neighborhood served by a different school district. As U.S.

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  • PLANNING AN INTERNATIONAL AUDIT: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION OF INTERNAL AUDITOR JUDGEMENT With nearly as long a pedigree is the idea that these family background effects may operate above the individual level. The school-level association between average student background and average performance is typically much stronger than is the same association at the individual level.

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  • TWO ESSAYS IN INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS: AN EMPIRICAL APPROACH TO PURCHASING POWER PARITY AND THE MONETARY MODEL OF EXCHANGE RATE DETERMINATION I adopt a different strategy: I compare housing markets that differ in the strength of the residential location-school assignment link, and I develop simple reduced-form implications of parental valuations for the across-school distribution of student characteristics and educational outcomes as a function of the strength of this link.

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  • SEQUENTIAL REVEALING OF INFORMATION AND THE RETURNS TO EDUCATIONAL SIGNALS Caution is required, however, in generalizing from this chapter’s results to choice markets that do not link school assignment to residential location. Under Tiebout choice, parents may have to give up desired neighborhood amenities—views, parks, air quality, or characteristics of neighbors—to obtain a more effective school.

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