Equity partnership

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  • After studying chapter 12 you will be able to understand: Identify characteristics of partnerships and similar organizations, compute partner return on equity and use it to evaluate partnership performance, prepare entries for partnership formation, allocate and record income and loss among partners, account for the admission and withdrawal of partners, prepare entries for partnership liquidation.

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  • Midwives are autonomous professionals whose unique and specialist contribution affects the whole population: each of us at the time of birth, the great majority of people who become parents and the half of these who become mothers. Women and their families expect a service that provides clear communication and explanations, effective teamwork, a safe care environment and continuity of care. The midwife’s role is to ensure that these expectations are understood and met.

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  • Foreign investors are significant players in the equity market. Indeed, foreigners are majority investors, especially, in public offering market. Most non-resident investors are domiciled in the U.S. and Europe, introducing an important link between the offering market and conditions overseas (see Figure 5). In August and September 2011, for example, there was no share issuance––several public offerings were canceled or postponed due to investors’ concerns on contagion risks from the euro zone.

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  • w Spin off -- debut independent company created by detaching part of a parent company's assets and operations. w Carve-outs-- similar to spin offs, except that shares in the new company are not given to existing shareholders but sold in a public offering. w Privatization -- the sale of a governmentowned company to private investors.

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  • The case-studies marked an increasingly complex aid environment, with new stakeholders and partnerships for development, and a number of mechanisms seeking to coordinate donor contributions in sectoral and national planning processes. In addition to the sector-wide approaches and poverty-reduction strategy papers that were the focus of country office engagement in 2005, there is an increasing emphasis on reporting and strategizing in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), in particular MDGs 4, 5A and 5B.

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  • The record, however, shows that in many, if not most, developing coun- tries, the poor have by and large not benefited from government pro- grams and projects in these areas. The reason, of course, has been the weak capacity of government. States with weak institutions have to find other ways to deliver basic social services and economic infrastructure to their poor citizens. One of these ways is to work in partnership with private sector and community organizations, sometimes called civil so- ciety.

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  • The quality of dialogue with partner countries (government and civil society representatives) is a key to establishing effective development cooperation policies and to their successful implementation. Partnership, ownership of development processes by the target population, and strengthening of institutional and administrative capacity to effectively manage change, are principles which are now largely shared by all donors. Two issues are given emphasis in the EC’s develop- ment policy in this regard, namely: Role of civil society.

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  • Concerning the social and economic determinants of health, the WCO will aim at strengthening the capacity to collect health-relevant socioeconomic data to support evidence- based policies on equity and health by promoting equity-based approaches on health nationwide and supporting the setup of a core number of equity-related indicators. Chronic Malnutrition, Health Promotion, Knowledge Management and Information Sharing, Emergency Preparedness and Response will be the other main domains to be addressed by the WCO within the health determinants priority.

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