Expectations of service

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  • The study has been conducted on a sample of (1000) customer was randomly selected from the customers of all surveyed banks. The quality of service was measured by applying the gap model (the difference between the customers’ perceived, and their expected quality).data required for this study has been collected by a question0naire which was designed for this purpose.

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  • In this paper, we propose a framework to adaptively meet the expected Quality of Service (QoS) attributes of web services under high number of requests using service replication. The proposed framework uses Holt’s Linear and Exponential Smoothing (HLES) time series technique to smooth and provide short term predictions of the response times and the requests arrival rates for the accessed web services.

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  • As indicated by the results, remarkable pedagogical skills and excellent content knowledge are highly expected for TEFL. Further qualitative analysis shows that this ideal image stems from pre-service teachers’ conception of TEFL’ roles as transmitters of knowledge, and that teaching is considered a profession with certain sets of expertise required. Overall, the research has demonstrated FELTE pre-service teachers’ expectations of teacher qualities, which to some extent, also revealed their didactic beliefs.

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  • Service Gap Model concerns with enhancement of service quality. It provides a path to the retailers about closing the gap between customers’ expectations and the perceived service.

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  • Service firms like other organizations are realizing the significance of customer-centered philosophies and are turning to quality management approaches to help managing their businesses. This paper has started with the concept of service quality and has demonstrated the model of service quality gaps. SERVQUAL as an effective approach has been studied and its role in the analysis of the difference between customer expectations and perceptions has been highlighted with support of an example.

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  • This book guides readers through the basics of rapidly emerging networks to more advanced concepts and future expectations of Telecommunications Networks. It identifies and examines the most pressing research issues in Telecommunications and it contains chapters written by leading researchers, academics and industry professionals. Telecommunications Networks - Current Status and Future Trends covers surveys of recent publications that investigate key areas of interest such as: IMS, eTOM, 3G/4G, optimization problems, modeling, simulation, quality of service, etc.

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  • The diversity that exists in Ontario’s classrooms has helped to shape the policy outlined in this document, which is intended to promote good outcomes for English language learners. These students need to learn the language of instruction in English language schools at the same time as they are working towards meeting the curriculum expectations. Implementation of this policy will promote academic achievement among English language learners at the level expected of all learners in Ontario.

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  • Editing this book was a pleasant, but challenging job. I enjoyed reviewing chapters from different domains, bringing up-to-date empirical research studies, excellent literature reviews and controversial issues. This was an instructive experience for me and the authors. We both learned from each other, making different backgrounds a gain-gain situation, by evaluating each chapter critically from different perspectives. We are sure the reader will enjoy the end result: a selection of chapters from different psychology domains....

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  • Lesson NNU "Developing a Service Culture at NNU" Turns recruitment success into retention success. Rising expectations of our customers, Improve our image, Contributes to a pleasant work environment, Facilitate learning,... Hope content useful lesson serves the academic needs and research.

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  • While midnight festivities still echoed the ether was electrified as European air navigation services providers subconscious minds merged on January 1st 2012 hoping that they will perform in accordance with the expectations of the just-born performance scheme. Is this an overture to the page-turner of success or endless soap-opera of debacle?

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  • In the longer run, the service sector is expected to continue ex- panding faster than the overall economy, i.e. the share of the service sector in overall employment will increase. Our baseline scenario for regional office employment does not forecast any big shifts in the regional distribution of the industries. Based on population size and the concentration of services, Istanbul is and will remain by far the largest office market in the country, with the market’s importance as a gateway between Europe and Asia continuing to increase.

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  • Two technologies that have profoundly impacted people on this planet recently are cellular telephony and the Internet. The former, with its tremendous advantages of tetherless and ubiquitous communication capabilities, was accepted worldwide. It met the expectations of a success story for wealthy nations. On the other hand, its reach into the developing and the not-so-prosperous parts of the world was even more profound.

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  • The qualitative study in chapter 3 reveals the pre-service teacher participants’ expectations of a successful practicum and their awareness of both positive support and problems they experienced during their practicum.

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  • The adoption rate of eBooks has multiplied exponentially in University libraries. Libraries prefer buying eBooks rather than in-print books, mainly because of their low cost-structure and also because eBooks are easier to store. However, many library users still prefer to read in-print books, as compared to reading eBooks. This therefore leads to a potential mismatch between the expectations of the library and its users. This study aims to investigate the usage of eBooks in Universities in Hong Kong.

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  • The article advances and describes a new way to strengthen the capacity of health workers in the domain of supply chain management of medicines. Although the focus on SCM in health is relatively recent, a wellfunctioning supply chain system embedded within the overall health system is nowadays recognized as a prerequisite for the continuous availability of quality health commodities. Availability of medicines directly improves the quality of patient care and also enhances trust in the health system, especially by those in need.

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  • Seasonality is one of the most important factors in the tourism industry in Nepal. Economically, it can have many negative influences as a destination, but at the same time it may give a time for improvement of services provided by host community as well as it may recover to the service providers from the stress of the peak season. This paper highlights the pattern of seasonal variation of tourist arrival in Nepal at different time on the monthly and quarterly basis. It is found that the seasonal variation is the maximum in autumn (128.801) and minimum in summer (81.857).

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  • The agriculture sector benefits more from mobile phones in the developing countries as it saves money, time and offers accurate advantage for farmers. The mobile phone system can be used to alert villagers about disease outbreaks and other important agricultural information. Many of the farmers suffer from lack of up to date, accurate market price information because of their remote location, or simply because they don‘t know how and where to get trustworthy information. A study was undertaken to assess the potential and use of mobile phones by farmers.

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  • This book presents innovative proven methods for determining whether a CRM strategy for changing the way a company provides service (by adding new technology, processes, and procedures) will realize the return on the investment projected. The chapters of the book define important terms, identify the main vendors and actors, and set out the benefits CRM users can expect to experience and the functionality that is available.

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  • The size and principal characteristics of a new ship are determined primarily by its mission or intended service. In addition to basic functional considerations, there are requirements such as stability, low resistance, high propulsive efficiency, and navigational limitations on draft or beam, all of which influence the choice of dimensions and form. Within these and other basic constraints, the ship’s structure must be designed to sustain all of the loads expected to arise in its seagoing environment.

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  • THE IMPACT OF LOGISTICS STRATEGY AND LOGISTICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROCESSES ON SERVICE PERFORMANCE If parents select schools for effectiveness, wealthy parents should be better able to obtain effective schools in markets where decentralized governance facilitates the choice of schools through residential location, and student performance should be more tightly associated with peer characteristics in these markets.

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