Exploitation of the living

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  • Most wild animals are urban avoiders, but some others become adapters or exploiters successfully living in urban areas. Often, the latter is assumed to be attracted into cities by readily accessible and digestive anthropogenic food resources. Here, we quantified food preferences of sixteen (eight females and eight males) Chinese mole shrews (Anourosorex squamipes) captured from an urban area for “cafeteria tests” in laboratory. Shrews were presented with twelve foods allocated into three sets (natural animal, natural plant, and anthropogenic food).

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  • Technical advances in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have produced an extraordinary increase in their use around the world and have become part of our daily lives. The possibility of carrying these devices in a pocket, particularly mobile phones, has enabled ubiquitous access to Internet resources. Furthermore, in the life sciences world there has been a vast proliferation of data types and services that finish as Web Services. This suggests the need for research into mobile clients to deal with life sciences applications for effective usage and exploitation.

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  • The lower section of Ma river system is facing complicated salinization, depending on its morphology, slope, tide regime and the increasing effect of climate change. As a result, for effective exploitation of fresh water (salinity ≤ 1.0‰) it needs to take care of the impact of tide regime on rivers’ salinization. Using data of “History of the tide” of Thanh Hoa Hydrometeorology center in some details to limit damages in water supply for irrigation and living of residents in coastal districts of Nga Son, Hau Loc, Hoang Hoa, Quang Xuong, Sam Son city and Thanh Hoa city

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  • The coastal areas of Nghe An Province have the strength to develop fisheries and fishery logistic services. However, fishermen in Nghe An coastal areas have been facing lots of difficulties in exploiting aquatic and sea products because the production and the productivity are decreasing, which causes the decrease in job and income of those who live by near-shore fishing.

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  • CRISPR/Cas9 technology is one of the most powerful and useful tools for genome editing in various living organisms. In higher plants, the system has been widely exploited not only for basic research, such as gene functional analysis, but also for applied research such as crop breeding.

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  • Endophagous herbivorous insects live and feed within plants and lead to the formation of different plant architectures like galls and mines which offers protection from natural enemies. This selective feeding behaviour of the endophagous leaf miner pests is also known to alter plant physiology by manipulating the plant phytohormonal balance for exploiting the plant resources effectively. Cytokinins (CKs) are one of the phytohormones that play a key role in plant morphology, plant defense and leaf senescence.

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  • An applied field of biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine and other fields requiring bioproducts. ( It is the products and exploitation from other fundamental sciences.Traditional Biotechnology Traditional biotechnology refers to a number of ancient ways of using living organisms to make new products or modify existing ones. In its broadest definition, traditional biotechnology can be traced back to human's transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer.

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  • The commercial success of independent youth-oriented pictures such as those of AIP was matched by that of some more edgy and disturbing independent productions in the same generic territory, especially horror.

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  • Urban design is a diffuse and abstract term. It means different things to different people. For those not directly involved in its practice or aware of its effects on their daily lives, it may not mean much, if anything at all. I first heard the term in architecture school, but I didn’t really think much about what it might mean until my schoolmate Jonathan Barnett started using it to describe his aspiration to put together with some of his colleagues a design capability in the New York City government. That opportunity had come up after the election of John Lindsay as mayor in 1966.

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  • In the search for a new framework, we have come to believe strongly in emerging management principles based on the “new science” of complexity that exploit an understanding of autonomous human behavior gained from the study of living systems in nature. Specifically, we have begun to build the notion of complex adaptive systems (CAS) into our management assumptions and practices. Complexity scientists have studied the collective behavior of living systems in nature such as the flocking of birds, schooling of fish, marching of ants and the swarming of bees.

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  • Of late, the coastal ecosystems are highly degraded due to high population and industrial growth (Glasby & Roonwal, 1995; UNEP, 1997). Due to various pollutions including pesticide poisoning (Sen Gupta et al., 1990), over exploitation of water resources by power plant industries and the municipal uses and encroachment for urban developments force the fishing community to the brink of disappearance. When those natural resources are imperilled, so too are the livelihoods of the many people who live and work there.

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  • Finally, the shape of the spending profile over the pay period, and the motivation behind it, are important subjects for study in their own right. Our results add to the debate on whether the industry in “payday loans” exploits self-control problems, by testing whether households in fact experience a struggle for self-control between paydays.

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  • Exploit the power of data-centric and data-driven Android applications with this practical tutorial Master the skills to build data-centric Android applications Go beyond just code by challenging yourself to think about practical use-cases with SQLite and others Focus on flushing out high level design concepts, before drilling down into different code examples In Detail We live in an increasingly data-centric and data-driven world. On top of that we live in a very mobile-centric world with the rise of Android smart phones and tablet devices and the surge in demand for the Android platform....

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  • The model presents a number of general components in the health promoting school. Furthermore, emphasis has been placed on including factors explicitly related to the principles contained in the conference resolution referred to above. The overall aim of the work in Danish health promoting schools is that pupils are enabled to act in relation to their own lives and their living conditions.

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  • Quang Ninh Province, situated in Northeast coast of Vietnam, has about 250km of shoreline, many estuaries, and tidal flats and over 2000 islands. The diversified nature, natural landscapes and ecosystems grant the province a great potential for tourism and specially seafood products. Peanut-worms (Sipunculus nudus) are exploited and used as popular seafood in international and domestic markets as special food of high nutritional and pharmaceutical value.

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  • Studies have consistently shown that birthweight decreases steadily with decreasing social status. 25 Figure 1 shows this decrease in birthweight between the most privileged and the most deprived socio-economic groups among babies born in 2000 enrolled in the UK Millenium Cohort Study. Mothers living in the most privileged socio-economic group had an average birthweight 200gm heavier than those living in the most disadvantages households (workless households).

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  • An extended range of new sensing applications and solutions have emerged in different fields such as rural and forest fire detection [1], monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes [2], transport/logistics [3], and for personal services in areas such as healthcare and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) [4]. These new advanced applications based on a new generation of sensing and communication capabilities are a consequence of the continuous advances in sensor technologies and wireless communication protocols that allow for greater autonomy of sensor nodes.

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  • Conversely, modern biological sciences (including even concepts such as molecular ecology) are intimately entwined and dependent on the methods developed through biotechnology and what is commonly thought of as the life sciences industry.

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  • The objective of medicine is to address people’s unavoidable needs for emotional and physical healing. The discipline has evolved over millennia by drawing on the religious beliefs and social structures of numerous indigenous peoples, by exploit- ing natural products in their environments, and more recently by developing and validating therapeutic and preventive approaches using the scientific method.

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  • The welfare of the donor, and the potential for harm and exploitation within donation practices, should be a key determining factor when considering the ethical acceptability of any system for encouraging people to come forward as donors. While proper consent procedures, underpinned by sufficient information, are clearly essential in order to protect those coming forward as living donors, consent alone may not be sufficient to justify particular donation practices if such practices might put other potential donors, or wider communal values, at risk.

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