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  • Motor vehicle theft is one of the most significant issues facing law enforcement today. This chapter identify types of motor vehicle theft, be familiar with techniques for disposing of stolen motor vehicles, describe challenges associated with the theft investigation of heavy equipment and farm equipment identify major investigative resources, discuss methods for assisting in the identification of a recovered vehicle, list and explain several vehicle theft fraud indicators,…

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  • Finance is all about the systems, institutions and instruments involved in the transfer of funds between individuals, businesses and governments. This includes vital, short-run decisions such as cash management and credit policy, which affect the survival of an organisation, as well as long-term decisions such as investment in plant and equipment, fund-raising, and mergers and takeovers, which determine the wealth of stakeholders. Your studies in finance can lead to career opportunities and also provide useful personal money management strategies.

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  • Growing you own produce is the only way to enjoy delicious, garden-fresh fruit and veg all year round. This practical manual gives you the lowdown on everything from finding the right tools and choosing which plants to grow, to nurturing your crops and bringing in your first harvest. The easy-to-follow advice will help you get started straight away and become a confident and successful kitchen gardener.

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  • John Deereis the world‟s leading manufacturer of farm equipment. In the fall of 2010, the company launched a giveaways campaign, in which the prize was one of its tractors customized by a famous automobile designer. “In a departure from traditional equipment promotions, John Deere has launched its unique Big Buck customized 4020 tractor giveaway, as well as significant purchase incentives on utility tractors for customers for the end of 2009 and into 2010,” read the press releaseannouncing the campaign.

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  • The task force has launched a series of consultations with representatives of the farm and energy sectors, as well as leading environmental organizations, that aims to reach final decisions on the type of biofuels, as well as government funding, by year-end, Raffarin said. At present, fuel tax exonerations on the existing biofuels production cost the government [Euros] 180 million ($221 million) annually, while EU farm subsidies are estimated at nearly double this amount.

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  • When it is necessary to add refrigerant to a system after a loss it indicates that there is a leak in the system. The leak must be located, repaired and the system leak tested. If the leak is found to be on the low side of the system the repair can be made after the system has been ‘pumped down’ to a balance in pressure. Do not draw in any air which contains moisture, especially where hygroscopic ester oils are concerned, (for example R134a). Some oils are not affected and accept the ingress of air and moisture, recovering after a vacuum is drawn with a recovery unit....

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  • Capital ownership costs for milk production (economic depreciation and interest) are computed using the capital recovery approach. Capital recovery is an estimate of the cost of replacing the capital investment for cattle housing, milking facilities, feed storage structures, manure handling and storage structures, feed handling equipment, tractors, trucks, and purchased dairy herd replacements used up in the annual production process, plus interest that the remaining capital could have earned in an alternative use.

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  • The collection of seed from planted trees in a Seed Orchard (SO) Seed Production Area (SPA) generally requires access to seed-bearing branches at heights. High lift machinery or climbing methods can be used to obtain required working heights. High lift machinery is the more efficient option, reducing the risks associated with climbing and chainsaw operation. In cases where high lift machinery is not available or too expensive, climbing is a viable option.

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  • This guide is about the farm as a commercial enterprise operating in a market economy. Generally the word farm has a wider meaning namely land, livestock and crops, farm buildings and a house; and a place where people live and work and where financial-economic aspects are not the only ones which are important for the people who live on the farm.

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  • The objectives of the project are to expand plant quarantine activities in Vietnam through provision of facilities and equipment, and training to staff to standards required for participation in international trade. The project will also develop training materials to provide ongoing training and reference ensuring self-sufficiency. On completion of the project, staff will be competent in the current methods used in disinfestation research, familiar with equipment and technology and able to prepare submissions for international quarantine authorities.

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  • The project is designed to complement an ACIAR project on Fruit Flies in Vietnam. Whereas the ACIAR project will investigate the pest fruit fly species, the crops they attack and levels of damage inflicted, this proposed project under CARD is designed to equip laboratories and staff at three centres under MARD, provide an experimental foundation for production of protein for fruit fly control and animal food and instruct farmers in fruit fly pest management.

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  • Consideration should be given to the question of animal welfare before installing new equipment or adopting new husbandry systems. In general, the greater the restriction imposed on an animal and the greater the complexity of the system or the degree of control that is exercised over temperature, air flow, or food supply, the less the animal is able to use its instinctive behaviour to modify the effect of unfavourable conditions and the greater the chance of suffering if mechanical or electrical failure occurs.

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  • A feather or one speck of fecal matter can carry billions of infectious germs. Avoid unnecessary human traffic, and prevent contact with unsanitary crates, equipment, or vehicles. Always wear clean clothes and footwear each time you return to your poultry production area. Allow visitors only after they have put on properly sanitized footwear, clothing, and hats. Insist that all poultry buyers bring only clean, disinfected crates. equipment, and vehicles into your farm with no visible fecal material or feathers.

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  • Eastern Europe has undergone far-reaching transition from the former Soviet system of collective and state farms to new agrarian structures. This has unfolded in many ways, depending on countries’ factor endowment, institutional structure, the share of agriculture in the overall labor force, infrastructure, and the way the reforms were implemented. In areas of low population density where collectives were divided into small plots allocated to members, the plots were quickly rented back by companies with access to finance and machinery.

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  • This standard covers the design, construction, and location of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) installations at marine and pipeline terminals, natural gas processing plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, or tank farms. This standard covers storage vessels, loading and unloading systems, piping, or and related equipment.

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  • 7 Management A farm is like a machine, fuelled by various resources, such as pasture, manpower, soil, water, equipment, crop plants and animals. As the resources become depleted or are used improperly, the profitability of the ‘machine’

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  • A detailed account of the field history, farm maps, crop rotations, and a comprehensive plan of operation for following organic protocols need to be incorporated into the plan. All fields, greenhouses, storage areas, warehouses, and processing facilities used in organic production must be discussed in the OSP. Growers with split operations (organic and conventional production on the same farm) need to include information on how they plan to prevent commingling of the two systems.

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  • Farm mechanization helps in effective utilization of inputs to increase the productivity of land and labour. Besides it helps in reducing the drudgery in farm operations. The early agricultural mechanization in India was greatly influenced by the technological development in England. Irrigation pumps, tillage equipment, chaff cutters, tractors and threshers were gradually introduced for farm mechanization.

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  • It is said that farms having land to grow crops and forage (PK-3 and PK-10R) were relatively most competitive. The PK-10R farm is said to be most viable farm size, and has the potential of challenging competitors in export markets6. Such farms make effective use of technological advances in breeding practices, e.g., artificial insemination, to improve their herd quality. Some of them have also installed their own pasteurization or processing equipment. However, there are only 23% of farmers who fall in the PK-10R category, whereas 70% of the farmers have less than four animals.

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  • Milestone 8: It aims to assess the capacity of Can Tho, NLU and WASI staff: • Design, install and advise the use of appropriate drying and farmers fermentation equipment. • Skill in establishing and management of taste panels, cocoa sense analysis and biometry procedures. • Analyze and report test farm in Ben Tre, Tay Nguyen and Successful sites, including financial analysis of farmers oriented quality cocoa improvement interventions

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