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  • We present a method for identifying the positive or negative semantic orientation of foreign words. Identifying the semantic orientation of words has numerous applications in the areas of text classification, analysis of product review, analysis of responses to surveys, and mining online discussions. Identifying the semantic orientation of English words has been extensively studied in literature. Most of this work assumes the existence of resources (e.g. Wordnet, seeds, etc) that do not exist in foreign languages. ...

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  • The recent approach to language teaching and learning has been focusing on communication as getting things done in the utilitarian sense. However, the core of communication, if it wishes to mean anything significant to the world at all, should be self-expression. The ultimate aim of foreign language teaching, therefore, should be to create individual learners who have their own foreign language personalities and know how to express themselves in the target language.

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  • Studying grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. You will think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying a sentence like a native. Remember that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of all the grammar rules. Many ESL students know more grammar than native speakers. I can confidently say this with experience. I am a native English speaker, majored in English Literature, and have been teaching English for more than 10 years. However, many of my students know more details about English grammar than I do. I can easily...

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  • The GRE Subject Tests are designed to help graduate school admission committees and fellowship sponsors assess the qualifications of applicants in specific fields of study. The tests also provide you with an assessment of your own qualifications. Scores on the tests are intended to indicate knowledge of the subject matter emphasized in many undergraduate programs as preparation for graduate study. Because past achievement is usually a good indicator of future performance, the scores are helpful in predicting success in graduate study.

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  • E L James is a TV executive, wife and mother of two, based in West London. Since early childhood, she dreamt of writing stories that readers would fall in love with, but put those dreams on hold to focus on her family and her career. She finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with her first novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. E L James is currently working on a new romantic thriller with a supernatural twist

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  • The Old Man and the Sea is a novel[2] written by the American author Ernest Hemingway in 1951 in Cuba, and published in 1952. It was the last major work of fiction to be produced by Hemingway and published in his lifetime. One of his most famous works, it centers upon Santiago, an aging fisherman who struggles with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.[3] The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953 and was cited by the Nobel Committee as contributing to the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature...

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  • In other words, we exclude both the analysis of other (non-economic) foreign policies with an impact on the development of development-aid-receiving countries, and the coherence between the instruments and objectives of international development cooperation policy. Some of these aspects are covered in previous papers on the coherence of Spain’s development policies, such as Alonso and FitzGerald (2003). Very broadly speaking, the development of aid-receiving countries has been established as the objective we have to be consistent with.

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  • I WAS born in the year 1632, in the city of York, of a good family, though not of that country, my father being a foreigner of Bremen, who settled first at Hull. He got a good estate by merchandise, and leaving off his trade, lived afterwards at York, from whence he had married my mother, whose relations were named Robinson, a very good family in that country, and from whom I was called Robinson Kreutznaer; but, by the usual corruption of words in England, we are now called - nay we call ourselves and write our name -...

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  • First, you need the practice of developing a model. Even if you end up reproducing exactly something that is in the literature already you will have learned a lot by doing it|and you can feel awfully good about yourself for developing a publishable idea! (Even if you didn't get to publish it yourself : : : ) Second, you might come up with a di erent approach than is found in the literature. If you look at what someone else did your thoughts will be shaped too much by their views|you are much more likely to be original if you plunge right in and try to develop your...

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  • The Love Spirits—The Little Girls who came from the Stars is a fantastic adventure book which includes nonfictional facts. The author has created a marvelous Love story, making use of his knowledge of more than 10 years of study of Parapsychology and Paranormal sciences in general, as well as of important information gathered during the investigations he has participated in concerning the kidnappings of Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann.

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  • SQL injection attacks pose a serious security threat to Web appli- cations: they allow attackers to obtain unrestricted access to the databases underlying the applications and to the potentially sensi- tive information these databases contain. Although researchers and practitioners have proposed various methods to address the SQL injection problem, current approaches either fail to address the full scope of the problem or have limitations that prevent their use and adoption.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Wertheim cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: An interesting journey of an ingested needle: a case report and review of the literature on extraabdominal migration of ingested Foreign bodies...

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  • The way in which examinations influence teaching and learning is commonly described as “washback” or “backwash”. A number of definitions have been proposed for the term “washback” throughout the published research and literature on language testing. This study starts with a focus on the various definitions of backwash or washback. Next, it examines the similar concept terms defined by other researchers. By reviewing the variety of definitions, the researcher’s own view of washback will be reached. Comes after that are the explorations of different types of washback. ...

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  • It would appear that for inquirers into Foreign Literature, for all men anxious to see and understand the European world as it lies around them, a great problem is presented in this Goethe; a singular, highly significant phenomenon, and now also means more or less complete for ascertaining its significance. A man of wonderful, nay, unexampled reputation and intellectual influence among forty millions of reflective,serious and cultivated men, invites us to study him; and to determine for ourselves, whether and how far such influence has been salutary, such reputation merited.

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  • By means of econometric methods, the information contained in options prices can be extracted. In the literature, two methods are most frequently chosen, namely the implied volatility and the risk-neutral density. The latter approach extends the frequently used concept of the volatility implicit in option prices to modelling the probabilities that market participants assign to all possible price levels of the underlying instrument. The entire RND offers a wider information set as it includes the third (skewness) and the fourth (kurtosis) moment of a distribution.

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  • As California local agencies are becoming involved in the interest rate swap market, knowledge of the basics of pric ing swaps may assist issuers to better understand initial, mark-to-market, and termination costs associated with their swap programs. This report is intended to provide treasury managers and staff with a basic overview of swap math and related pric ing conventions.

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  • FDI and growth in Vietnam: A critical survey. More than ever, countries at all levels of development seek to leverage FDI for development and adopt measures aimed at improving their investment climate. Despite the exhaustive literature on the topic however, results on growth effects of FDI still remain controversial.

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  • References for teachers, elementary school, preschool professional English - Disney first look bird. Disney Featuring Winnie The Pooh And Friends..Padded Hard Backed Book Has Beautifully Illustrated Close-Up Pictures Of Many Wonderous & Breathtaking Animals, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Sea Creatures & Insects.

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  • The use of literature in foreign language teaching has greatly increased over the past few years. The materials and activities that derive from literary texts are a great aidto learning in that they appeal to the learners’ imagination, increase motivation and,above all, create a rich and meaningful context. Among the techniques available tothe teacher, storytelling is one of the most frequently used, especially with beginnersand false beginners.

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