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  • There is also diversity with regard to final beneficiaries: many providers target people excluded from mainstream financial services (47% of respondents of the latest EMN survey) and women (44%); moreover, ethnic minorities and/or immigrants (41%), young (29%) and disabled people (21%) are amongst the top ranks (see Jayo et al, 2010). Priority outreach to these specific target groups show the high social focus of microfinance in Europe.

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  • The focus group then defined a mass gathering as a subset of a special event. Mass gatherings are usually found at special events that attract large numbers of spectators or participants. Both special events and mass gatherings require the kind of additional planning identified in the previous quote. For example, an amusement park that attracts a large number of people is not considered a special event because large crowds are expected. A mass gathering does not imply that the event is a special event.

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  • In many European countries incineration is used as an important means of waste disposal in urban areas. The proportion of waste disposal by this route varies across Europe, from 13% in Italy to 53% in Switzerland, with an average value of 20 %. However, in some countries (for example, Portugal, Spain) the use of incineration is not used or is under consiration as a new option for waste disposal. Two main types of pollutants (combustion gases and fly ash) are emitted from incinerators.

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  • ARC’s report and to provide a recommendation of conditional approval or denial to the AMS Administrator. If approved by the AMS Administrator, the agent can begin certifying operations, although the accreditation process is not complete until the successful completion of an onsite review which further ensures that certifying agents are following NOP regulations. ARC is charged with scheduling and completing the onsite evaluations of all agents, foreign and domestic, within a reasonable amount of time following initial accreditation.

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  • Previously, we (Cutting et al 2010; 2011a; 2011b) amassed 150 films for cinemetric analysis. We chose ten films fromfifteen release years at five-year intervals from1935 to 2005. All were English-language films, 139 were at least partlymade in the United States, and 124 were in color. Films were selected from among those with the highest box-office gross for their given year or, before these statistics were systematically kept (beginning in 1977), from among the most rated films on the InternetMovie Database (

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  • Technology stakeholders and critics were asked in an online survey to assess scenarios about the future social, political, and economic impact of the Internet and they said the following: • The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the Internet for most people in the world in 2020. • The transparency of people and organizations will increase, but that will not necessarily yield more personal integrity. social tolerance, or forgiveness. • Talk and touch user-interfaces with the Internet will be more prevalent and accepted by 2020.

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  • Governance arrangements must cover all internal agency reporting lines and lines of accountability, including relevant agency boards or executive committees. For example the ‘sponsor’ may report directly to the agency head and minister, as well as to an internal agency executive committee, and to external advisory or steering groups; the project manager may report to the project ‘leader’ or directly to the ‘sponsor’ but may also be accountable to an ad hoc working group or task force.

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  • In restaurants that offer high-quality wine, customers are provided with a wine list from which to consider their selection. A common practice is to sort the wines into white, red, and sparkling wines, and then group by varietal and/or origin within each subset. In many instances, restaurants supply a description of the sensory qualities of the wine along with the brand, vintage, origin, and price.

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  • The Graduate Certificate allows students who are unable to complete the Graduate Diploma or Masters Degree in International and Development Economics to receive certification by completing three courses over one year, or intensively during one semester. There is a strong analytical and quantitative component and you should be capable of undertaking studies in mathematics and statistics at a fairly advanced level. Bridging courses in mathematics, economics and statistics are available.

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  • Institutions are responsible for providing ready access to reference material in print or electronic format (IR I.B.7.). Program sites that have online reference materials are expected to provide access to residents. Typically, this means that residents have access to computers with internet access in rooms that are conveniently located and easily accessible but secure. If online access is not possible, then access to a collection of specialty-specific print materials is required.

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  • There are a variety of filing requirements based not only on the types of entities involved in the merger, but also the domicile of the entities merging and whether or not any foreign (out-of-state) entities are qualified to transact business in the State of California. It is not feasible to provide information and sample documents for each set of circumstances. Documents must be drafted in accordance with applicable law, dependent upon the particular circumstances of the entities involved.

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  • A number of studies explore whether pre-tax income changes in response to tax policy. Pre-tax income would change if households alter their real economic behavior (i.e., their actual behavior, such as working hours, rather than changes made only on paper) or if they pursue tax-avoidance strategies, such as sheltering income offshore. The literature on this issue suggests that households do pursue some tax avoidance strategies in light of changes in their tax rates, rather than alter their real economic behavior.

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  • The most important thing that your teachers will be looking for as you make your choices is evidence: either evidence that you are good enough to take the subject at advanced level, or evidence that you are interested enough in a subject to take it at advanced level if you have not studied it before. Another factor to consider if you are aiming for incredibly competitive courses at university, such as Medicine, is that you may require a very high performance in standard level qualifications.

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  • GHI will contribute to the strengthening of the Kenyan health system by accelerating support for the following areas currently being implemented by one or most USG partners: (1) Leadership and Management: promoting broad partnerships in building capacity for delivery of quality health services at national, county and district levels; (2) Policy: developing local capacity for effective advocacy to sustain broad political will required for allocation of greater GOK resources for health and implementation of relevant policies and guidelines; (3) Human Resources for Health: impro...

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  • This report is not a “how to guide.” It is a vehicle to present the initial work we have done toward the development of the “roadmap” previously discussed. Organizations looking for assistance in building or improving incident management capabilities should look to our other publications and available training as outlined at our main web site for CSIRT Development, Much of our initial work to date has been within the CSIRT community. This report, although applicable to broader incident management processes, is written from a CSIRT perspective.

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  • We investigate the effect of a corporate culture of sustainability on multiple facets of corporate behavior and performance outcomes. Using a matched sample of 180 companies, we find that corporations that voluntarily adopted environmental and social policies many years ago – termed as High Sustainability companies – exhibit fundamentally different characteristics from a matched sample of firms that adopted almost none of these policies – termed as Low Sustainability companies.

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  • Though the fraction of energy-related CAP emissions for the wood products sector is larger than the energy-related fraction for pulp and paper, due to the greater energy requirements of the pulp and paper industry, on a ton-basis energy-related CAP emissions are much larger for the pulp and paper sector than they are for wood products sector.

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  • In addition to the above items, Section U of the manual illustrates how journal entries are to be made. The entries represent a complete fiscal year ~ from award of a general supp0l1 grant to first year closing. This section also includes general ledger postings, a trial balance, a Federal Cash Transactions Report, Financial Status Rep0l1s for a general support grant and a project grant, and financial statements that include a Schedule ofBudgeted and Actual Costs. Illustrations of the latter three are intended to help councils prepare these reports expeditiously.

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  • In this paper, we estimate the interest rate pass-through from money market to bank interest rates using various heterogeneous panel cointegration techniques to address bank heterogeneity. Based on our micro-level data from the Czech Republic, the results indicate that the nature of interest rate pass-through differs across banks in the short term (rendering estimators that constrain coefficients across groups to be identical inconsistent) and becomes homogeneous across banks only in the long term, supporting the notion of the law of one price.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to suggest that there are excellent opportunities in China for New Zealand exporters, and to comment on appropriate ways of taking advantage of these opportunities. The information on which this paper is based was obtained mainly by desk research, supplemented by face to face interviews with Chinese trade officials, traders, marketing experts, and economists in China and New Zealand. No attempt was made to investigate opportunities for the export of services; the study was limited to consideration of opportunities for the export of goods. ...

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