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  • Within this setting of a dynamic, private marketing system, the role of the Federal Government is to help keep the marketing of agricultural commodities flowing in an orderly and efficient manner, to promote effective distribution, to eliminate speculation and waste, and to stabilize the marketing of agricultural commodities. A brief summary of current programs and activities is given below. However, it must be realized that as the marketing system continues to evolve, there will be corresponding changes in the programs, services or activities of the Federal Government. ...

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  • On September 7th , Italy signed a bilateral agreement to promote projects in China ahead of the World Expo Shanghai 2010. The agreement is the latest of seven bilateral environmental accords signed by Italy so far this year, and it continues a three-year history of environmental cooperation between Italy and China. The agreement was signed by Corrado Clini, director general of Italy's Environment Ministry, and Xu Zuxin, the head of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Agency.

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  • In line with the ongoing fiscal consolidation, government consumption is expected to contract moderately in 2013. There are somewhat better prospects for an earlier recovery of investment. Gross fixed capital formation has been held back by overcapacities and the worsening outlook for GDP. However, with low financing costs in the EU as a whole and good self- financing capacities of non-financial corporations, equipment investment is set to pick up supported by the expected recovery of global demand and restoration of confidence in the EU.

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  • The logic of the basic process is to diagnose the gender condi- tions that inhibit growth, poverty reduction, and well-being in a par- ticular country; and then, based on this diagnosis, to work with the country to identify the gender-responsive development actions that would be strategic from the government’s point of view. Where such actions involve Bank assistance, gender considerations will be integrated into Bank operations in sectors that the diagno- sis suggests are critical for poverty reduction or economic growth, and quality and outcomes will be monitored.

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  • Despite some regional variation, overall there was intensive recruitment of new nursing graduates in Canada until 2010 when the economic downturn began to result in position cutbacks. Reports across the country indicated that new graduates were experiencing difficulty in finding employment. This change in demand is being attributed to economic factors and to provincial/territorial government policies aimed at increasing the use of practical nurses in positions previously held by registered nurses.

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  • This third edition of The Corporate Finance Handbook is intended for the directors and owners of businesses whose continuing prosperity and growth depend upon putting in place and maintaining an appropriate balance of external funding.

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  • Several years ago the Open University in Heerlen and Maastricht University decided to launch a course on ‘Climate and the Environment’, with a diverse team of authors. Both natural and social scientists, from several regions of the world, contributed to this book. Initially, the book was intended as a textbook within this course for students of Environmental Sciences programmes at the Open University and Maastricht University. As the book developed it became clear that it would be an excellent source to anyone professionally engaged in the wide area of the enhance greenhouse effect....

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'getting started with facebook marketing apis', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, tiếp thị - bán hàng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The Hollywood Renaissance embraced aspects of ‘art’ cinema to some extent, but it proved short-lived, the product of a period of transition that soon passed in the later 1970s, with both the consolidation of a blockbuster-centred regime in Hollywood and a political turn to the right in American culture. Space for edgier, more questioning or ‘difficult’ filmmaking was generally reduced in Hollywood from the end of the decade.

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  • The effect of movies on the appearance of children as witnesses in German courts is particularly noticeable. Children, juveniles, and adults were asked by Petra Wolf what they knew about courts. The source of information they most often mentioned was movies, especially American crime movies and courtroom dramas. A group of psychologists from Kiel who published a book for the preparation of children as witnesses found out that, even after seeing pictures of a German courtroom, children still believed that the judge would have a gavel or at least wear a wig.

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  • Sensor networks typically consist of tens to hundreds of small, battery-powered, radio-equipped nodes. These nodes usually have a small, embedded microprocessor, running at a few Mhz, with a small quantity of RAM and a larger Flash memory. The Berkeley mica2 Mote is a popu- lar sensor network hardware platform designed at UC Berkeley and sold commercially by Crossbow Corporation. It has a 7 Mhz processor, a 38.6Kbps radio with ~100 foot range, 4KB of RAM and 512KB flash, runs on AA batter- ies and uses ~15 mA in active power consumption and ~10 µA when asleep.

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  • Since 1980, the principal form of crop loss assistance in the United States has been provided through the Federal Crop Insurance Program. The Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980 was intended to replace disaster programs with a subsidized insurance program that farmers could depend on in the event of crop losses. Crop insurance was seen as preferable to disaster assistance because it was less costly and hence could be provided to more producers, was less likely to encourage moral hazard, and less likely to encourage producers to plant crops on marginal lands.

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  • As seen in Table 5, the average WHP caseload of non-PPFA facilities in the five areas ranges from 21 per provider in Hidalgo County to 112 in Dallas. If Planned Parenthood affiliates were excluded from WHP, the remaining non-PPFA clinics would have to absorb a massive increase in WHP patients in order to maintain the overall 2011 caseload level. Non-PPFA clinics in Bexar and Dallas Counties would have to double their capacity. Lubbock County providers would need to expand by 250% if the Planned Parenthood affiliate was excluded.

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  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes clothing or other special equip- ment that is issued to individual workers to provide protection against actual or potential exposure to ionizing radiations. It is used to protect each worker against the prevailing risk of external or internal exposure in circumstances in which it is not reasonably practicable to provide complete protection by means of engineering controls or administrative methods. Adequate personal protection depends on PPE being correctly selected, fitted and maintained.

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  • Growth in MCFC shipments is expected for 2012; FCE can currently manufacture up to 90 MW per year at its plant in Connecticut and as of 30 April 2012 its backlog stood at 52.4 MW. In Korea in particular, where there have been a number of megawatt-class installations already, demand for fuel cell baseload power is growing rapidly and delivery of stacks to POSCO Energy under a 70 MW order has been accelerated. The Seoul Metropolitan Government intends to install 50 MW of distributed fuel cell power in 2012, mainly to support the subway system, towards a target total for...

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  • Rehydration consists not only of the ingestion of water but also of its absorption and distribution throughout the body tissues. Because of large buffering capacity of their alimentary tract, ruminants are able to drink large quantities of water in a very short time after a period of privation. Animals without this capacity are rarely able to take all their requirements in one short session, mainly due to the problems associated with haemolysis. Some non-ruminants are, however, capable of rapid drinking, including dogs and donkeys.

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  • Our healthcare practitioners will develop a deep appreciation for the healing dynamic of the physician- patient relationship, in which compassionate care is manifested by attentive listening, empathy, respect and commitment. They will provide highly competent, safe and patient-centered care while demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and sensitivity to the diverse personal and cultural contexts in which medical care is delivered.

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  • The half-life of UPA is 32.4 hours, which means that most of the drug is eliminated by 1 week and the interaction with hormonal contraception is likely to be clinically insignificant by this time. If a hormonal method is quick started the CEU advises use of additional contraceptive precautions for 1 week after taking UPA plus the time required for contraceptive efficacy to be established (see Summary on page iv).

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  • The use of hospital admission rates for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs) has become an established tool for analyzing access to care [1,2]. ACSCs are conditions for which good outpatient care can potentially prevent the need for hospitalization. High rates of hospital admissions for ACSCs may provide evidence of problems with patient access to primary healthcare, inadequate skills and resources, or a mismatch in services.

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  • As the Baby Boomers begin to retire, their many trillions of dollars of savings and investments are shifting from accumulation to decumulation, making the ideas and techniques described in Lifetime Financial Advice timely and necessary. We hope and expect that researchers will continue to follow this path in the future by placing a much greater emphasis on life-cycle finance than in the past. We intend that upcoming Research Foundation monographs will reflect the heightened emphasis on life-cycle finance.

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