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Group of words

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  • HSK Standard Course 4下 Textbook includes 10 lessons, covering about 300 words (half of the Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 groups of confusable phrases. This is Textbook 4下 Part 1, which includes 5 lessons: Lesson 11 读书好,读好书,好读书; Lesson 12 用心发现世界; Lesson 13 喝着茶看京剧; Lesson 14 保护地球母亲; Lesson 15 教育孩子的艺术. Lesson 16 生活可以更美好.

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  • HSK Standard Course 4上 (Textbook) includes 10 lessons, covering about 300 words (half of the Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 groups of confusable phrases. This is Textbook 4上 Part 1, which includes 5 lessons: Lesson 1简单的爱情; Lesson 2真正的朋友; Lesson 3经理对我印象不错; Lesson 4不要太着急赚钱; Lesson 5只买对的,不买贵的.

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  • Ebook HSK Standard Course 5下 (Textbook) includes 18 lessons, covering about 1200 words (half of the Level 5 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 60 language points and 18 groups of confusable phrases. This is Textbook 5下 Part 1, which includes 9 lessons: Lessons 19 家乡的萝卜饼; Lessons 20 小人书摊; Lessons 21 汉字叔叔:一个美国人的汉字情缘; Lessons 22 阅读与思考; Lessons 23 放手; Lessons 24 支教行动; Lessons 25 给自己加满水; Lessons 26 你属于哪一种“忙”; Lessons 27 下棋.

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  • HSK Standard Course 5上 (Textbook) includes 18 lessons, covering about 1200 words (half of the Level 5 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 60 language points and 18 groups of confusable phrases. This is Textbook 5上 Part 1, which includes 10 lessons: Lessons 1 爱的细节; Lessons 2 留串钥匙给父母; Lessons 3 人生有选择,一切可改变; Lessons 4 子路背米; Lessons 5 济南的泉水; Lessons 6 除夕的由来; Lessons 7 成语故事两则; Lessons 8 “朝三暮四”的古今义; Lessons 9 别样鲁迅; Lessons 10 争论的奇迹.

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  • Lecture Advanced computer architecture: Lesson 9 (Part 2). The main topics covered in this chapter include: programmer’s view of the EAGLE, special notation for 16-bit memory words, EAGLE instruction formats, encoding for the GPRs, functional groups of instructions, control instruction and data transfer instruction,...

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  • The article aims to explore the status of the use of local vocabulary in the vegetable section of the northeastern region in Thailand. Use the concept of language change and language loss. This research collects data from 20 words derived from the northeastern dictionary and obtained from an interviewer who tells the language of Isan people. By using the vocabulary data to inquire with the northeastern people in the northeastern region of 60 people, divided into male and female groups of 30 people, aged between 16-20 years.

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  • Identifying whether there are any differences between two groups with real estate purchase intention to live in, who prefer townhouse, villas and those interested in apartment building under the relationship between EWOM perception and real estate purchase intention in Vietnam. Proposing recommendations to use EWOM in developing information channels through the Internet in order to promote real estate market in Vietnam.

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  • This study, therefore, tries to build a research model describing the impact of motivations of using SNSs on social e-WOM and the relationship among social e-WOM, consumers’ trust, attitude and purchasing intention via SNSs. After adjusting the measurement scales by a focus group’s discussion, a quantitative survey was executed using the data collected from 509 SNS users and by testing Cronbach’s Alpha reliability, EFA, CFA, and SEM to comment seven proposed hypotheses.

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  • Dependency parsing has attracted many natural language processing research groups in recent years. Dependency syntax is a form of sentence representation which has many applications in problems such as question answering system, information extraction, text summarization, machine translation ... Currently, there are many approaches for dependency parsing and they have achieved high accuracy for different languages. For Vietnamese, our research group has used Skip-gram and GloVe model to produce distributed word representations.

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  • It has been a challenging task to build a genome-wide phylogenetic tree for a large group of species containing a large number of genes with long nucleotides sequences. The most popular method, called feature frequency profile (FFP-k), finds the frequency distribution for all words of certain length k over the whole genome sequence using (overlapping) windows of the same length.

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  • The 20th century ended very cruelly in different parts of the world with huge mass of massacres, blood shedding and terrorism which subsequently deteriorate human mind and people who were destined to live in terror, skepticism, and ultimately lack of belief not only in others but in self too. The intensive integration of sustainable peace has been preoccupied, but pragmatically such words remain in rhetoric.

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  • It is a common belief that English for Specific Purposes students (herein ESP students) in general, and Financial English students (herein FE students) find it harder than Basic/General English (GE) for a number of reasons, one of which is differences between FE and GE. The paper first identifies the most important factors in teaching FE by clarifying such differences between FE and GE and pointing out peculiarities of FE vocabulary.

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  • The analysis of the communication network change within six groups showed that all channel type appeared most often and circle type also appeared anew after science class applying STAD Cooperative Learning. In other words, it was possible to exchange information freely and communicate with all members of the group through STAD Cooperative Learning

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  • We prove that in the pure mapping class group of the 3-punctured projective plane equipped with the word metric induced by certain generating set, the ratio of the number of pseudo-Anosov elements to the number of all elements in a ball centered at the identity tends to one, as the radius of the ball tends to infinity.

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  • Singular braids are isotopy classes of smooth strings which are allowed to cross each other pairwise with distinct tangents. Under the usual multiplication of braids, they form a monoid. The singular braid group was introduced by FennKeyman-Rourke as the quotient group of the singular braid monoid. We give a solution of the word problem for this group.

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  • This paper attempts to investigate the main difficulties and errors of a group of 20 ethnic students encounter when pronouncing English consonant sounds. The students in the case study come from remote areas of Thai Nguyen province in the North of Vietnam. During the time at their school, practicing English in class is rarely used.

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  • (bq) the main content is grouped into sets of words that have been taken from the sat and gre examinations over the past 10 years. these approximately 1,500 words are expected by the examiners to be familiar in one form or another to college and graduate school applicants. invite you to consult this book.

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  • A vector graphic is usually a drawing that is made up of lines and curves. A raster (or bitmap) graphic is a complex picture, made up of pixels, or small squares of color in grid. Chapter 2 - Vector graphics in word. In this chapter you will learn: Identify vector and raster graphics, compare vector and raster graphics, display the drawing toolbar, identify drawing tools,...

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  • The keywords of the Oxford 3000 have been carefully selected by a group of language experts and experienced teachers as the words which should receive priority in vocabulary study because of their importance and usefulness.

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Macmillan student's dictionary written for students with a basic knowledge of the English lanuage but who have not yet reached an advanced level of ability. It has been prepare with two particular groups of users in mind: Students for whom English is a second language, that is those who are taught school subjects.

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