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Hadoop Distributed File System

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  • The most common file system can be noted Google File System (GFS) and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). In this paper, we present a review on design of distributed file system. File systems compared by scalability, availability, compatibility, extensibility, autonomy and etc.

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  • Nội dung cơ bản của đề tài tiểu luận Distributed File System trình bày tổng quan hệ thống tập tin phân tán, Google File System, Map reduce, Hadoop distributed file system.

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  • Hadoop Distributed File System: lưu trữ dữ liệu phân cụm có khả năng tự sửa lỗi với băng thông cao. MapReduce: quản lý tài nguyên phân tán có khả năng chịu lỗi và lập lịch xử lý song song lượng dữ liệu lớn.

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  • Hadoop [7] is an open-source implementation of Google’s Map/Reduce [5] framework that enables dis- tributed, data-intensive, parallel applications by decom- posing a massive job into smaller tasks and a massive data-set into smaller partitions, such that each task pro- cesses a different partition in parallel. The main abstrac- tions are (i) Map tasks that process the partitions of the data-set using key/value pairs to generate a set of inter- mediate results, and (ii) Reduce tasks that merge all in- termediate values associated with the same intermediate key.

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