Haematoxylin & eosin stain

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  • Factors predisposing to colorectal cancer in UC patients consist of pancolitis, duration of disease, active disease and its severity. Early UC onset is another independent risk factor. Beside these factors, dysplasia represents the precancerous lesion from which colorectal cancer subsequently arise (Morson, 1962; Morson & Pang, 1967). In fact, 70% of patients with colorectal cancer on UC have dysplasia on colorectal mucosa (Taylor et al., 1992; Connell et al., 1994).

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  • A body of research has determined that, by expanding the availability of low cost family planning services to a broader set of low-income women, the savings associated with averted unplanned pregnancies and other health improvements substantially exceed the cost of additional family planning services. 16 Research has demonstrated that publicly funded family planning services are effective in promoting contraceptive use among low-income women and in averting unplanned pregnancies.

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  • Gamma-retroviral vectors, commonly designated retroviral vectors, were the first viral vector employed in Gene Therapy clinical trials in 1990 and are still one of the most used. More recently, the interest in lentiviral vectors, derived from complex retroviruses such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has been growing due to their ability to transduce non-dividing cells (Lewis et al. 1992; Naldini et al. 1996), an attribute that distinguishes them from other viral vectors, including their simple counterparts, gammaretroviral vectors.

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  • The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the Golgi apparatus both maintain their specific morphology, composition, and function in spite of the exchange of proteins and lipids between the two organelles through membrane trafficking. The morphology of the Golgi apparatus is closely linked to the balance between anterograde (ER-to-Golgi) and retrograde (Golgi-to-ER) transport. It has been reported that the inhibition of anterograde transport leads to the redistribution of Golgi components to the cytoplasm or the ER (Storrie et al., 1998; Ward et al., 2001; Miles et al., 2001).

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  • Alberta is proving that environmental protection and economic development can happen at the same time. The province has shown leadership through legislation and policies involving land reclamation, water controls, air quality, and human and ecosystem health. In the oil sands, current production methods mean that more energy is needed to produce a barrel of oil than conventional oil. But the gap is closing. Technology continues to advance, reducing the energy and environmental impact of oil sands recovery. ...

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  • The TAHSEEN project in Egypt took advantage of local leaders’ great influence and power for positive change by training them to be positive influences for change in RH/FP practices.

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  • Aluminum alloys also display high fatigue crack growth rate, as much as three times faster than in steel specimens when subjected to the same stress intensity (Czyryca et al 2006). Aluminum alloys are anodic to most other materials used in construction and therefore, susceptible to localized galvanic corrosion. They are also sensitive to stress corrosion cracking. Other concerns involve marine fouling since aluminum alloys cannot be coated with conventional Cu-based antifouling coatings. In summary, the U.S.

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  • While almost any type of security can be used in a repo, funds prefer to have U.S. Treasury or other government obligations as the collateral for most of their transactions. For added security, the collateral must equal at least 102 percent of the loan amount. 7 The transaction is called a repurchase agreement because the securities are actually sold to the lender or investor at the beginning of the period of the loan; the borrower agrees to repurchase the securities at the end of the loan term, usually at the same price.

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  • Expanding nursing education programs at all levels is essential to ensuring access to quality health care for the world’s population. The easing of the nursing shortage in some nations is a direct result of the global financial crisis and should not be used as justification to cut funding for entry-level and advanced programs that prepare professional nurses.

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  • The introduction of cloud computing is going to be gradual. Currently we are only in a phase of preparation with a few pioneers offering services that can be re- garded as belonging to cloud computing. Meanwhile, many large high-tech compa- nies are building huge data centres loaded with hundreds of thousands servers to be made available for customer needs in the near future. 7 Amazon has been the first mover in the field, providing access to half a million developers by way of Amazon Web Services (initially developed for internal pur- poses).

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  • Existing car-sharing schemes in Sweden and elsewhere have provided a norm for indicating what car-sharing, both generally and in Sweden in particular, represents. A more adequate definition, however, applying to car sharing in Sweden, appeared to be needed.

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  • Zambia’s economic growth slowed to 6.6% in 2011 from 7.6% in 2010, mainly as a result of a weaker mining sector performance. However, the medium-term economic outlook appears favourable, underpinned by sustained expansion in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transport and communications, and by a rebound in mining. Inflation is projected to remain in single digits, reflecting prudent monetary policy, while the objective of exchange rate policy is to maintain external competitiveness.

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  • The ability of camels to go for varying periods of time without water is a major factor in placing the family camp and camel herd in relation to sources of water. This ability is affected by several factors such as how much work (including walking in search of its feed) the camel has to do and the ambient temperature. Camels spend more energy (involving the use of water for evaporative cooling) at high temperatures, increasing thus the need for water and reducing the time between waterings. The management implications of this are that camels should be provided with shade,...

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  • Last year, applications to nursing degree programs increased by 73.7% in the United Kingdom (UK), making nursing the top subject area in terms of the highest number of applications received. Despite the strong student interest, the Department of Health in England recently announced the need to cut funding to nursing programs by up to 15% over the next 3 years. Universities in England have confirmed that the number of commissions is likely to decrease by approximately 10-15%, which would curtail future growth in nursing programs. ...

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  • But marsupials did not die out entirely. Another group of North American marsupials dispersed to South America around 70 million years ago. From there, they expanded into Antarctica and Australia, both of which were attached to South America at the time. Marsupials arrived in Australia no later than 55 mil- lion years ago, the age of the oldest marsupial fossils found there. Later, South America, Antarctica, and Australia began to drift apart, each carrying with it a population of marsupials. The fossil record shows that marsupials were still in Antarctica 40 million years ago.

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  • The growth of the Internet has put pressure on traditional intellectual property protections such as copyright and patent. Some forms of information, when made accessible on the Internet, are easily copied. Because the costs of copying are low and because copying is often anonymous, publishers have often responded with more aggressive enforcement of existing intellectual property rights and with calls for extensions of those rights to cover additional content, new media and new forms of access.

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  • The village is in the buffer zone of PDNR, an area of forest and converted lands. The reserve and the village area are dominated by low mountains, which extend south-east from the Annamite Mountains and form the border between Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue provinces. The highest points within the nature reserve are Coc Ton Bhai (1,408 m), Ca Cut (1,405 m), Ko Va La Dut (1,409 m), Coc Muen (1,298 m) and Co Pung (1,615 m). Very little natural forest remains in the village vicinity, and plantations cover an increasing portion of the abundant bare lands. Village houses...

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  • To achieve these objectives the government formulated various strategies. The Minister for Economic Development, stated that “the government has to tackle the most serious problems of mobilizing domestic savings to finance the nation’s investment program if it is to attain the desired goals (Toganivalu, 1978). This statement indicated a need for a mechanism, which can be an intermediary in the savings and investment process.

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  • The Men’s Questionnaire was administered to all men age 15-59 living in every other household in the CDHS sample. The Men’s Questionnaire collected much of the same information found in the Women’s Questionnaire but was shorter because it did not contain a detailed reproductive history or questions on maternal and child health or nutrition. An instruction manual was also developed to support standardized data collection. All data collection instruments were pre-tested in June-July, 2010.

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  • Preparation of this report and related maintenance and updating of the GISAH was a collaborative effort between the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Management of Substance Abuse, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Toronto, Canada. Contributions from Louis Gliksman, Jürgen Rehm and Marg Rylett of CAMH as well as from Gerhard Gmel of the Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems, Lausanne, Switzerland, were essential to the development of this report.

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