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  • The umbrella term Social Sciences and Humanities refers to a plurality of fields outside the Natural or Physical Sciences. Disciplines as different as anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, cultural studies, economics, education, geography and environmental studies, history, law, languages and linguistics, political science, philosophy, psychology, sociology or translation studies, all share the concern for human relations and socio-cultural practices.

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  • This essay explores one manifestation of the popular historicization of “Hollywood,” the historical film clip montages created—mostly—by former trailer producer Chuck Workman for the Academy Awards telecasts produced by Gil Cates during the 1990s. These brief pieces of (televised) film about film history participated strongly in the reconfiguring and marketing of the cinematic past in the popular imaginary during the nineties, pivotal years in the globalization of hegemonic American film culture.

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  • In order to historicize the Workman montages, I want to point first to the Oscars telecast for 2002, a year in which no Chuck Workman pieces appeared, and the first year the awards were held in Hollywood. This Oscars was different: the show was held in a theater that seated 1500 fewer guests than some previous venues (Anderton), but whose location within the new media complex and mall at Hollywood and Highland offered— for virtual guests—geographic cachet, ersatz Intolerance elephants, and big-screen video displays. As commentators and stars alike remarked, this...

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  • I can lay no claim to having discovered an America, but I do claim to have discovered a Columbus. His name is Benedetto Croce, and he dwells on the shores of the Mediterranean, at Naples, city of the antique Parthenope. Croce's America cannot be expressed in geographical terms. It is more important than any space of mountain and river, of forest and dale. It belongs to the kingdom of the spirit, and has many provinces.

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  • Chủ nghĩa lịch sử mới (New historicism) là một trong những biểu hiện đầu tiên của chủ nghĩa hậu hiện đại từ chỗ giải cấu, phản nghịch, vứt độ sâu, phá bỏ tất cả, nhưng đó chỉ là triệt để phá để mà xây cái mới, và tất yếu sẽ hồi quy văn học về bình diện lịch sử xã hội, hiển nhiên là với những khía cạnh mới trên cơ sở những cách nhìn mới.

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