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  • Let G be a connected, real, semisimple Lie group contained in its complexification GC , and let K be a maximal compact subgroup of G. We construct a KC -G double coset domain in GC , and we show that the action of G on the K-finite vectors of any irreducible unitary representation of G has a holomorphic extension to this domain. For the resultant holomorphic extension of K-finite matrix coefficients we obtain estimates of the singularities at the boundary, as well as majorant/minorant estimates along the boundary. ...

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  • Holomorphic disks and topological invariants for closed three-manifolds ´ ´ ´ By Peter Ozsvath and Zoltan Szabo* Abstract The aim of this article is to introduce certain topological invariants for closed, oriented three-manifolds Y , equipped with a Spinc structure. Given a Heegaard splitting of Y = U0 ∪Σ U1 , these theories are variants of the Lagrangian Floer homology for the g-fold symmetric product of Σ relative to certain totally real subspaces associated to U0 and U1 . 1. Introduction Let Y be a connected, closed, oriented three-manifold, equipped with a Spin structure s. ...

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  • We prove that any genus-2 Lefschetz fibration without reducible fibers and with “transitive monodromy” is holomorphic. The latter condition comprises all cases where the number of singular fibers µ ∈ 10N is not congruent to 0 modulo 40. This proves a conjecture of the authors in [SiTi1]. An auxiliary statement of independent interest is the holomorphicity of symplectic surfaces in S 2 -bundles over S 2 , of relative degree ≤ 7 over the base, and of symplectic surfaces in CP2 of degree ≤ 17. ...

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  • In this article, we study the ramification of the holomorphic map ramificate over hyperplanes in nsubgeneral position in ( ) k . This work is a continuation of previous work of Dethloff-Ha [1]. We thus give an improvement of the results by studying the holomorphic maps with ramification of M. Ru [3] and Dethloff-Ha.

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  • The usual index theorems for holomorphic self-maps, like for instance the classical holomorphic Lefschetz theorem (see, e.g., [GH]), assume that the fixed-points set contains only isolated points. The aim of this paper, on the contrary, is to prove index theorems for holomorphic self-maps having a positive dimensional fixed-points set. The origin of our interest in this problem lies in holomorphic dynamics.

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  • In [27], we introduced Floer homology theories HF − (Y, s), HF ∞ (Y, s), HF (Y, s),and HFred (Y, s) associated to closed, oriented three-manifolds Y equipped with a Spinc structures s ∈ Spinc (Y ). In the present paper, we give calculations and study the properties of these invariants. The calculations suggest a conjectured relationship with Seiberg-Witten theory.

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  • A basic result in the theory of holomorphic functions of several complex variables is the following special case of the work of H. Cartan on the sheaf cohomology on Stein domains ([10], or see [14] or [16] for more modern treatments). Theorem 1.1. If V is an analytic variety in a domain of holomorphy Ω and if f is a holomorphic function on V , then there is a holomorphic function g in Ω such that g = f on V . The subject of this paper concerns an add-on to the structure considered in Theorem 1.1 which...

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  • ông nhằm mục đích của bài viết này là để cho một số kết quả về mối quan hệ giữa pluripolarity của đồ thị và holomorphicity các chức năng phức tạp có giá trị. Đặc biệt, chúng tôi điều tra mối quan hệ giữa pluripolarity của đồ thị và holomorphicity của Hartogs loại và loại Forelli.

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  • Trong bài báo này, khái niệm về không gian và không gian Forelli Hartogs được đưa ra. Bất biến của không gian Hartogs và Forelli thông qua các tấm phủ holomorphic được thành lập. Hơn nữa, theo các giả định trên hlerity holomorphically lồi ¨ K, chúng tôi cho thấy ba loại sau đây của các không gian phức tạp: Hartogs mở rộng không gian holomorphic, không gian Hartogs và không gian có tài sản Forelli trùng.

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  • In the symplectic category there is a ‘connect sum’ operation that glues symplectic manifolds by identifying neighborhoods of embedded codimension two submanifolds. This paper establishes a formula for the Gromov-Witten invariants of a symplectic sum Z = X#Y in terms of the relative GW invariants of X and Y . Several applications to enumerative geometry are given. Gromov-Witten invariants are counts of holomorphic maps into symplectic manifolds.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to carry out the abelianization program proposed by Atiyah [1] and Hitchin [9] for the geometric quantization of SU(2) Wess-Zumino-Witten model. Let C be a Riemann surface of genus g. Let Mg be the moduli space of semi-stable rank 2 holomorphic vector bundles on C with trivial determinant. For a positive integer k, let Γ(Mg , Lk ) be the space of holomorphic sections of the k-th tensor product of the determinant line bundle L on Mg . An element of Γ(Mg , Lk ) is called a rank 2 theta function...

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  • Given a holomorphic vector bundle E over a compact K¨hler manifold X, a one defines twisted Gromov-Witten invariants of X to be intersection numbers in moduli spaces of stable maps f : Σ → X with the cap product of the virtual fundamental class and a chosen multiplicative invertible characteristic class of the virtual vector bundle H 0 (Σ, f ∗ E) H 1 (Σ, f ∗ E). Using the formalism of quantized quadratic Hamiltonians [25], we express the descendant potential for the twisted theory in terms of that for X. ...

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  • We prove that the classical Oka property of a complex manifold Y, concerning the existence and homotopy classification of holomorphic mappings from Stein manifolds to Y, is equivalent to a Runge approximation property for holomorphic maps from compact convex sets in Euclidean spaces to Y . Introduction Motivated by the seminal works of Oka [40] and Grauert ([24], [25], [26]) we say that a complex manifold Y enjoys the Oka property if for every Stein manifold X, every compact O(X)-convex subset K of X and every continuous map f0 : X → Y which is holomorphic in an...

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  • To Bidisha and Ananya Abstract We prove integrality of the ratio f, f / g, g (outside an explicit finite set of primes), where g is an arithmetically normalized holomorphic newform on a Shimura curve, f is a normalized Hecke eigenform on GL(2) with the same Hecke eigenvalues as g and , denotes the Petersson inner product. The primes dividing this ratio are shown to be closely related to certain level-lowering congruences satisfied by f and to the central values of a family of Rankin-Selberg L-functions. Finally we give two applications, the first to proving the integrality of a...

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  • Annals of Mathematics By Curtis T. McMullen* .Annals of Mathematics, 165 (2007), 397–456 Dynamics of SL2(R) over moduli space in genus two By Curtis T. McMullen* Abstract This paper classifies orbit closures and invariant measures for the natural action of SL2 (R) on ΩM2 , the bundle of holomorphic 1-forms over the moduli space of Riemann surfaces of genus two. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Dynamics and Lie groups 3. Riemann surfaces and holomorphic 1-forms 4. Abelian varieties with real multiplication 5. Recognizing eigenforms 6. Algebraic sums of 1-forms 7.

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  • Let X be a compact K¨hler manifold with strictly pseudoconvex bounda ary, Y. In this setting, the SpinC Dirac operator is canonically identified with ¯ ¯ ∂ + ∂ ∗ : C ∞ (X; Λ0,e ) → C ∞ (X; Λ0,o ). We consider modifications of the classi¯ cal ∂-Neumann conditions that define Fredholm problems for the SpinC Dirac operator. In Part 2, [7], we use boundary layer methods to obtain subelliptic estimates for these boundary value problems.

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  • là polydiscs đơn vị Cn, φ (z) = (φ1 (z ),..., φn (z)) là một holomorphic tự bản đồ của D và ψ (z) một chức năng holomorphic trên Dn. Các điều kiện cần và đủ được thiết lập cho ψCφ nhà điều hành thành phần trọng gây ra bởi φ (z) và ψ (z) được giới hạn hoặc nhỏ gọn giữa các không gian khác nhau trọng Bergman trong polydiscs.

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  • Đối với các chức năng hài hòa và riêng biệt hòa, chúng tôi cho kết quả tương tự như định lý Carlson-Boas. Chúng tôi cung cấp cho hài hòa tương tự như các định lý Polya và Guelfond.1. Giới thiệu cũng được biết đến định lý cổ điển của Carlson (xem [2, p.153]) nói rằng một holomorphic toàn bộ chức năng của loại theo cấp số nhân.

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  • The book before the reader is devoted to an exposition of results of investigations carried out mainly over the last 10-15 years concerning certain questions in the theory of quasiconformal mappings. The principal objects of investigation-mappings with bounded distortion- are a kind of n-space analogue of holomorphic functions. As is known, every holomorphic function is characterized geometrically by the fact that the niapping of a planar domain it implements is conformal. In the n-space case the condition of conformality singles out a very narrow class of mappings.

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