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  • This research was conducted with the aim to determine the effect of business capital, technology and human resources on the business performance of bag noken craftsmen in Merauke.

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  • © 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. . McGraw-Hill © 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. .After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Learning Objectives Determine appropriate responses to major changes in the environment affecting human resources. Comply with the legal framework governing human resources. Develop tactics to implement desired human resource strategies. Prepare a staffing program to recruit and select the best applicants.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "human resource management" has contents: career development, strategic aspects of employee relations, employee involvement, equal opportunities and diversity, grievance and discipline, strategic aspects of reward, ethics and corporate social responsibility, information technology and human capital measurement,...and other contents.

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  • Human capital is a key source of innovation and competitive improvement. Exploiting its potential and boosting its value to the organization involves a systematic process to determine the competencies that are fundamental to achieve enhanced job performance.

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  • Lesson "Experiences from human resource development fund Malaysia" present the content: encourage employers in the private sector to retrain and upgrade the skills of their workers; assist in human capital development with the latest and specific skills; produce highly skilled and world class workforce towards high income economy; increase productivity, efficiency and strengthen the country’s competitiveness in the global market...

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  • Today, within the era of globalisation, the recognition and evaluation of intangible assets according to IAS/IFRS or rather of human capital is on the agenda, at least since January 1st, 2005. Nevertheless, human resource accounting is a rather young research area, which still has to prove itself. In practice this is considered as a challenge. Business teams in companies are beginning to face this finance - and capital market-oriented as well as personnel management task.

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  • Chapter 12 includes an expanded discussion of the strategic role of HRM in building human capital. The chapter has new sections on coaching and mentoring and the trend toward part-time and contingent employment. New ways of doing background checks on applicants, such as checking their pages on social networks, are discussed, and the chapter also looks at the changing social contract between employers and employees.

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  • The paper pointed out that Vietnam’s human capital is of a great potential but the current death of professional skills and low quality of labour has hindered the country’s opportunities which have brought about by the favourable age structure and abundant supply of labour.

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  • The result shows that strategic thinking had a positive and significant effect on strategic HRM. Moreover, human capital has a positive and significant effect on strategic HRM. The implications of the results are discussed for human capital and the author concludes with the research agenda and recommendations on how future banks can effectively benefit from strategic thinking and human capital to enhance strategic HRM.

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  • This paper tries to suggest a comprehensive, easy to use and relatively limitation free valuation ratio model termed Intellectual Capital Value (ICV), which is modification of existing ratio based models available.

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  • This article aims to find out how human resources should be maintained by the organizations so that, they can play a potential role in the sustainable competitive advantage of the firms in the global scenario.

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  • Nermien Al-Ali began her Intellectual Property (IP) career as the Managing Attorney of the IP Department of one of Egypt’s leading international business law firms, Ibrachy & Dermarkar. Then she counseled multinational clients on local and international IP laws and treaties. Her business experience encouraged her to embark on researching models for managing IP and other intellectual capital, leading to her teaching career.

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  • The venture capital industry is small and hires only a select few each year. Traditionally dominated by seasoned executives, many firms consist only of general partners and an administrative staff. • A bleak picture for undergrads, though a few larger firms hire young people to do some of their basic legwork and analysis. • Not much better for MBAs, though a few recent MBAs have been recruited right out of business school or have even started their own funds.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn: Summarize the strategic role of human resource management in the international business, identify the pros and cons of different approaches to staffing policy in the international business, explain why managers may fail to thrive in foreign postings, recognize how management development and training programs can increase the value of human capital in the international business firm,...

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  • Chapter 8 - Purchasing/Human resources/Payment process: Recording and evaluating expenditure process activities. The goals of this chapter are: Describe the difference between the periodic and perpetual inventory systems and record inventory activities using each system, discuss the difference between the net price and gross price methods for recording inventory and record inventory activities using each method, explain the payroll reporting process and record payroll and payroll taxes,...

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  • This paper investigates the background, current status and practice adopted by banks for development of their human capital.

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  • Intellectual capital (Intellectual capital -IC or intangible asset) has long been known as a key factor to the success of enterprises especially human capital. Human capital is defined as the knowledge, experience, capabilities as well as skills, creativity and human initiatives which are considered as very important resources in most of enterprises.

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  • Why does anyone invest money? Why place yourself at risk and expose yourself to the volatility of the stock market? Why not just leave your capital in an insured savings account? Of course, there are logical answers to these questions. As an astute investor, you already know that taking risk is an inherent part of investing your capital anywhere. For example, you could opt to place all of your capital in an insured account at your bank; in fact, many highly conservative investors do just that. This option also involves risk, however...

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  • The effort to achieve a single set of global accounting standards has gained significant momentum during the past three years. The logic behind the development of a single set of high-quality global accounting standards for the world’s integrating capital markets has been evident for some time.

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  • WHETHER WORKING WITH EXECUTIVES IN old or new companies— a Fortune 500, a start-up, a venture capital firm, an investment banking or management consulting firm, or a high tech, entertainment, consumer products, or manufacturing company—one of the top challenges I hear over and over is: How do we recruit, develop, and keep the best talent? The refrain is the same in both boom years and down times. This challenge is especially on organizations’ radar screens for MBAs and experienced talent.

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