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  • Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process in mountainous areas that affects all landforms. Located in Central of Vietnam, in the tropical monsoon climate Da Nang City is characterized by more than 70 percentage of area with hilly and mountainous topography. This study is objective apply the Universal Soil Loss Equation (ULSE) model developed by Wischmeier and Smith (1978) integrating with remote sensing data and Geographical Information System (GIS) tool to evaluate soil erosion risk in Da Nang City, Vietnam.

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  • In this paper, the research will explore in details how this is accomplished by decision support. Besides the study will concentrate on how AI technology has significantly strengthened the role that information systems play in supporting the decision-making activities of every manager and worker in business. Finally, the research analyzes the advantages and challenges of applying AI technology to support management decision making in Vietnamese business.

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  • This research aims to demonstrate that Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is an Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve potential disputes happening in e-commerce trades and the failure of UNCITRAL ODR, which is introduced by The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), for an expectation of an international legal framework to resolve cross border e-commerce disputes.

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  • With the technology level, financial potential of the business is limited, the capacity of self-research is still modest. How can we increase technology innovation for Vietnamese enterprises? In the framework of a report, the authors propose a number of groups of solutions to improve the legal mechanism; creating a mechanism to link businesses with research and development organizations; building an information system on domestic and foreign technology markets; to form venture capital funds ... to contribute to promoting technology innovation in Vietnamese enterprises.

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  • Lecture SME Management - Lesson 36: Role of technology (Part 2). After studying this chapter you should be able to understand: measures to implement, available information, methods of integrating science and technology in economic and social development, measure to undertake for promoting framework,...

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  • The impact of dementia for communication skills can result in difficulties in social interactions between people with dementia and their conversation partner, as initiating and maintaining conversations becomes increasingly challenging. The role of technology in enhancing social health and participation for people with dementia is increasing, but the use of technological devices to support social interactions and aid communication quality is still in its infancy.

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  • The article outlines the current state of digital transformation, assesses barriers in the digital transformation process. From there, the author proposes solutions to help SME managers’ to build and implement for successful digital transformation by identifying several factors contributing to digital transformation in SMEs such as manager's awareness , business strategies, information technology platforms, human resource, and finance resource.

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  • Many organisations have used Information Technology (IT) for successfully implementing Human Resources Management (HRM). HRM is a management philosophy and IT is best explained as the telecommunication, hardware and software that helps in processing, collecting, storing and transmitting multimedia information. The combination of information technology tools in HRM processes has been named “electronic Human Resources Management” (e-HRM). E-HRM is being used with increasing frequency in organizations.

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  • Climate change and accelerating socioeconomic developments increasingly challenge environmental problems in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta (VMD) – a typical large, economically dynamic, and highly vulnerable delta. The amount of people exposed to climate changes in VMD is estimated to increase shortly. This paper collects information of the important discoveries about future climate changes from the global climate models (GCMs) indicating that VMD will likely be warmer in the future with an average temperature over 1.5o C and sea-level rise (SLR) will be 100cm in 2100s.

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  • The study is aimed at: introducing what online learning is, types of online learning and compare online classes and traditional classes; introducing Speaking skill, present information about the characteristics of oral performance, advantages and disadvantages of learning to speak online; the influence of mobile phones on learning Speaking skill.

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  • Lecture Introduction to computing - Lesson 42: The computing profession. After studying this lesson, you will to discuss several roles and associated responsibilities of modern computer professionals; to discuss a few tricky situations where a knowledge of professional ethics would help;...

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  • Assessment report: Business satisfaction and time needed to carry out administrative procedures through the national single window consists of 5 parts, the introduction, the function and operation of the National Single Window Portal, the implementation of administrative procedures on the National Single Window Portal, the implementation of electronic payments on the National Single Window Portal. countries and some suggestions for improving the software function of the National Single Window. We invite you to consult!

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  • By understanding the information seeking behaviors of older adults, we can better develop or iterate effective information technologies, such as the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, that provide evidence-based health information to the public. This paper reports health-related information seeking and searching behaviours and provides strategies for effective knowledge translation (KT) to increase awareness and use of reliable health information.

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  • In the fourth industrial revolution, the use of the internet is indispensable in managing and sharing information of a country or a locality. Along with the strong development of the internet system and the need to share and look up information on the internet, the integration of GIS technology and web technology (WebGIS) is progressively and widely used. Online maps built with WebGIS have the advantages of ease of use, a large number of users, and providing support in managing, searching, and exploiting information anytime, anywhere.

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  • Lecture ICT Fundamentals: Chapter 2 provide students with knowledge about operation and components of computer systems: Data and information; digital and analog computers; computer technology; computers - kinds of computer.

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  • The institutionally oriented papers focus on solar thermal energy and bio-based thermal energy. Other thermal technologies, such as geothermal wells, are largely neglected in the literature, but are known to have different institutional constraints. Informal rules and values are mainly researched from a consumer perspective. Since energy communities often consist of consumers and prosumers, additional research is warranted into this area.

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  • Lecture FinTech - Chapter 3: Internet technology and governance, after studying this section will help you understand: information revolution and how society civilization changes tetrad, a tool for analyzing media (industrial tools) gutenberg galaxy and its reverse future of monetary financial system.

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  • Oxford English for Information technology (Second edition): Part 1 has present the contents: computer users, computer architecture, computer applications, peripherals, operating systems, graphical user interfaces, applications programs, multimedia, networks, the internet, the world wide web, websites;...

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  • Oxford English for Information technology (Second edition): Part 2 has present the contents: communications systems, computing support, data security 1, data security 2, softwware engineering, people in computing, recent developments in IT, the future of IT, planning group presentation, defending a decision;...

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  • Lecture Information technology project management (Eighth Edition): Chapter 1, after studying this section will help you understand: Understand the growing need for better project management, especially for information technology (IT) projects; Explain what a project is, provide examples of IT projects, list various attributes of projects, and describe the triple constraint of project management; Describe project management and discuss key elements of the project management framework, including project stakeholders, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and pr...

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