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Information technology

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  • Ebook "GeoDynamics" analyzes recent developments in assembling geographical information such as: the ubiquitous deployment of portable measurement devices enabled with global positioning technology and its impact on the field; the management, benefits, and challenges of modeling dynamic processes in three dimensions; the implications of temporal granularity of simulations to predictions; and the appropriate representation of human factors in GIS.

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  • Ebook "Compressed earth blocks: Production equipment" present guide is to meet a growing demand for information from ACP countries regarding this technology. The guide is principally intended to enable entrepreneurs, national decision-makers, industrial groups and professional bodies to make a short-list in full knowledge of the facts, and using a soundly structured approach. The guide makes no claim to replace manufacturers' technical and marketing documentation.

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  • Spatial resolved transcriptomics (SRT) encompasses a rapidly developing set of technologies that enable the measurement of gene expression in tissue while retaining spatial localization information. SRT technologies and the enabled SRT studies have provided unprecedent insights into the structural and functional underpinnings of complex tissues.

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  • Ebook "Photons in natural and life sciences: An interdisciplinary approach (Springer series in optical sciences, Volume 157)" describes first the principle photon generation processes from nuclear reactions, electron motion and from discrete quantum transitions. It then focuses on the use of photons in various selected fields of modern natural and life sciences. It bridges disciplines such as physics, chemistry, earth- and materials science, proteomics, information technology, photoelectrochemistry, photosynthesis and spintronics.

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  • Ebook "Biosemiotic perspectives on language and linguistics (Biosemiotics, Volume 13)" draws together contributions from leading scholars in international biosemiotics, producing an unparalleled series that will appeal to all those interested in the origins and evolution of life, including molecular and evolutionary biologists, ecologists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers and historians of science, linguists, semioticians and researchers in artificial life, information theory and communication technology.

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  • Ebook "The management of industrial forest plantations: Theoretical foundations and applications" provides a synthesis of current knowledge about industrial forestry management planning processes. It covers components of the forest supply chain ranging from modelling techniques to management planning approaches and information and communication technology support. It may provide effective support to education, research and outreach activities that focus on forest industrial plantations management.

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  • Ebook "Deep marine mineral resources" takes stock of knowledge about mineralisations and associated metals, technologies for exploring and exploiting them, biodiversity and the potential impact of exploitation on the deep environment and the partnerships which are vital for France and Europe. This information will be useful for decision-makers in drawing up strategies, defining research and development programmes and in enhancing and developing commercial utilizations for these high-potential resources.

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  • Ebook "Piezoceramic sensors (Microtechnology and MEMS series)" presents the latest and complete information about various types of piezosensors. A sensor is a converter of the measured physical size to an electric signal. Piezoelectric transducers and sensors are based on piezoelectric effects. They have proven to be versatile tools for the measurement of various processes. They are used for quality assurance, process control and for research and development in many different industries.

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  • Ebook "Managing nano-bio-info-cogno innovations: Converging technologies in society" fields promising to change our competitive, operational, and employment landscape in fundamental ways, we find ourselves on the brink of a new technological and science-driven business revolution. The already emerging reality of convergence is to be found in genomics, robotics, bio-information and artificial intelligence applications.

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  • Ebook "Information technology in the service economy: Challenges and possibilities for the 21st century (IFIP TC8 WG8.2 International working conference August 10-13, 2008, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)" represents the compilation of papers presented at the IFIP Working Group 8. 2 conference entitled “Information Technology in the Service Economy: Challenges st and Possibilities for the 21 Century. ” The conference took place at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, on August 10 13, 2008.

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  • Several recommendations for businesses to increase the adoption of blockchain technology have been proposed in this study with the aim of improving work efficiency. The study has reinforced previous studies and developed a model for applying blockchain technology in logistics enterprises in Vietnam. The authors hope that their findings will contribute to logistics management and provide valuable information for future research in this field.

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  • Information and communication technology (ICT) is a crucial sector in education that plays a significant role in the development of nations. This paper focuses on two main aspects: the demographic information of the participating enterprises' representatives and their responses regarding recruitment needs.

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  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) was designed by two Belgian cryptographers: Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen. AES was recognized as a federal encryption standard by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology on November 26, 2001 and is specified in Federal Information Processing Standard 197 (FIPS 197).

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  • Ebook Financial accounting (4th ed): Part 2 includes contents: Regulatory framework in the UK compared with European examples and the international framework; control of accounting systems; information technology and accounting,... and other content.

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  • Ebook "Ice cream (Seventh edition)" focuses on the science and technology of frozen dessert production and quality. It explores the entire scope of the ice cream and frozen dessert industry, from the chemical, physical, engineering and biological principles of the production process to the distribution of the finished product. This edition has been completely revised from the previous edition, updating technical information on ingredients and equipment and providing the latest research results.

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  • Ebook Management information systems (12th ed): Part 1 includes contents: Information systems in global business today, global e-business and collaboration, ethical and social issues in information systems, securing information systems, ethical and social issues in information systems.

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  • Ebook "Beyond human: Engineering our future evolution" is an informative and accessible guide for all those interested in the developing sciences of genetic engineering, bio printing and human cloning. Illustrating the ideas with reference to well-known science fiction films and novels, the author provides a unique insight into and understanding of how genetic manipulation, cloning, and other novel bio-technologies will one day allow us to redesign our species.

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  • Ebook "Biotechnology in agriculture and forestry - Volume 57: Plant metabolomics" comprehensively covers plant metabolomics for the first time. The chapters offer cutting-edge information on analytical technology, bioinformatics and applications. They were all written by leading researchers who have been directly involved in plant metabolomics research throughout the world.

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  • Ebook "Harvesting operations in the tropics (Tropical forestry series)" is bring together information on harvest methods, system productivity, and methods for conducting safe, efficient, and environmentally acceptable operations in tropical forests. It highlights the challenges of harvest operations in the tropics, includes techniques that have been shown to be successful, and discusses newer technologies.

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  • Ebook "Computer and computing technologies in agriculture (Volume I)" comprise the refereed proceedings of the the First International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Ag- culture (CCTA 2007), in Wuyishan, China, 2007. This conference is organized by China Agricultural University, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering and the Beijing Society for Information Technology in Agriculture.

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