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  • Tham khảo bài viết 'diving into the deep end of the internal talent poo', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • One of the key issues facing businesses today is bench strength. Although, the overall number of people entering the workforce is increasing, most of those people are entry-level. As many experienced workers reach retirement age, companies are forced to look to their internal talent pool to fill leadership roles. So, how do you make sure that your organization has the bench strength it needs to succeed, now and in the future?

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  • Cisco’s Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification provides a way to distin- guish those brilliant and talented enough to become Cisco administrators from those who just might be, umm—well, better suited to another occupation. It’s basically Cisco’s version of sep- arating the wheat from the chaff. The main reason that it’s a really good thing to be the proud possessor of Cisco’s certifications is that they give you a serious edge over the poor, wretched, unfortunate, and noncertified masses.

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  • With this revised and expanded edition of First Aid for the® Internal Medicine Boards, we hope to provide residents and clinicians with the most useful and up-to-date preparation guide for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certification and recertification exams.

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  • I’m always amazed where I find ideas and support for book projects, invariably in the oddest of places. Who’d have thought that the very earnest young man I interviewed for The 80% Minority five years ago from Mountain Equipment Co-Op would become a crucial member of my company’s team, let alone become my talented co-author. Sean’s retail expertise, but more importantly, his innate understanding of women consumers never ceases to amaze me. He teaches me every day.

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  • With this revised and expanded edition of First Aid for the® Internal Medicine Boards, we hope to provide residents and clinicians with the most useful and up-to-date preparation guide for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certification and recertification exams. This edition represents an out- standing effort by a talented group of authors and includes the following:

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  • In just over ten years, the Textbook of Internal Medicine has become widely regarded as a classic medical text, both for its breadth of coverage and ease of use by busy students and practitioners. Hundreds of talented individuals contributed to the success of the first three editions. These include the many leading scientists and scholars who served as editors and authors, and the dozens of supporting staff who met the organizational and logistical challenges associated with so large a publishing endeavor....

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book “Business psychology in practice” has contents: Releasing talent across an organization, unleashing leadership and learning within an international bank, releasing talent through coaching, organizational change, why chief executives hire coaches,… and other contents.

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  • We are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most talented data miners anywhere, so our first thanks go to our colleagues at Data Miners, Inc. from whom we have learned so much: Will Potts, Dorian Pyle, and Brij Masand. There are also clients with whom we work so closely that we consider them our colleagues as well: Harrison Sohmer and Stuart E. Ward, III are in that category. Our Editor, Bob Elliott, Editorial Assistant, Erica Weinstein, and Development Editor, Emilie Herman, kept us (more or less) on schedule and helped us maintain a consistent style.

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  • International Mathematical Talent Search (IMTS) Tài liệu rất có ích cho các bạn thi , tuyển tập những bài tập hay và khó.

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  • Ebook Origami 4 is an excellent showcase of the international origami talent in 1977. The diagramming style can be very concise and challenging at times, having many steps appear in one drawing, I believe it is still accessible, though, and that this book is well worth the effort for the originality of the models within.

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  • the Quebec city region’s reputation as a digital arts and interactive entertainment development hub has long crossed international boundaries. From cellphones to iMaX screens, producing multi-screen and multi-platform content is a source of excitement for local creators, who are experts in the art of entertainment.

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  • The International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 for the purpose of promoting science and research into all aspects of gynecological endocrinology and communication between scientists interested in these subjects. The Society operates through the monthly Journal of Gynecological Endocrinology, the monthly newsletter GynEndo News and the biannual World Congress, a major scientific event which allows a perfect integration of renowned faculty members with talented young scientists presenting innovative research.

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  • According to our analysis, which included interviewing over 125 representative industry leaders in the region, the sector shows strong potential for growth across all dimensions: talent, which is affecting the creation of quality local content; content production, leveraging the expanding network of media free zones; consumption across traditional and new, digital platforms; and monetisation, through better targeting of audiences and new revenue streams. The industry is also expected to take advantage of the high proportion of young people in the Arab population.

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  • The doctoral programme in Business Economics is an advanced, four-year programme designed to train future researchers in one of the key fields of management: marketing, organisation studies, operations management, operations research and business statistics, management informatics, finance, accountancy, actuarial science or managerial economics and strategy and innovation. The programme is designed to develop and nurture young talent and prepare PhD graduates for careers in both academia and international business.

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  • Facing pressure from shareholders, regulators, and economic forces and also seeking to improve the performance of corporate boards, US companies came up with a solution to corporate governance and leadership issues with the concept of a lead director. Since its inception, the lead director role has grown in importance and influence. A lead director is particularly helpful in focusing the board’s talent and wisdom when difficult situations arise: management performance and succession, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and a host of other internal and external matters.

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  • This study provides suggestions of retaining talents fo managerial practices. Findings of the research could assist international managers to concentrate on features which strongly affect the employees’ satisfaction and loyalty when they design and implement performance appraisal system in different locations.

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